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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1759 by

Chapter 1759

At 7:30 in the morning, Layla received a video call from Mike.

“Layla, I’m going back to see you and Robert! Are you having a good time?” Mike was packing.

“Ah! Really?!” Layla jumped up excitedly, “Is my mother back too? Are you two coming back together?!”

Mike knew that Layla would ask.

Mike: “Don’t tell anyone when I go back to see you alone? I’ll be sad if you do this.”

Layla’s joy diminished sharply: “Why didn’t my mother come back with you?”

Mike: “Because of your father. She doesn’t want to see your father or quarrel with him. So I’ll go back to see you and Robert first. After your winter vacation, I’ll take you to see your mother.”

“Okay, okay! I told Uncle Eric as well. Well, he can take me to Bridgedale too! Can he take Robert with me?” Layla couldn’t let Robert go, “If I left alone, Robert will be alone at home, how lonely! He must be think of crying!”

Mike: “Let’s see if your father will allow us to take Robert to Bridgedale. After all, he is relatively young and has never traveled far, so I guess your father won’t be relieved.”

Layla: “Humph! I’ll put Robert in my suitcase and take it away!”

“Layla! Don’t do that! You’ll choke your brother to death!” Mike said.

Layla: “I’m talking about that kind of bag for pet dogs! That kind of bag won’t suffocate Robert!”

“You take your father for a fool. Do you know that your every move is under your father’s surveillance? Every time you secretly make a video to your mother, do you think he doesn’t know? How naive!”

Layla immediately raised her head. There are cameras everywhere in the room.

Layla: “I don’t have a camera in my room!”

Mike: “Don’t you know about the hidden camera? As long as he wants to control your life, he will definitely not let you discover the existence of the camera.”

Layla’s anger suddenly burned.

Mike: “Layla, be nice these days! Don’t let your dad stare at you. It won’t be convenient for us to meet then.”

Layla: “Okay! I promise I won’t be mad at him today!”

After the video call, Layla was in a good mood.

After washing up, Layla was ready to go to breakfast as usual. But today, before going to breakfast, she especially wanted to see her father.

She quietly walked to the door of the master bedroom and gently opened the door a crack.

On the big bed, Elliot slept soundly, completely unaware that his daughter was peeking at him.

“Slacker!” Layla murmured and went downstairs to breakfast.

Time flickered, it was noon.

Elliot was woken up by the phone ringing. When he opened his eyes, he was groggy and hadn’t slept enough.

His long arms reached to the bedside table and picked up the phone.

Seeing that Ben Schaffer’s call, he immediately connected and closed his eyes.

“Elliot, I heard some news just now.” Ben Schaffer’s voice was a little tight, and his tone was a little horrified, “Avery seems to have sold AN Technology!”

Elliot’s closed eyes opened immediately!

Avery sold AN Technology?

Ben Schaffer spoke quickly, “The accuracy rate of this news is at least 80%! It is said that it was sold at a low price. Because the Tate Industries branch opened, everyone is not optimistic about AN Technology. Avery’s shot at AN Technology at this time will definitely not sell good price but she still chose to sell it. Elliot, do you regret it?”

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