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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1760 by

Chapter 1760


Elliot was a little confused for a moment.

Avery quietly sold the company.

In the eyes of outsiders, Elliot definitely forced her to do this.

“Elliot, are you satisfied that you pushed her to this point?” Seeing that Elliot didn’t answer, Ben Schaffer spoke again, “She has already fled to Bridgedale, you two are clearly not guilty of water, so you have to go. Bridgedale has to tell everyone with great fanfare that you will continue to work on AN technology… Although Avery will not starve to death in the future, have you ever thought that it is really low for you to do so? Hayden is not yet an adult. You broke Avery’s back. Do you want your son to suffer too?!”

Elliot listened to Ben Schaffer’s accusations quietly and did not refute. He never thought that Avery would sell the company.

But what Ben Schaffer said was right, since Elliot replaced Vice President Locklyn of Tate Industries and let Norah Jones take over, the relationship between him and Avery was destined to deteriorate all the way.

“You treat Avery like this, don’t you want Hayden to come back to you after Avery has nothing?” Ben Schaffer diverged his thoughts, “Hayden’s personality is like yours, if you treat Avery like this, Hayden will starve to death, I won’t choose to come back to you.”

“Have you said enough?” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, “I don’t regret it!”

On the phone, Ben Schaffer was stunned for a moment. Tonight, he drank a lot of wine. He was taking advantage of the alcohol, so he made this call to Elliot.

Hearing Elliot saying that he had no regrets, anger burned in his chest.

“Elliot, why did you become like this?” Ben Schaffer no longer cared about his feelings, and told his whole heart, “Why do you keep pretending that Avery owes you?! It’s clear that neither of you owe you anything. Who is it, at least in my opinion! Can you not always regard yourself as the center of the world, whoever does not listen to you, you will take revenge on someone, you are really naive!”

“I regard myself as the center of the world. I’ll take revenge on her?” Elliot was startled by his words.

Ben: “Isn’t it? I always think you are a reasonable person, but you are unreasonable to Avery! You think she gave you three children, so you can bully her casually, and she will end up doing it for the children. Stay by your side! You didn’t expect that you made the wrong abacus! So you became angry!”

Ben Schaffer’s words made Elliot really angry.

Elliot: “In your eyes, she is so pitiful?”

Ben Schaffer angrily said, “Isn’t she pitiful? Elliot, your conscience won’t hurt? I didn’t know why she insisted on divorcing you, but she was still with you. I scolded her in front of me. Later, I learned the truth, your actions subverted my imagination more and more! You…”

Before Ben Schaffer finished speaking, Elliot interrupted him and asked coldly: “What truth do you know?”

How could he not know the so-called truth?

“You really want me to say it? I didn’t mention a word because of your face…”

“Speak!” Elliot shouted angrily, “Tell me the f*ck!”

“Okay! Since You are shameless, then I don’t have to worry anymore!” Ben Schaffer also roared, “When something happened to the Jobin family, when we were going to Yonroeville, you received a call from Avery at the airport, why didn’t you say Avery? An accident happened too? After all, you don’t care that much about Avery! You f*cking told me, I can let you go to Yonroeville?”

Elliot seemed to be given a sap in the head. He clenched his fingers tightly holding the phone, a thin layer of sweat on his palms.

“You said just now… Avery had an accident at the time?” Elliot heard his heart pounding. There were countless noises in his mind, mixed with a clown-like laugh.

Ben Schaffer listened to his rhetorical question and scratched his head: “Avery said you know, do you have to pretend here?”

Elliot: “What happened to her? Ben Schaffer, make it clear!”

His face turned red and white, There was a layer of hot sweat on his forehead, but his body was shivering with cold.

“You’re still pretending?! Elliot, you feel guilty, don’t you?” Ben Schaffer sneered, “Avery couldn’t see and called you, but you left her alone and ran to Yonroeville. I will insist on divorce from you!”

With a ‘boom’, Elliot felt something collapsed.

