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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1766 by

Chapter 1766

How did Avery know that Elliot wanted to ask them about it.

Avery only knew that she was on the phone and told him clearly, she said that she couldn’t see, but Elliot didn’t respond.

–He never responded.

Now he pretended not to know, and went to ask their mutual friend, not knowing what he was thinking.

But none of that matters anymore.

Her eyes are already healed.

So there was no need to investigate whether Elliot even knew about it.

–Besides, if Elliot really cares about her illness, why doesn’t he come and ask her directly?

Last time, because of Layla’s deliberately low score, Avery pulled him out of the blacklist in order to call him.

If Elliot called her now, Avery could see it.

But Elliot didn’t call her.

“JUn, he and I have been divorced for almost half a year. Whether we misunderstood or not, everything has changed now. We can’t go back. Now it’s very late, you should rest early!” After thinking carefully, Avery said to Jun.

Although Jun felt very sorry, after thinking about it carefully, he felt that what Avery said made sense.

They have been divorced for so long, and now the troubled Avery has even sold the company. It is indeed difficult to reconcile.

In the first snow of this year, the daughter of Wesley and Shea was born. This kid looked very much like Wesley.

Nolan and Sandra were very excited because the child was born safely.

They all knew that this would be Wesley and Shea’s only child and their only granddaughter.

“Shea, give your child a name!” Wesley said.

Shea said, “It’s up to you to choose! I’m afraid the name I’ll give her will not sound good.”

“As long as it’s your name, it will sound good.” Wesley encouraged, “Don’t worry about getting your child’s birth certificate today, you can think about it.”

“Yeah, Shea, it’s up to you to name the child. This is the child you are trying to conceive, so you should name the child.” Nolan thought of Shea’s insistence, I have to protect this child, and I have suffered a lot of grievances.

Shea blushed slightly: “Maria Brooks, how is it?”

She thought the word ‘Maria’ is very cute.

Nolan and Sandra couldn’t react in time, and Wesley immediately said: “It sounds so nice. Then call it Maria!”

“Maria’s born was very smooth we should thank to Avery. If Avery hadn’t come up with this good way, maybe Maria would have been knocked out long ago.” Sandra sighed.

“Wesley, you called Avery and said that you are young and one year old. I hope she can come back.” Nolan said to his son, “It seems that she never came back after her divorce. If she doesn’t want to come back, don’t force her.”

“Well. I’m going to call her now.” Wesley said and walked to the balcony.

He found Avery’s number and dialed it.

At this time, it was daytime in Bridgedale, and Avery quickly answered the phone.

Avery was very happy to hear that their child was born smoothly, “Let’s switch to video call! I want to see your child.”

“The child is taken to care.” Wesley said, “Avery, about this month, Can you come back when I have a birthday banquet for my child?”

Avery hesitated for a while.

“If you don’t want to come back, then you don’t come. When the child is brought back, I’ll show you the video.” Wesley is always like this, and will never force her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

“Brother Wesley, I told you that I plan to study for a Ph.D. I submitted the application materials a few days ago, and I received a reply today. The tutor I applied for agreed with me to study for a Ph.D.” Avery explained the reason.

“Congratulations, Avery! It’s good to have a job you want to do.”

“Well. It’s just a pity that I can’t see your child in person.” Avery regretted, “Have you given your child a name? “

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  1. Yup…. Way too much time has passed. All they can do at this point is try and have a decent co-parenting relationship. There is no way to mend their relationship…. Nothing left.

    1. Netta,
      Why do you think they can’t amend their relationship? The only obstacle there are Avery’s four friends especially Mike and Tammy who are always pitching against her marriage making her believe that they care about her.

      1. They can get back together They were apart for 4 years when she left to study abroad and have the twins. Come on PLEASE get back together.

      2. Gracious,
        I totally agree with You! The only obstacles they have to overcome is Avery, ALL of her friends and Hayden.

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