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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1769 by

Chapter 1769

Layla is going out to play for a month and a half, Elliot said it can only be half a month at most.

He didn’t yell at his daughter, he just told her the time she could go out that he could accept, and then Layla cried endlessly.

After delivering Shea to Brooks villa, Elliot drove home.

When he got home, the snow had stopped.

The yard was covered with a layer of silver-white snow, filling the night with a bright color.

——Avery likes to build snowmen very much. If she was there, she would definitely pull Elliot to build a snowman in the yard.

The thought suddenly appeared uncontrollably, and Elliot couldn’t help frowning.

Entering the villa, Elliot stood at the door to change his shoes.

Mrs. Cooper came over and reported, “Sir, Layla has left. Eric picked her up an hour ago.”

“Did the bodyguards follow her?”

“Well.” Mrs. Cooper said, “I’m really worried about Layla. She came back from playing outside for half a month and became more and more rebellious.”

Layla didn’t say where she was going, but everyone knew that she would go to Bridgedale to find Avery.

Elliot didn’t want to think about the problems that haven’t come yet.

“Where’s Robert?” Elliot changed his shoes and entered the living room.

“Robert is sleeping. Originally, Layla and Eric also wanted to take Robert away, but I didn’t let him to take Robert” Mrs. Cooper said, “Winter is too cold. Bridgedale is even colder. What if Robert catches a cold?”

Elliot went to the child’s room and glanced at his son.

“Sir, do you want to go to Bridgedale to see Hayden?” Mrs. Cooper followed behind him, “Hayden won’t take the initiative to come to you. You can take the initiative to find him. Anyway, he is your son after all…”

“Hayden won’t see me. I don’t need to make him unhappy.” Elliot knew himself. He did not appear in front of Hayden, and the father and son could still maintain a calm state. If he went to Hayden, he would just bring himself to shame.

“Okay! Sir, the Spring Festival is coming soon. Do you have any plans?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

“There is no plan.” Elliot felt that Layla would probably not come back during the Spring Festival. At that time, only he and Robert will celebrate New Year’s Eve together.

From the kid’s room, Elliot went back to the bedroom.

On the bedside table, there is a calendar table.

He picked up the calendar to see how many days until the Spring Festival.

He only allowed Layla to go out for half a month, and the Spring Festival was only ten days away.

So Layla really won’t come back to spend the Spring Festival with him.

He held the calendar, his body motionless. The whole figure resembles a hollowed-out body.

The time on the calendar, In the blink of an eye, becomes two years later –


Avery ended his doctoral career a year early because of his excellent performance during his Ph.D.

In the evening, she invited her mentor and several friends from her classmates to dinner.

“Avery, what’s your plan next? Go to a hospital or a university? Or go to a research institute?” Someone asked.

Everyone’s eyes turned to her, waiting for her answer.

Avery smiled and said, “I haven’t thought about this issue yet.”

7 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1769 by”

  1. I hate that stupid Eric! Come on you go pick up a child that is not yours without permission, do something about him Elliott.

  2. They just skipped 2 years, really? We don’t know if Layla came to Avery or not. And did Avery not care about Robert at all?!

  3. Are u serious? Two years passed and Elliot got no closure on Avery’s blindness ? He didn’t confirm or ask Avery or didn’t bother to verify anything????

  4. Yeah, it lays me out too, the 2 year fast-forward, but Avery never went back to spend time with the 2 kids, her Mike and Hayden all remained in the same place while Elliott and the kids stayed in Arrydale or Bridgedale, what ever! Avery NEVER went back to visit she went to school next to Hayden, and I don’t care how amazing and talented a person is, no one especially in the medical field, is going to be fast-tracked with a doctorate and PhD! Stop it already. Elliott should have been put a stop on Eric’s relationship with Layla, because that was a relationship started by Avery, and she’s gone, Avery can’t come to see her own children but the scumbag Eric, feels so inclined to just go and get another man’s child without his permission. They ALL do too much and the most. I can’t stand any of them, except for Shea and Robert.

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