“She can’t see? You said she can’t see?” Elliot murmured and repeated Ben Schaffer’s words.

“What do you mean? It’s boring for you to pretend!” Ben Schaffer said angrily.

Dudu Dudu!

Call disconnected.

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  1. And there you go folks..predictable once again 😁
    Well at least Elliot knows the truth. Sadly no one will believe him that he didn’t know from the beginning 😮‍💨
    Hang in there Elliot 💝

    Thank you for the chapters ❤️

    1. If he thinks to have the recording of the call pulled up he can prove what he heard, and did not hear.

      I believe he was also thinking about why Eric was feeding Avery. Because that was where he blocked all contact from her, right after Nora sent the pic. It put him over the last edge. But he had just been wondering if he’d gone too far and remembering their good days. So he’s in a good frame of mind.

      I hope we don’t have to go through the next 12 years waiting for Avery to receive the email the doctor wrote about Hazels real identity. We will all go mad with the length of this book.

        1. I hate this, It’s Elliott who’s wrong again. Seriously, He was supposed to be a powerful man in the story, and yet not only his children don’t respect him. He also gets bullied by his wife’s friends. A very being the wife becomes his hell instead of peace..repeatedly..

          Please author end the story soon. Too much unnecessary twist.

      1. Elliott pulled the recording and listen to them over and over and nothing was on the recording that Avery was blind. So his conscience was clear. Her friends and Avery did not believe him.

      1. Ksenija Davidovic

        It’s useless information. Eliot will figure out things, but Avery is a problem. She will listen to everyone except to him. Even though, he showed her a lot of times how important she is to him… but she is uncertain. I will never forget his snowflake ring and that winter when she left him. She always makes her decision’s without even trying to take in consideration his opinion. She always relay on alternative thoughts/ answers of Eliot, not his true thoughts/ answers. She rarely take into consideration his feelings. She never tried to understand him, she just makes decisions what she thinks that will be good for him.
        Story will keep dragging… wait and see. This time she should meet him alone and really talk to him, without others. Even to hide this for a certain time. Only like that, they can reconcile… that will be good for a change.

        1. Ksenija! I share the same thought with you about the snow flakes scene and that wedding proposal ring! That was a beautiful and romantic scene…but it was so poignant. I wept …

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        1. Sharon,
          I forgot all about that, we’ve been overwhelmed with so many chapters and so, so , so many characters, I think You might be right.

    1. I love Ben now. Though he was drank, still he was able to tell Elliot and scold him. Ben has the heart unlike Mike (who am sure has feelings for Avery and the very reason why he hated Elliot) and Eric, too.


  2. Now I am back to loving the story. Can’t wait to read what happens. Hopefully something good unless Elliott can’t get back in touch with Ben and Ben sobers up amd won’t say anything. Thank you translator for the chapters

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      The author has us freaked out because we know he is capable of making a sudden twist…hahaha pray it doesn’t turn out this way..

    1. Wow, so many comments…the author has just to give that little bit of spark💫 and the readers are so elated and hopeful!
      Elliot just needs Avery to believe him that he wasn’t aware she was blind. Problem is Avery prefers to believe her friends!
      Please unravel more ..

  3. Heigrujam Mitramalini

    Finally… I feel sad for Eliot. No one understand him, now none will believe him… The story is coming to right track…
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    1. I think so, and I believe he decided not to change the Company name from Tate,
      just because he was just following Avery flow of doing things . He has two kids using Tate as surname and will definitely not hurt his kids.
      Lets be clear Avery is unreasonable just like her friends, and Hayden hatred to his father is her problem, no one deserved to be hated like Avery, her children and friend did to Elliot.
      Knowing how he was used by all the people who suppose to love him from birth to adulthood. who truly love him among all this people around him, all he wanted and crave for is love from families and friend.

