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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1752 by

Chapter 1752

The head teacher was her English teacher in the class.

After seeing Layla’s composition, she didn’t dare to give points at all.

If this was awarded points, wouldn’t it slap Elliot in the face?

Therefore, Layla failed to pass the language this time.

“Show me her test paper.” Elliot’s blood pressure had soared, but he still wanted to see his daughter’s original composition.

“Come with me.” The head teacher took Elliot to the teacher’s building. “Layla didn’t do well in every subject this time.”

Elliot: “Show me all her exam papers.”

The head teacher: “Good.”

Arriving at the classroom office, the head teacher took out Layla’s exam paper and handed it to Elliot.

“The questions on the test paper are basically taught in class. Even if the later big questions are a little more difficult, there is no reason to have so much time.” The head teacher took the mathematics test paper and showed it to Elliot, “There are some simple questions, she’s also wrong.”

“The most outrageous thing is foreign language. Before, her foreign language was basically full marks because she grew up in Bridgedale, she has a good foundation. But this time, her foreign language just passed.” When the head teacher said this, Elliot picked up Layla’s foreign language test paper and took a look.

The above topics are basically not empty. Although she wrote it all, at least half and it was wrong.

“She did it on purpose.” Elliot read the test paper and came to a conclusion, “I divorced her mother, and her mother took her brother to live abroad, so she was dissatisfied with me. She deliberately scored low on me.”

The head teacher nodded: “Me and other subject teachers also think the same. Now that the cause has been determined, we must solve the problem in a targeted manner. Otherwise, she will take the exam with such a mentality in the future, which will definitely not work.”

Elliot didn’t know what to do. There was no way he could guarantee that he could convince Layla to take every exam seriously in the future.

Layla has a strong self-esteem and a stubborn temper. She became stubborn and did not lose to Avery at all.

Layla was forcing him to compromise, asking her to go to Bridgedale to find Avery, or simply asking her to return to Avery.

Elliot couldn’t agree with either.

Returning home from school, Elliot stood at the door to change his shoes.

Robert took Lego-made car and ran in front of him.

“Dad, look! Car!” Robert’s Lego-made car is quite cool.

“Son, you are awesome.” Elliot took the car that his son put together, and boasted, “You like cars, Dad will buy you a lot of cars in the future.”

Robert listened to his father’s words, and a bright smile suddenly appeared on his face. Because Robert has always lived by his side, Robert loves him.

Only every time Elliot sees Robert, Elliot could feel that he is needed and feel a touch of warmth.

At noon, Layla finished today’s training session and was sent back by the driver.

Mrs. Cooper brought the lunch to the table, and then went to feed Robert.

In the dining room, only Elliot and Layla were left.

Layla didn’t like to eat alone with Elliot. Every time she ate alone with him, she would quickly finish eating and put down the dishes.

She would rather eat fruit snacks when she is hungry than eat her favorite dishes on the table.

This time was no exception. She hurriedly put the rice in the bowl into her mouth, then put down the tableware and prepared to leave.

“Layla, come with me.” Elliot also put down the tableware.

The rice in Elliot’s bowl barely moved.

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