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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1768 by

Chapter 1768

Sandra saw Elliot’s face suddenly gloomy, and immediately said to Wesley and Shea: “You guys take Elliot out to dinner! Let’s watch the children.”

Wesley and Shea immediately invited Elliot out ward.

After they left the ward, Sandra immediately accused her husband: “What happened to you today? Didn’t you bring your brains out at home? Which pot can’t you lift? You clearly saw Elliot coming, but you asked your son. Can Avery come back? Forget it, you still asked Elliot about Haze… Oh my God! I’m going to be mad at you!”

Sandra said, taking her granddaughter from her husband’s arms. come over.

Nolan also realized that his behavior was a little unusual just now. Not a bit, but very unusual.

He wasn’t usually like that.

Nolan: “I… I may be too happy and excited, so I can’t control myself.” When Nolan said this, he showed a naive smile, “I feel like a dream. I thought our son won’t get married and won’t have children. In the end, they were confused, and the son got married and had a wife. Now even the child is alive in front of me, it’s like a dream!”

“No wonder you are so bold! It’s because of you. I thought I was dreaming. Didn’t you see Elliot’s face?” Sandra was frightened when she thought of it.

“I see! That’s why I’m beating drums in my heart at the moment! Fortunately, he has a good relationship with Shea, and he will definitely forgive me for Shea’s face.”

“Husband, Haze is probably gone, you don’t want it in the future. Let’s use this incident to poke other people’s wounds.” Sandra urged, “If Haze is still alive, it is impossible for our son to not know about this incident. If we haven’t heard about this child at all, then we must not have found it. A small child, if she is not with her parents, must be more fortunate!”

Nolan sighed, “It used to be a good home because of this child. Of course, Haze is innocent. You can only blame Rebecca. This bad woman. Fortunately, God has eyes, and she was taken away early.”

outside the ward.

Elliot stopped Wesley and Shea and said, “It’s very late, I’ll go back first.”

“I’m sorry. My father may be a little emotional, so it’s a bit abnormal.” Wesley apologized to Elliot on behalf of his father.

“Understood.” Elliot’s mood has calmed down, “Shea, let them take care of the children, you go back to rest or I will take you back.”

Shea was a little reluctant to leave the baby.

Wesley said: “Shea, you go back to rest first. Otherwise, so many people will stay in the ward, and the ward will not be able to stay. I will go back later.”

“Okay.” Shea left the hospital with Elliot.

Shea got into Elliot’s car and fastened his seat belt.

“Brother, didn’t you find Haze?” Shea asked the doubts in her heart.

“Well.” Elliot knew that she asked this question and had no other meaning.

“I really hope she’s still alive.” Shea murmured softly, “I always remember what she looked like. She looks a lot like Layla. I like Layla very much, so I hope she’s still alive.”

“It’s possible that she’s alive.” Elliot drove the car out and said in a low voice, “There are many good people and bad people in this world. Instead of thinking that Haze might fall into the wrong hands, I would rather she is dead.”

This topic is too deep, Shea didn’t know how to answer.

“Brother, I haven’t seen Avery for a long time. Is she never coming back?” Shea looked at the passing scenery, and said sadly, “I miss her so much and Hayden, but I don’t even have a phone call and don’t dare to call them.”

“Call them if you want, and they won’t ignore you.” Elliot stared at the endless night ahead, his soul seemed to be separated from his body.

He’s been in such a trance lately. Since his divorce from Avery, his life seems to be getting better and better, but it’s actually not going well.

This final exam, Layla failed again. Not only did she fail the exam, but she also told him that she was going to play outside during the winter vacation. Not going home anytime soon.

Layla almost didn’t say it outright, ‘I’m going to Bridgedale to find my mother.’

Of course Elliot didn’t allow her to play outside for too long.

So the father and daughter broke out in a violent quarrel.

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  1. If I were Elliot, would I want to keep d kids if everything gets resolved…..this is too bad for kids of about 10 years…

  2. This may be mean, but I wouldn’t allow Layla to go out and play with her mother in Bridgedale for Winter vacation. She failed everything on spite of her father and he didn’t do anything wrong to her. I wouldn’t let her go anywhere. Sorry, but no way. She is a child, she does what the parent says, not the other way around. That’s how I was raised. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Netta,
      I’m with You, You don’t get rewarded for bad behavior! Especially because she deliberately did it just to spite Elliott to get her own way. No way, no how, not in any life! I was raised that way too and so were mine. That’s also because they’ve always treated these children as if they are adults, especially Avery and Mike, they’ve always done to much sharing and involving and including the kids in adult conversations and situations.

  3. Since when do 10 year olds get to make adult decisions like this? The author clearly has no idea how to raise children to be good human beings. 10 years old need a nurturing parent to guide them not let them travel internationally on their own. Hard to enjoy a story so far from reality!!

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