      1. You are right, he is just craving love. As long as Tammy, Eric and Mike are around Eliot and Avery relationship will hardly work and Hayden and Eliot relationship will not improve. Despite all the effort Eliot put to bring his family together, these three people never say or see anything good in him. I hate them for that.
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  7. In the last paragraph it says

    With a “boom” Elliot felt something collapsed
    Murmured and repeated what Ben said

    Then the call disconnected

    Does that mean something happened to Elliot?
    Another twist? Did Elliot collapsed and bump his head or something and get in a coma again 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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    1. They were implying Elliot felt a thud in his heart. If something happened to him he would not have been able to repeat what Ben had said.

      1. Tracy, that’s what I thought when I first read it and when I reread it I felt that there’s something behind that sentence or I’m just imagining too much..freaking never ending twist 😂

  8. Yo boy en este capítulo en la versión china Capítulo 1911

    Afortunadamente, la familia Jones dio sus frutos por todos sus esfuerzos.

    Después de que Norah Jones se graduó, un trabajo es mejor que otro y el salario ha aumentado gradualmente hasta el punto en que la gente común no puede mantenerse al día.

    Hasta ahora, se ha convertido en una ejecutiva del Grupo Tate y, además de su salario, también tiene una gran bonificación cada año.

    El padre de Li Keran es un hombre de negocios y su situación familiar siempre ha sido buena, pero a Li Keran no le interesa en absoluto la gestión empresarial.

    Su sueño es ser maestra, pero el trato de una maestra, naturalmente, no es comparable al de un ejecutivo de una gran fábrica.

    Li Keran no envidia a Norah Jones por ganar más dinero que ella, pero siente curiosidad por sus habilidades y aspectos.

    “Puedo sacarte, pero es solo una cuestión de dinero”, dijo Norah Jones, “Me comuniqué contigo y gasté mucho dinero. Ahora el enfoque no es el dinero, ni si puedo sacarte. Desde Puedo encontrar una manera de ponerme en contacto contigo, definitivamente podré ayudarte a salir del País yonroeville…”

    La voz por teléfono preguntó: “¿Estás seguro de que no me mentiste? ¡Every Tate me mintió! ¡Me mintió tan miserablemente!”

    “¡¿Every Tate también es digno de ser comparado conmigo?! ¡Mi éxito depende completamente de mi propia habilidad! ¡Y Every Tate confía en los hombres! Solía ​​confiar en Eliott Foster, y luego se divorció de Eliott Foster, y ella inmediatamente reveló lo que es ahora. ¡Tampoco!”

    “No sé… No sé nada, todo lo que sé es que nunca más volveré a creer sus tonterías… y por supuesto que ella tampoco vendrá a mí… Sin embargo, eso no es una buena idea…”

    “Nosotros dos no nos hemos conocido, y no importa cuánto te diga, todavía tienes dudas sobre mí. Depende de tu propia elección. Aparte de mí, ¿tienes una mejor manera de vivir? Si no lo intentas , ¿cómo sabes que no puedo ayudarte? ¿Vete?”, Indujo Norah Jones.

    La otra parte se quedó en silencio.

    Unos veinte minutos después, Norah Jones terminó de hablar por teléfono y salió de la habitación.

    Li Keran estaba sentado en el sofá de la sala de estar, sin hacer nada, luciendo completamente aburrido.

    “Lo siento, me tomó mucho tiempo hablar por teléfono en este momento”, Norah Jones parecía estar de buen humor, “¿Ya desayunaste?”

    “Vine aquí a desayunar”.

    “¡Oh, salgamos a comer al mediodía entonces! Te invitaré a una gran comida”, Norah Jones se apartó el cabello roto de la oreja, “¿Has comenzado a trabajar? ¿Todavía estás acostumbrado a trabajar? Si no puedo terminarlo, puedes venir a mi empresa…”

    “¿Su empresa?”, se preguntó Li Keran, “¿ Groupo Tate ya es su empresa?”

    Norah Jones se rió entre dientes: “Estoy listo para firmar un acuerdo de juego con Eliott Foster. Mientras complete su objetivo dentro de tres años, seré dueño de la mitad de las acciones de Tate Group”.

