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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1757 by

Chapter 1757

Ben Schaffer saw Mike and immediately hung up.

Mike walked up to Ben and looked at him: “How about we go outside and talk? I always think you have bad intentions.”

“If I have bad intentions, I will not come to your site.” Ben Schaffer Pull Mike and walk to the elevator entrance, “Do you have any good tea here? Let’s chat while drinking tea.”

“It’s just that you old man like to drink tea.” Mike did not let go of any complaints. he said, “Who asked you to come here? Elliot?”

“Well, why did you mention Elliot?” Ben Schaffer didn’t care about his sarcasm, “Then what do you have to drink here? I’m a little sleepy.”

“Don’t you just get off the plane?” Mike glanced at his face, “What’s the urgency for you to find me? As for coming over as soon as you get off the plane?”

“It’s nothing urgent, I just feel sorry for Avery, and I’m embarrassed to go directly to tell Avery.” Ben Schaffer pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “You also know that Elliot and I are deeply tied up in business. In terms of company decision-making, we basically listen to him.”

“Oh…” Mike understood what Ben Schaffer was talking about, “Is the Tate Industries’s branch in Bridgedale about to open? You came here this time for the opening, right? Elliot is also here?”

“He didn’t Come. Because he didn’t come, I have to come.” Ben Schaffer said helplessly, “There will be a grand ribbon-cutting event at that time.”

Mike: “Are you afraid that Avery will blame you? Don’t worry, her grievance with Elliot is not to blame on your head.”

The two entered the elevator, and after a while, came to Mike’s office.

“I came to you in my personal capacity.” Ben Schaffer entered Mike’s office, saw the refrigerator, and immediately walked over to pull it open, “Why so much milk? Aren’t you so healthy?”

Mike: “Avery asked the secretary to order it for me.”

“Avery treats you so well? Why do I think she’s not so careful with Elliot?” Ben Schaffer sneered, “No wonder you are so committed to her.”

“You don’t understand people like us who have no parents.” Mike took out a bottle of milk from the refrigerator and handed it to him, “I don’t have any tea, you can drink it!”

Ben Schaffer took the milk, “It’s good for you to take care of each other like this. But I want to know what your company will do next. And, I have some ideas, I don’t know if you want to listen.”

“Stop..” Mike stopped, “of course I won’t tell you what we plan to do next. I don’t want to listen to your advice.”

Ben Schaffer regretted, “It seems that you are planning to fight against Norah Jones. Norah Jones has Elliot’s support, it is very difficult for you to beat her.”

Mike: “Norah Jones is just a pawn of Elliot. It’s not so much that it is difficult for us to win her. Let’s say it is difficult for us to win against Elliot.”

Ben: “That’s the truth. In fact, as long as Avery goes to Elliot to have a good talk, Elliot will definitely not continue to target you.”

Mike said lightly, “Let him give up his fantasy. Avery will never go to find Elliot. She can even let go of the child, just a company, she has nothing to let go.”

“I really don’t want to see this situation.” Ben Schaffer regretted.

Mike; “Are you afraid that Gwen will stand on our side and ignore you?”

Ben Schaffer shook his head: “I’ve been single for most of my life, do you think I’ll be afraid of dying alone? I’m here to tell you this because I think Elliot has gone too far. If it were me, I would never have done this to my ex-wife.”

Five days later.

Tate Industries Bridgedale branch was grandly opened.

The company’s ribbon-cutting event was broadcast live by many well-known media in Bridgedale.

Mike was with Avery at home today.

Mike ordered a big cake without telling Avery in advance.

When the cake was delivered to the house, Avery smiled in surprise: “Can we both eat such a big cake? What festival is today? Why did you order the cake?”

The figure of Ben holding scissors and participating in the ribbon-cutting event of the new company.

7 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1757 by”

  1. A happy family being destroyed by toxic friends.
    Mike and Tammy will never allow Avery to meet with Elliot, and Avery is so stupid that she can’t think for herself. She thinks they are doing it for her happiness, Mike is doing it only for his selfish interest while Tammy is doing it out of jealousy and envy. During their conversation if Avery reads between the lines she’ll pick up words from Tammy and Mike. She thinks they are just mere words not knowing they are expressing their innermost thoughts and carry it out through their actions.

    1. Gracious,
      👌👏👏👏🤷 Thank You, how blind and stupid can one be, and she’s supposed to be very smart, she hasn’t made a good decision since I’ve been reading the book, not even when it came to her own health.

  2. This is so ridiculous, you are married and yet you allowed other people to intervene with your relationship with your espouse. When you get married no other people will be more important with you than your espouse. Your friends has to mind their own life and not to let them control your life especially your family

  3. This writer is writing rubbish for us to read. Ben used to tell Elliot his mind when ever he wanted to. Him and Elliot has had a fight over Avery once. So why is her reluctant to tell Elliot about Avery’s current situation and let them figure things out. This writer is just playing with our emotions

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