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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1741 by

Chapter 1741

“Eric, are you leaving tomorrow?” Gwen poured wine for him.

Eric’s agent was here tonight. Originally, his agent would not let him drink, but Eric was in high spirits and insisted on having a drink.

“Tomorrow I’m going to start a revolving life again. If I don’t let me drink this glass of wine, I won’t return to Aryadelle tomorrow.” Eric threatened his agent.

“Aren’t you afraid that your face will be swollen tomorrow?” The agent sighed.

“On the plane tomorrow, don’t be afraid.” Eric picked up the glass and took a sip.

“Avery, take care of Eric as he’s a bad drinker.” The agent had no choice but to ask Avery for help.

Avery didn’t want to force Eric. She said to the agent, “If Eric doesn’t work tomorrow, let him drink some if he wants! As long as he doesn’t drink too much, it’s actually fine.”

“Did you hear? Avery said it’s fine.” Eric said to the agent with a smiley face.

At this time, Gwen poured herself a glass of wine, raised the glass, and wanted to pay respects to Eric: “Eric, thank you very much for flying over to help me out of your busy schedule. This is the first endorsement contract in my life. I’m really excited.”

“Gwen, you have a job tomorrow.” Lexie, Gwen’s agent, said and reminding, “But you really should respect Eric. If it wasn’t for Eric’s help, it would be difficult for your contract to do so. Hurry up and talk.”

“Gwen, do your best, we will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.” Eric encouraged her.

“I will work hard. Working with you these past few days, I have learned a lot from you. You are already so good, and your attitude towards work is so serious and dedicated…” Gwen was expressing her emotion. On the table, the screen of her mobile phone suddenly lights up.

Avery sat beside her and saw the call from her mobile phone for the first time.

“Gwen, Ben Schaffer is calling.” Avery said.

Mike teased: “Did you two talk on the phone every day? When did you establish your relationship? This old guy Ben Schaffer has two brushes!”

“Mike, there’s no need for you to mock Ben Schaffer. In case Gwen really associates with him, how embarrassing Gwen is when you say that about Ben Schaffer!” Avery said strangely.

“If Gwen told me that the two of them were dating, I would definitely keep my mouth shut. I haven’t heard of this yet!” Mike looked in the direction where Gwen was walking, “Look at her shy look, shouldn’t the two really date?”

“To be honest, I’m very annoying to Ben Schaffer. This person sends me messages almost every day, asking me to take good care of Gwen. He really thinks he is Gwen’s father. But Gwen seems to be really like this.” Lexie helplessly said.

Gwen took the phone, walked out of the restaurant, and answered the phone: “Didn’t I send you a message that I want to treat you tonight? What are you calling me for? They’re all laughing at me.”

Ben Schaffer: “They laughed at you? What are you doing? I will call you if I want to, why are you afraid they will know? Am I embarrassed?”

Gwen lowered her head speechlessly, kicking the small stone in front of her: “Ben, you are so boring. Just hang up if you have nothing to do. “

“I have something to do.” Ben Schaffer said, “Didn’t you let me stare at your second brother before, if he does anything to Avery, will I tell you in time?”

Gwen was stunned: “What is my second brother’s action?”

Ben Schaffer said solemnly, “He gave Norah Jones a lot of money to build a new company in Bridgedale. I thought he was releasing the news that he was going to deal with AN Technology, just to scare Avery, but I didn’t expect it. He wants to play for real. I don’t know what stimulated him.”

Gwen frowned and said anxiously: “What should I do? How can I stop him? Ben Schaffer, can’t you persuade him?”

Ben: “Elliot didn’t listen to me at all.”

Ben Schaffer’s words made Gwen feel cold.

She finished talking on the phone and went back to the restaurant.

Seeing Gwen’s sadness face, Mike immediately teased: “I said just now that you and Ben Schaffer have already established a relationship, but looking at you now, this is a breakup?”

Gwen pursed her red lips and shook her head vigorously: ” Ben Schaffer said that my second brother gave Norah Jones a lot of money to deal with AN Technology.”

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  1. What name should I call Ben? A backstabber or a saboteur or a betrayer? I believe Elliot is only doing this to get Avery’s attention, but they all ganged up against him.

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