    Li Keran se quedó atónita cuando lo escuchó.

    “En ese momento, el Grupo Tate será mi compañía”, Norah Jones levantó el vaso de agua y tomó un sorbo de agua.

    “Pero, ¿y si no puedes lograr el objetivo que se fijó? Te ha dado un gran beneficio y el objetivo debe ser muy alto, ¿verdad?”, Li Keran continuó planteando dudas.

    “Dentro de tres años, quién puede decirlo con seguridad. Además, no tengo una batalla determinada. Al igual que cuando me uní al Grupo Tate, dije que podía llevar al Grupo Tate a la gloria, y lo hice”. Norah dijo muy animado: “Mientras decida hacerlo, nadie puede detenerme”.

    “Oh … prima, ¡eres realmente increíble!”, Li Keran la miró con admiración, “¿Con quién estabas hablando por teléfono hace un momento? Es un poco ruidoso, escuché un poco … ”

    La calma en el rostro de Norah Jones desapareció instantáneamente y sus ojos se tensaron visiblemente.

    “Sin embargo, ¿qué escuchaste? ¿La puerta de mi casa está tan insonorizada?”, Norah Jones levantó una sonrisa rígida.

    “Solo escuché un poco… no mucho…” Al verla tan nerviosa, Li Keran se sintió avergonzado.

    “Oh… ¿qué escuchaste?”, presionó Norah Jones.

      1. Chapter 1911

        Fortunately, the Jones family paid off for all their efforts.

        After Norah Jones graduated, one job is better than another and the salary has gradually increased to the point where ordinary people cannot keep up.

        Until now, she has become an executive of the Tate Group and, in addition to her salary, she also has a big bonus every year.

        Li Keran’s father is a businessman and his family situation has always been good, but Li Keran is not interested in business management at all.

        Her dream is to be a teacher, but the treatment of a teacher is naturally not comparable to that of an executive in a large factory.

        Li Keran doesn’t envy Norah Jones for earning more money than her, but is curious about her abilities and aspects of her.

        “I can get you out, but it’s just a matter of money,” said Norah Jones, “I’ve contacted you and spent a lot of money. Now the focus is not on the money, or if I can get you out. Since I can find a way to get in touch with you, I’ll definitely be able to help you get out of Yonroeville Country…”

        The voice on the phone asked, “Are you sure you didn’t lie to me? Every Tate lied to me! He lied to me so miserably!”

        “Is Every Tate also worthy of being compared to me?! My success depends entirely on my own ability! And Every Tate trusts men! He used to trust Eliott Foster, and then he divorced Eliott Foster, and she immediately revealed what she is now. Neither!”

        “I don’t know…I don’t know anything, all I know is that I will never believe her nonsense again…and of course she won’t come to me either…That’s not a good idea though. ..”

        “The two of us haven’t met, and no matter how much I tell you, you still have doubts about me. It depends on your own choice. Other than me, do you have a better way to live? If you don’t try, how do you know I can’t?” Help you? Go away?” Norah Jones prompted.

        The other party fell silent.

        About twenty minutes later, Norah Jones finished her phone call and left the room.

        Li Keran was sitting on the sofa in the living room, doing nothing, looking completely bored.

        “Sorry, it took me a long time to get on the phone right now,” Norah Jones seemed to be in a good mood, “Have you had breakfast yet?”

        “I came here for breakfast.”

        “Oh, let’s go out to eat at noon then! I’ll treat you to a big meal,” Norah Jones brushed her broken hair from her ear, “Have you started work? Are you still used to working? If I can’t finish it, you can come to my company…”

        “His company?” Li Keran wondered, “Is Groupo Tate already his company?”

        Norah Jones chuckled: “I am ready to sign a gambling deal with Eliott Foster. As long as he completes his goal in three years, I will own half of the Tate Group shares.”

        Li Keran was stunned when she heard it.

        “At that time, the Tate Group will be my company,” Norah Jones raised her glass of water and took a sip of water.

