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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1746 by

Chapter 1746

“My little darling! Why did you wake up so quickly? Are you hungry? Dad will go make milk for you right away… What are you holding in your hand, show it to your Dad.”

Jun carefully took out the paper in his daughter’s hand.

The paper has been scratched and wrinkled by the daughter, but the content on it can still be clearly seen.

After Jun saw the content above, the kind smile on his face disappeared.

He re-examined the room—

on the bedside table, he saw a black rubber band and so many long hair wrapped on it.

This doesn’t seem to be Mike’s room.

In order to confirm his guess, he strode towards the wardrobe.

Opening the wardrobe door, the wardrobe full of women’s clothes made Jun gasp.

Without thinking, he immediately picked up his daughter from the bed and quickly left the room.

If he had known that this was Avery’s room, he would not have carried his daughter in to sleep.

He carried his daughter to the guest room and fed her milk, his heart was in chaos.

On that piece of paper just now was a simple form.

The first row of the table is the names of several companies, the middle row is a brief company introduction, and the latter row is a few strings of numbers.

The line above these numbers is the word ‘quote’.

The more Jun thought about it, the more suspicious he became. Is Avery planning to sell AN Technology?

Otherwise, why would there be a quotation sheet under her pillow?

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Avery and Tammy came back from shopping.

Tammy’s fighting ability was still strong, and the trunk was full of shopping bags.

The back seat compartment was full of various snacks and toys as if she was going to live here forever.

“Avery, after Kara fell asleep at noon, I took her to your room to sleep for a while. I didn’t know it was your room, I thought it was Mike’s room.” Jun scratched his head and told Avery Confess, “When I was cleaning the room in the guest room, Kara woke up and scratched a piece of paper under your pillow… I’m sorry!”

When Jun spoke, he carefully observed the expression on Avery’s face.

Avery saw him with a light face and a smile on her lips: “It’s okay! You guys come, you should tell me earlier, so I can prepare in advance. I’m so sorry to ask you to clean up the room yourself.”

“It’s all trivial matters. But why don’t you have a nanny? Do you usually do everything at home by yourself?” Jun asked in confusion.

Avery explained, “There used to be a nanny. But I had been living in Aryadelle before, and the nanny resigned. Now I don’t go to work, and I have housework at home, so I don’t have a nanny. Sometimes if I don’t want to cook, I just order food.”

“You’re so cool right now! No one cares about you, no one bothers you. It’s like a fairy!” Tammy looked envious.

Jun coughed: “Tammy, ​​do you think it’s too restrictive to be with me?”

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