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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1753 by

Chapter 1753

After Elliot finished speaking, he left the dining room first.

Layla’s heart began to beat when she saw Elliot grim face.

Elliot”s sudden seriousness made her a little uncomfortable.

Mrs. Cooper saw that Layla was stunned, so she spoke to her, “Layla, your father is looking for you, maybe it has something to do with your mother.”

Layla murmured in a low voice, “That’s not it.”

From the expression on Elliot’s face just now, Layla had roughly guessed that it was because of her academic performance.

Now that Layla did, she was already mentally prepared.

If Elliot dared to scold her or beat her, she would run away from home immediately and go to Bridgedale to find her mother and brother.

After Elliot waited for Layla to come in, he closed the door.

“What are you closing the door for? Open the door.” Layla ordered sharply, staring at the door.

Elliot had to open the door.

Outside, he is the high-ranking president of Sterling Group, and no one dares to be presumptuous in front of him. But at home, he didn’t live without seeing his daughter’s face every day.

“Layla, do you know what ordinary people use to change their fate?” Elliot didn’t tell his daughter directly about her academic performance because he looked angry at the moment.

Sure enough, Layla didn’t answer his question.

“Ordinary people change their destiny by reading.” Elliot’s deep eyes looked at his daughter’s face that looked like Avery, “In Aryadelle, there are still many children who have no chance to study because of poverty. Since you have the opportunity to study, just You should cherish it. Don’t take your study as a joke.”

“You know I failed the exam?” Layla held her chest out, plausibly, “In the past, my mother taught me to study, but now I don’t have my mother to guide me, so My grades have naturally declined.”

Elliot didn’t expect his daughter to come out with this rhetoric.

“After that, Dad will personally guide you.” Elliot gave a way to deal with it.

“You can’t.” Layla simply refused, “My mother is a genius, aren’t you? Don’t teach me more and more stupid.”

Elliot felt as if he had been poured a basin of ice water, and his heart was cold.

After all, he also graduated from a prestigious university. Although he has graduated for many years, he can definitely do his primary school homework.

But his daughter disliked him so much.

“Then I’ll invite your teachers from various subjects to come and help you.” Elliot thought that her daughter would not be so rebellious that she didn’t take the school’s main teacher seriously.

“No!” Layla refused again, “No one can teach me except my mother.”

The cellophane between father and daughter was completely pierced.

Layla was threatening him with academic performance.

Elliot picked up the water glass on the table, took a sip of water, and then said slowly: “Layla, since you don’t think you are good at reading, and you can’t be a genius like your mother, then let’s face the reality and become a A mediocre person!”

Layla: “???”

“In the future, you can take the exam as you like. If you do well, your father will reward you. If you do not do well, your father will not criticize you. With your father’s ability, even if you do In the next big exams, all the exams will be zero points, Dad can also spend money to let you graduate from a famous university in Aryadelle.”

Layla was stunned.

“So then you can study if you want, and play if you want. Dad doesn’t force you.” Elliot looked at his daughter’s stunned face, and his tone became more gentle, “When you graduate from college, if you don’t want to work, you can play at home. If you don’t think it’s fun at home, you can travel around the world. Dad has money, and it’s not a problem to support you for a lifetime.”

Layla cried with a ‘woo’.

Her threats were completely useless to Dad!

She was so angry!

Seeing his daughter run out of the study, Elliot planned to follow him out.

At this moment, the phone on his desk rang.

He walked to the desk, picked up the phone, and glanced at the caller ID—

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  1. Well done Elliot you didn’t give into your daughter. Layla expected you to buckle and give in to her lil tantrums and send her off to her mother. She will change Elliot. Just keep loving her as you do, don’t let her tantrums affect you, that’s what she doing.

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