        “But what if you can’t achieve the goal you set for yourself? It has given you a huge benefit, and the goal must be very high, right?” Li Keran continued to raise doubts.

        “Three years from now, who can say for sure. Also, I don’t have a set battle. Just like when I joined the Tate Group, I said I could lead the Tate Group to glory, and I did.” Norah said cheerfully, “As long as I decide to do it, no one can stop me.”

        “Oh… cousin, you are really amazing!” Li Keran looked at her admiringly, “Who were you on the phone with just now? It’s a bit noisy, I heard a bit…”

        The calm on Norah Jones’s face instantly disappeared and her eyes visibly tightened.

        “What did you hear though? Is my front door that soundproof?” Norah Jones raised a stiff smile.

        “I only heard a little… not much…” Seeing her so flustered, Li Keran felt embarrassed.

        “Oh…what did you hear?” Norah Jones pressed.

        1. Lety, what book are you reading, my chapter 1711 don’t say anything like that. Who is this person who supposed to know Avery in yonroville?

          1. Shar,
            The chapter Lety put there is chapter 1911, I wonder what website she got it from.

          2. Shar,
            Lety said 1911. I tried following the link that she left for us, but I found it a bit confusing, not the steps that Lety had given but when select the chapter it wasn’t the same, infact it wasn’t the same book, and underneath it was light porn. 🤣😂😁 I left the site and came back here to see if I was doing it properly, I can’t afford to get another virus on my phone because I’m chasing a book! 🤷 If You figure out how to get through please let me know.🙏

    1. Lety,
      Do You know how to access the book past chapter 1917? Thank You for the link 🙏 I just can’t move past that chapter, how far did You get on that website?

  9. Can y’all just tell me if Avery and Elliot make it back together?? Both have their own faults, but it’s wrong how Avery had never tried to reconcile the kids relationship with Elliot. Is no one mentioning Haze anymore? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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          1. Shar,
            I have 2 different phones I’ve been reading on, and the translation options are completely different, on the phone I didn’t see a transaction option at all, I ended up pressing this icon on the phone it might appear at the bottom of the screen and it’s three lines it kind of looks like a square but the lines are separate like a flag but it’s not colored, You can press that then at the top of the screen You’ll see the language option, with that one every page You turn You’re going to have to remember to keep on translating, page by page, on the other phone the translate icon is hidden in the corner on the left side, that one remains in English page by page.

  10. It seems that he forgets all about his daughter.. now Avery left ,you don’t have feeling to your daughter haze .. but when she was with you you can’t stop thinking about the little girl

  11. I’m still mad at Avery. She needs to crawl back to Elliot and and her kids and apologize for HER misunderstanding. Her so-called friends made it worse, but she’s to blame. She never should have lied to her family in the 1st place.

  12. Lety, ¿puedes decirnos en qué sitio web estás leyendo la novela? ¡Estamos tan lejos de ti y nos encantaría llegar tan lejos como tú! ¡Por favor y gracias!

        1. Shar, it took me a min to figure it out but I finally did. Follow these steps and you should be able to continue reading. Go to the site Letty shared, it’s going to e in Chinese, buy if you press the option to translate from Chinees to English it will do just that. Once you are able to read the content click on the option to read FORWARD. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and find the spot where you can jump pages and type in page 88. On that page you’ll see Chapter 1760 going forward. I hope this helps I’m going to start reading now…yay! Thanks again Letty!

        2. Shar, I couldn’t cuz it’s in Chinese language

          Anyone figured Lety’s link where is the translate button? Please copy paste so we know what it looks like

      1. Lety, is Li Keran the person who Norah was talking to on the beach, when Avery overheard her, talking about the company and Elliott?

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        1. Lola, I’m not sure how it is on your phone but on mine it just pops up on the bottom. It’s not a button on the site itself. It’s something that I thought all phones do when something is in another language. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I do hope you can figure it out in your settings.

