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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1762 by

Chapter 1762

Tammy felt uncomfortable looking at him.

The main reason was that she scolded him last time with a voice, and then made a video call to attack him.

Although Tammy knew that Elliot would not care about her, but Elliot’s eyes at this time made people feel anxious.

“Let’s go eat first!” Elliot didn’t eat breakfast, and there was a sudden pain in his stomach.

Mrs. Cooper immediately walked up to Jun: “Give Kara to me, You go and have a dinner!”

Jun gave his daughter to Mrs. Cooper and said, “If Kara wakes up later, call me.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Cooper stayed in the living room holding Kara.

Elliot said just now that he had something to talk to them about, so after the cooking servant brought the dishes to the table, Mrs. Cooper gave him a look.

The servant immediately retired.

In the dining room, Jun and Tammy were sitting on pins and needles.

Looking at Elliot’s appearance, he didn’t seem to have any appetite.

“Brother Elliot, did you sleep late last night?” Jun had nothing to say.

“It’s 12 o’clock now. I usually don’t sleep at night, so I can sleep so late during the day.” Tammy answered, and then asked Elliot, “You said you were looking for us just now, but you said so!”

Elliot Put down the dishes.

“When the accident happened to the Jobin family, Avery couldn’t see?” Elliot threw the question and looked at Tammy’s face.

Hope to tell from the slightest change in expression on her face whether she is lying or not.

“Can’t see?” Tammy repeated his words, “I haven’t heard of it!”

Jun’s brain responded faster: “Conjunctivitis! Didn’t Avery say that he had conjunctivitis a while ago?”

“But Elliot said that Avery can’t see! Could it be that conjunctivitis can make her eyes invisible? Is it impossible?” Tammy also put down the tableware, “Although I have never had pink eye disease, some of my classmates have it. Isn’t this disease a minor disease?”

“I also remember that this disease is a minor disease! I haven’t had it either, but my junior high school teacher had it. At that time, my teacher didn’t ask for leave after the disease, and still taking us to class while sick!” Jun said excitedly, took out his mobile phone, and checked online whether conjunctivitis can cause blindness.

Elliot looked at them and said, “what you said and I couldn’t get in the way!”

Does Avery have conjunctivitis? Pink eye?

“It is said on the Internet that this disease did lead to blindness when medicine was underdeveloped in the past. But with the development of medicine, conjunctivitis will no longer cause blindness.” Jun read out the answer on the Internet.

“So this disease also has no risk of blindness.” Tammy concluded.

“That’s it!” Jun said, looking at Elliot, “Brother Elliot, has Avery ever lost her sight because of this disease? Tammy and I have never heard of it! Did it happen when the Jobin family had an accident?”

What Ben said. I don’t know the specifics.” Elliot’s mood was up and down, and his voice was dull and he continued, “The last time you went to Bridgedale, how was Avery’s eyes?”

Jun replied, “Avery’s eyes are all right, but a little red. We asked Avery about her. She said it was a minor illness, so she didn’t tell us. If she was blind, she wouldn’t say it was a minor illness, right? Blindness isn’t so easy to cure, right?”

“Not believing, Jun asked Tammy: “Tammy, am I right? I remember that Avery did say that her illness was a minor one.”

Tammy: “Yes. That’s what Avery said. She said that because of her illness, the doctor told her not to use her cell phone, so she didn’t use her cell phone during that time.”

“Conjunctivitis…” Elliot drooped his eyes slightly and whispered.

“Yeah! I checked the disease online, and it’s really not a serious disease.” Jun put down his phone and added, “Brother Ben said that she is blind, is it possible that she has passed on several news? Tammy and I are visited Avery’s house and Avery and Mike told us personally.”

Elliot couldn’t contact Mike and Avery, so he couldn’t determine the truth.

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