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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1772 by

Chapter 1772

As soon as these words came out, Mike’s hand shook, and the phone in his hand fell to the ground with a ‘bang’.

“Ah…F*ck!” Mike quickly picked up the phone from the ground, and no accident, he was killed in the game.

Throwing the phone aside, he looked at Avery again.

“You really plan to go back to Aryadelle? Why did you suddenly have this idea? I want to know what you think.” The reason Mike was so surprised was that in the past two years, friends in Aryadelle had often called her back to Aryadelle, and she never wavered. The decision of ‘not to return to Aryadelle’.

But now, Avery suddenly wanted to go back to Aryadelle, not just because of graduation.

“Every year I can only see Layla during the winter and summer vacations, and Robert…I haven’t seen him for almost three years. Video meeting doesn’t count.” Avery said this, her tone was a little choked, “If I go back to Aryadelle, I’ll definitely have the chance to see Robert.”

“Oh! I really miss children! But after you return to Aryadelle, Elliot won’t necessarily let you see Robert. I think Elliot deliberately didn’t let you see Robert. Because he hasn’t seen Hayden for almost three years. He’s not in a hurry, and you don’t need to be in such a hurry.” Mike was afraid that Avery would lose to Elliot in terms of momentum.

Avery thought about this question.

“Elliot has no right not to let me take care of the children. When we divorced, there was no such rule.” After she finished speaking, the microwave behind her made a ding, and the sandwich was hot.

Avery turned on the microwave, took the sandwich out, and put the milk in to warm it up.

“Then what do you mean, when you return to Aryadelle, go to Elliot to negotiate visitation rights first? Are you sure you want to see this nasty man? Aren’t you afraid that he will make you angry?” Mike thought it was incredible.

Avery took the sandwich and left. to the living room.

“I didn’t say I was going to find him.” Avery sat down beside him, took a small bite of the sandwich, which was a little hot, so she could only let it cool down first, “Since Elliot can let Layla come to me every winter and summer vacation, I don’t think he will let me see Robert.”

“Don’t speculate on his mind. How did he treat you before, you forgot? Would you like me to review it with you?” Mike teased.

“No.” Avery frowned, “I definitely won’t go directly to his house to find Robert. I’m not stupid.”

“Okay, since you’ve thought about it, then you can go back to Aryadelle.” Mike suddenly thought of a question, “You have to tell Hayden about this, right? What if Hayden doesn’t let you go back to Aryadelle?”

“Do you think Hayden will stop me?” Avery blinked, not having any trouble at all.

Hayden never stopped her from doing anything.

Whenever she decides to do something, Hayden basically supports him fully.

Even if there is something Hayden doesn’t want her to do, Hayden just feels unhappy for a while, and then asks her to do it.

Mike couldn’t help laughing: “Hayden is going to spoil you!”

“You too.” Avery didn’t worry about anything in the past two years, only doing experiments and writing papers with peace of mind, not only because Hayden is more sensible, but also because Mike helped her.

Mike’s cheeks were flushed: “Don’t be so nauseous. Did you know that Neti mailbox is going to be closed? You must not know! You just woke up.”

“I got up at 2:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom, and I saw it on my phone. I also specially logged into my Neti mailbox and transferred the emails in it. There are many emails between me and Professor Hough, these are my precious memories.” Avery picked up the sandwich again, and it was not so hot anymore.

The microwave dinged again.

Mike got up from the sofa and went to get her milk.

“Do you know why the Neti mailbox is closed?” Mike asked.

“Because everyone uses Set mailboxes now.” Avery replied, “No matter what product, as long as it can’t keep up with the development of the times, it will be eliminated. This is the law of the market.”

Mike: “Well, just a little emotional.”

Avery: “What do you feel? Did you set up the Neti mailbox in the first place?” Avery said casually.

Mike: “It’s not Neti mailbox. It’s my ex.”

“Oh… No wonder! Did your ex-wife with a clear mind come to you again?” Avery teased.

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    1. Why does Mike think he should make her decisions and tell her who and what she can do maybe she should divorce their friendship. He has been a constant invader of privacy and controlling of her relationship.

  1. This writer is bad. Why didn’t he let Elliot find haze so haze grows up with him and when Avery finds out about haze she and her friends would feel bad.

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