        1. Shar,
          You’re welcome, we’re You able to get past chapter 1917? I wasn’t it stopped me there, and that was 2 days ago when Lety had given us the link, and so far still no new chapters. I thought that site offered the full book, but it reads last chapter, and last chapter update, and when You try to turn the page it takes You back to chapter 1.

        1. Zoe, it’s not a button on the site itself. It just pops up. It’s a setting I thought all phones have. I’m sure now that you know it’s not a button you will notice it. It will just say at the bottom of your screen the words Chinees and English touch English. Hope this helps.

    Thank you translator for all your hard work and I’m glad you are feeling better! But pppplllease don’t leave us hanging like this! More more more!!

  14. Thanks so much for so many chapters today! 🙂 Finally some good news that Elliott knows about Avery’s blindness.

  15. Elliot has to request a record of their call as they did with Rebecca’s call to Ben. Then Avery will know he did not heard anything from her.

    1. Muchas gracias! Dises que ya saben que la Nina es de ellos. Quien tiene la Nina? Perdon mi Español no es may Bueno 😊
      Otra presentation, si es en el site Chino, Como lo puedes Leer? Usted puede Leer en Chino?

      1. Ggbless, Elliott went to Avery and they still don’t get back together again, is that what you’re saying? What happened?

    1. As good as it was to see Ben actually said something. I feel just by the way the book has been going. It’s going to be a lot more round and round till it’s not going to bring them back. I think we got excited to fast.

  16. I pressed onto the website…it has a translate icon on the top right hand corner. However ..this website is linked to a pornographic site…which u will have to press to continue.

    I did not pursue. However, from d few lines given at each chapter…this is what I understood (Chinese names were used…I could only 2 names…Avery n Elliot)

    Yup! They got back together …n were looking for their lost child …together

      1. I actually have no idea ..but I pressed onto d last page …that showed about 5 or 6 chapters. I read n understood d gist of d story….however, d characters have Chinese names ..but you can guess that they are referring to Avery n Elliot

      1. See dots at d top right hand corner? Press that n you will translate. It will be in English once that is pressed. However you won’t be able to read d whole text. Need to continue by linking to a porn site! Not about to do that!

  17. This is how I did it.
    You have to highlights the one you wanted translate then wait for the pop out (Copy, Look Up, Translate) then push translate
    Honestly the translations are kinda off or it doesn’t make any sense 🤦🏻‍♀️
    And yes the characters are all in Chinese names but you will figured out who is who. The author sis dragging the novel and it’s very irritating
    I’m on chapter 1839 nothing really much happened 😮‍💨🙄

    1. Zoe,
      What chapter are You on now? I can’t get past chapter 1917, it goes back to the beginning. We’re You able to get further, did You finish the book?

  18. You’ll see this character 存书签 in green color, you start to highlight from there so that it will work.
    Hope this will help

    1. Zoe, I hit the green like you said and translate, but it went to a Google page with all kinds of stuff. What do I click on next. Thank you

  19. Honestly, I feel if Elliot wants to know about Avery’s eye issues it would be easy for him to find out. Instead of going to ask Tammy, he could easily find her medical records to see how severe it is. I feel it is more his way – given how powerful he is and how he could easily get phone recording.

    Same goes with Haze birth. I feel if he just got to find medical records and investigate where the embryo comes from he could find out much earlier. I don’t know why both Avery and Elliot suddenly turn into idiots and forget how to investigate things when they are supposed to be geniuses and wise people.

    I find Avery us so arrogant and condescending to be honest. She thinks she can handle everything on her own. She acts like she knows it all, is always right and doesn’t need anyone’s help. She acts like she is protecting Elliot from hurt and guilt hence hiding many secrets – she wants to be a hero and saves everyone every time.

    I wish to see them sit and talk properly like adults. Funny how they were married twice but their relationship doesn’t look like a marriage at all. I mean when they were happy they get married and then whenever there is a misunderstanding they don’t communicate and got a divorce. Isn’t marriage about building trust?

    Lastly, their friends are extremely annoying. They don’t know boundaries and don’t respect decisions and create drama in other people’s marriage.

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