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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1764 by

Chapter 1764

Lynch Family.

After the car stopped in the yard, Jun got off with Kara in his arms.

Kara woke up suddenly. She woke up without saying a word, opened her mouth and cry.

In the villa, Mary heard her granddaughter’s cry, and ran out quickly and took Kara away.

In the past, Mary often traveled with three or five best friends on beauty and card trips. Since she had a granddaughter, she never went out to play.

Tammy looked at the way her mother spoiled her daughter, and shook her head helplessly.

After Jun took out all the things in the trunk, the two entered the room and walked straight to the dining room.

“I starved to death. In fact, I really wanted to eat at Elliot’s house, but Elliot is so annoying!” Tammy sat down on the dining chair.

Jun served her a meal and handed it to her.

“Wife, don’t be angry. Brother Elliot doesn’t seem to know about Avery’s illness at all.” Jun carefully observed Elliot’s expression today.

There was no need for Elliot to know and pretend not to know.

“But Avery said Elliot knew!” Tammy wondered.

Jun said firmly, “There must be a misunderstanding between them. Tammy, ​​tell Avery! Let’s just say we went to see Elliot today. Elliot said he didn’t know about her illness.”

“I don’t want to help him speak. Who knows if he really doesn’t know about Avery’s illness! I still believe Avery more.” Tammy was reluctant to help.

Jun didn’t force her: “Then I’ll tell Avery. Sweetie, have you ever thought about it, if there is really a misunderstanding between them? After all, they still have three children, no matter what, they really don’t need to make trouble. It’s the same as the enemy but not good for children.”

“Whatever you want. If you want to tell Avery, you go. But it’s late at night in Bridgedale. You can tell her when it’s dawn over there.” Tammy reminded.

Jun: “Good.”

Sterling Group.

Because of insomnia last night and not enough sleep in the morning, Elliot was not in a good mood all afternoon.

Until the end of get off work, a new email pops up on the computer screen.

The subject of the email: ‘Please check the call recording’.

A gleam of light flashed in his eyes. He opens the email and downloads the attachment.

Before hitting play, he glanced at the office door.

Afraid that someone would break in suddenly, he strode to the door, locked the door, then returned to the desk and pressed the play button.

–Avery, I am going to Yonroeville.

This was his voice! He took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and listened carefully to her tone.

Avery: Why?

Elliot: Avery, I’m sorry. I promised you that I would never go to Yonroeville in my life. I have never forgotten my promise to you. But this time, there was a reason…

His voice stopped here, and Avery’s restrained cry came.

At this time, listening to her original cry, Elliot eyes were also wet.

Avery: Did Rebecca threaten you with the child? I already knew this would happen… Elliot, your promise is worthless!

Elliot: Avery, I’m sorry, I broke my promise. But I have to go to Yonroeville now. Rebecca died, and her children and I were gone. I have to check it out.

A suffocating silence, so familiar.

He remembered well that after Avery said ‘your promise is worthless’, she never spoke again.

The same is true!

Next, is his apology: Avery, I’m sorry. Haze’s life and death are uncertain now, and I can’t leave her alone. I have already bought a ticket to Yonroeville and I will be boarding soon. When I go over there and get things done over there, I’ll go back to Aryadelle immediately.

The apology was settled, and the sound of the broadcast reminding to check the ticket came.

Hearing this, Elliot glanced at the time left in the audio.

58 seconds left.

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  1. Will Avery, Mike and Tammy believe him? Won’t they say he purposely wiped out Avery’s voice?
    I really hope this will help!

  2. Elliott needs to go to Avery now .Mike and Tammy are not with her they can’t keep them from talking. Elliott come on get the kids in your private plane and head over there NOW.

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