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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1773 by

Chapter 1773

Mike raised his eyebrows: “What do you think?”

“It’s fine if you don’t.” Avery finished the sandwich and wiped her mouth with a tissue, “I told you that I want to go back to Aryadelle, so don’t say it. I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Then think about it, don’t worry. If you don’t go back to Aryadelle now, Layla should come to find you in a few days.” Mike picked up the phone from the sofa, “I’m going out first. “


After Mike left, Avery sat on the sofa and drank milk slowly.

Avery felt that her brain was a little hot now.

If She really wants to go home, she has to calm down and talk about it. After breakfast, she went back to the bedroom, lay down on the big bed, and picked up her phone.

Today’s hot news was the news that Neti mailbox is about to shut down.

Everyone posted the first and last mailboxes in their Neti mailboxes on the Internet.

Avery thought it was very interesting, so she saw many pictures posted by netizens on the Internet.

A picture posted by a netizen made her fascinated.

The first picture posted by this netizen was that after registering her email address, she sent a love letter to the boy she had a crush on.

Because she was afraid of being rejected, she did not sign her love letter.

And the boy she had a crush on saw her email and quickly replied to her email.

The boy replied: Who are you?

After that, they used Neti mailboxes, sent hundreds of emails, and finally, they were together.

Seeing this result, Avery was sincerely happy for them.

After playing on the phone for more than an hour, she fell asleep.

In the evening, Gwen came over and was about to grab a meal, but seeing that Avery had just woken up, she took her mobile phone to order food.

“Avery, didn’t you sleep all day?” Gwen finished her meal, looking at her messy long hair and nightdress on her body.

“Forget it! I didn’t sleep well last night.” Avery took a glass of water and drank it all in one gulp, “Gwen, do you want to drink water?”

Gwen: “I’m not thirsty.”

Avery: “Oh, I’ll call Hayden, Let’s see if he wants to come back for dinner at night.”

“I called, but he won’t come back for dinner. He has a class at night.” Gwen took a lychee from the fruit plate and peeled it with difficulty, “Mike won’t come back for dinner.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If you tell me in advance, I won’t be able to sleep until now.” Avery said sternly.

Gwen: “I know you drank too much last night, and you must be uncomfortable today.”

“How do you know that I drank too much?” Avery woke up in the morning with a headache, but now she was much better.

Gwen easily betrayed Mike: “Mike sent me the video of you throwing up on the roadside when you were drunk last night.”

“This guy!” Avery cursed in a low voice, but was helpless.

“Avery, I plan to go back to Aryadelle.” Gwen told her planto Avery, “Two years ago, Ben Schaffer said to wait for me for two years, now the time is up.”

Avery’s mouth rose: “If you think about it clearly, then Go back! You are a famous supermodel now, and no one dares to look down on you.”

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