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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1747 by

Chapter 1747

Tammy: “No! I think your daughter limits my freedom. I like people who go out so much, because with your daughter, I can’t go anywhere now.”

Jun said, “Actually, your mother and nanny take care of the children. You can go wherever you want.”

“But I’m reluctant to leave my daughter!” Tammy shrugged helplessly, “I don’t know why my mother is so great until I give birth to a child. I seem to be able to see myself peeling off a little bit and becoming a complete stranger.”

Avery joked with Jun, “Mother’s love. When we were shopping, Tammy said that she missed Kara, ​​so we came back so soon. By the way, Tammy, ​​what are you going to send back? I’ll find a box. Come and put it in, and call the courier to collect it later.”

“Sit and rest for a while! These things will be cleaned up later.” Tammy took a water cup and took a sip, suddenly remembering what Jun said just now. “Jun, you went to Avery’s room, couldn’t you see that it is Avery’s room?”

“I really didn’t see it. Would you like to go in and have a look?” Jun said with a smile.

Avery had problems with her eyes in the past few months, so all the tables and chairs in the room were moved away.

Except for a bed and wardrobe, there were no extra decorations in the room.

“Which room?” Tammy asked curiously.

Jun’s finger pointed to Avery’s room: “You first ask Avery if you can go in.”

Avery: “My friendship with Tammy, you don’t need to ask. I’ll take you in.”

Tammy followed Avery Enter the first floor master bedroom.

After seeing the minimalist room, Tammy was puzzled: “No wonder Jun didn’t recognize this as your room. Even if you don’t have a table and chairs in your room, how come you don’t even have a dresser? I remember you in Aryadelle. The room is quite normal!”

Avery: “I haven’t put on makeup in the past few months, so I don’t need a dresser. Isn’t minimalist living popular online now? So I moved everything out of the room.”

There was really nothing to visit in her room, so Tammy came out.

Tammy muttered, “Others are minimalist because they are poor, but you are not poor but you can come as you feel comfortable now! People have different ideas at each stage. As long as you are happy, we will cook hot pot at home in the evening. Let’s go!”

Avery: “Okay! I’ll let Mike come back early to buy food.”

“Don’t bother Mike, I’ll go out with Jun to buy it, you can rest at home and watch the baby for me.” Tammy took Avery the car keys, and took Jun to go out to buy groceries.

When the car drove out of the villa, Jun immediately wentssips with Tammy: “Tammy, do you think we have a good heart? I was just about to chat with you alone, but you pulled me out.”

Tammy said, “I thought that Avery would be tired from walking with me all afternoon, so I pulled you out.”

“Tammy, ​​did Avery tell you that she wants to sell the company?” Jun was mysterious, he asked, “Our daughter grabbed a piece of paper from under her pillow, and on it was a quotation form.”

“Quotation form? Could it be an order?” Tammy didn’t believe Avery wanted to sell the company.

“It’s all in 100 million units. Do you think she will make a few super big orders at once? How is that possible!” Jun denied, “Now the industry basically knows that Brother Elliot is going to build a new technology company in Bridgedale, and it’s for Avery’s AN Technology. Who would place such a large order for Avery at this time. She must be unable to bear such a lot of pressure and plans to sell the company.”

“Jun, can you please stop your Mouth? Elliot is targeting Avery, is Avery sure to lose?” Tammy was furious, like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

Jun swallowed his breath, but decided to tell the truth: “Yes! Avery will definitely lose. This is obvious. Tate Industries now has the world’s top R&D team and the strongest financial support. “

“Elliot is a dog man!” Tammy gritted her teeth angrily, “Is there no one who can cure Elliot?”

“Tammy, ​​I know you’re very angry, but this matter is done, I’m afraid there will be no turning point.” Jun judged pessimistically, “Brother Elliot is too strong, no one can cure him.”

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1747 by”

  1. Tammy needs her mouth washed out wif soap. Her mouth just rambles at the mention of Elliot she’s always downing him

  2. Reading this story gives me palpitations instead of excitement…..I don’t know how bad it’s going to get before there’s a turnaround….I wish Elliot didn’t target Avery, but it’s all due to hiding things. Rather than just get angry and divorce, she could have explained…..then she left immediately as if giving up, when she should have said she was going for treatment

    1. Hope,
      Avery is being controlled by Mike without Mike by her side things wouldn’t have gone this far. A good friend would’ve advised her to wait and have a good talk with Elliot when he returns to know why he decided to travel even though Avery told him about her eyes problem. But since Mike is always against Avery’s marriage to Elliot he found an opportunity to separate them, remember that Mike is the one who prepared the divorce papers in advance and advised Avery to sign it and put down her request before Elliot returned.

  3. I felt like it was so shallow that it came this far? Seriously? Divorce, children’s trouble with parents and changing of management of tate industries were all came from a muted phone call? A huge misunderstanding?

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