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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1740 by

Chapter 1740

In the photo, Eric was sitting beside her intimately, holding chopsticks and feeding her.


He finally understood why Avery insisted on a divorce, and was so heartless towards him and the child! Because she was getting along with Eric!

“Boss, don’t block Avery yet!” Chad thought that his face was so ugly that he was blocking Avery, so he advised, “Anyway, Avery is your child’s biological mother. In the future, for the sake of the child There will be times when you need to get in touch.”

Elliot had blue veins bulging on his forehead and gritted his teeth: “Thank you for reminding me.”

Chad: “???”

“Since Avery is divorced, I have no right to interfere with her anymore. She wants to be with whomever she wants! I don’t care! A woman who can easily empathize and leave love is not worth my sincerity!” Elliot said excitedly, his fingers trembling and he opened the address book and added Avery’s contact number to the blacklist.

Afterwards, he opened major social accounts and moved Avery to the blacklist one after another.

Chad was stunned when he watched his series of operations!

If there was no one in the ward now, Chad really wanted to slap himself to death!

Originally, the boss didn’t want to block Avery, but it’s all his fault that he mentioned this sentence in a whim, which inspired the boss to block Avery!

“Boss, you…” Chad’s heart was cut like a knife, like a sting in his throat.

“Chad, get out!” After Elliot blocked all contact information of Avery, the whole portrait was hollowed out.

He wanted to be alone and quiet.

Chad didn’t want to provoke him, so he immediately took the lunch box and walked out.

Dining room.

After Norah Jones sent Elliot a message, he did not receive any reply.

She didn’t know if Elliot didn’t see it, or if he saw it and didn’t want to go back.

From Norah Jones’s observation, Eric seems to be pursuing Avery, but Avery doesn’t mean that to Eric.

In fact, as soon as Norah Jones entered this restaurant, he recognized Avery.

She has seen Avery’s photos on the Internet and a series of interviews with Avery, so even if she has never seen Avery in real life, she will feel familiar when she sees it in reality.

When the others in the group were surprised who the woman beside Eric was, she had secretly photographed the moment of their intimate feeding.

She admits she’s scheming, but doing so makes her happy.

Avery has been by Elliot’s side for so many years, and gave birth to three children for Elliot, but she still failed to stay by Elliot’s side in the end.

What does this mean? Show that they are not the right people.

A successful man was bound to experience many women.

But in the end, there was only one person who accompanied him to his old age.

Norah Jones felt that she would be the woman who would accompany Elliot to his old age. Because she was smarter, wiser, and understands what men need.

3 days later.

Gwen and Eric finished filming the promotional video of the car brand, and then successfully got the endorsement contract of the car brand.

After signing the contract, Gwen paid out of her own pocket and invited everyone to dinner.

86 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1740 by”

  1. They are getting further and further apart. Because of all the lies and secrets. I felt so bad for Elliott and the children Avery looked and play the victim very well but they are both victimized by Avery’s friend.

    1. Avery is not playing victim. She is a victim. They were both played by averys friend yes, but that doesn’t mean avery knew.

      1. From the beginning every decision she makes always comeback has her fought. Her secret and harsh decisions making is very bad. She should be more reasonable when she met with Elliot for the divorce, when he didn’t ask about her eyes or her health. And she never questioned him.

    2. Please writer turn this around. This is so predictable here we go again, Norah is causing trouble. Why did Elliott turn out like this, what happened to the strong Elliott. How can either one of them, not know there hearts. How can you get over someone you loved that soon.

      1. Norah is Chelsea and Rebecca reincarnated… what a used up story line…
        All the story lines are old and used up by now with this “novel”… it’s redundant, predictable and getting very boring. Same shit, different day…

        1. Author has forgotten about Cole. So many unsolved mysteries and Nora is dropped on us. Why do all the villain women (Chelsea, Zoe, Rebecca) have similar characters? Why Can’t Nora be a married woman who just loves her job? Oh well, i might just stop reading. I see no changes

        2. Exactly it’s getting boring and annoying
          Cant this story just end happily,enough of the prolonged sadness and repetition

      2. Totally saw this coming, so disappointing!!! Shar, I personally think that Elliot has changed because he has been beaten down so much emotionally now. Everything he has been through over the past 10 years with Avery, it has taken its toll on him: her leaving him, them divorcing, him learning he is not a foster, learning he is a father, Wanda, Cole, Henry, learning his real father is a scoundrel, thinking his whole life that he killed his adoptive dad, the list frankly goes on and on I could go on for so long sadly… Shea, Robert… I mean, psychologically its more then one person normally can handle.
        The tough, brute, strong-willed man that woke up from that coma, he is just not there anymore. He has gotten softer/beaten down. It is clear that he still loves Avery, and in my opinion, he always will. Which is exactly why he blocked her, because he is trying to emotionally distance himself because of the hurt he feels.
        He can’t comprehend what happened, which makes sense because he doesn’t know about her being blind, and she muted the phone.
        By they time all of this is comes to light, there will be nothing left for them to salvage in my opinion. True love or not, the damage these “friends” are adding to this relationship, is in my opinion too much.

        1. I wonder how Avery is going to realize that her phone was in mute? I am so tired of Eric and especially Mike. All these wicked women is tiring. And Chad and Ben always have a big mouth telling Elliot everything now they are keeping quite, you have to be kidding. Frustrating!

      3. Really. What sort of love is this. They just don’t seem to know each other at all. N what kind of friends are these. None of them tried to clear misunderstandings between Elliot n avery. Why can’t someone tell Elliot that avery is blind. So stupid that people are talking so much indirectly and they are the same people who earlier did not think before speaking.

    3. I was ry enjoying this book earlier but now its frustrating to read it so i plan to quit reading this book. There is a limit for the misunderstanding but Avery and Elliot are in a endless loop and with friends like this hiding from both of them and they are a couple both of them should talk things out instead of acting out at the very beginning. Author, I would say if you plan to keep this work this way it wont be long hefore many plan to quit reading it. Solve the issues soon dont you feel its really boring and uninteresting!?

  2. This to be another women scheme to Elliot haaiishh., seems this novel not gonna be ending or never ending or will be ending 18 years later, after email received about Haze.

  3. Elliott is heartbroken he was always against Avery’s friendship with Eric because it’s clear Erick has a crush on Avery. As to Nora. Avery can deal with her as so as she get better.

  4. Still no better progress in these few chapters..the situation is getting from bad to worse .. Why is Chad behaving more and more like a coward? Looks like Avery is under Mike’s control!

  5. I’ve had it with this book. Avery seems to be the worst of the women in those novels. So smart and yet so dumb. Elliot and Avery look like they have no power of reasoning. It’s So obvious she’s being manipulated by Mike, how come she can’t sense that. Elliot is losing in too. Can’t they fight long enough for their love? Anyway the author wants to keep us on our toes. I can’t take the pressure anymore. I appreciate it more when Avery was fighting to get Elliott back and they succeeded. I love that, now????

    1. Leah, I feel the same as you. Why isn’t Elliot fighting to get Avery back? Doesn’t he remember how desperate she was when he went to Yonroeville and she did everything in her power to bring him back? True love would never give up, I just don’t understand why Elliot doesn’t even try to find out what happened?

      1. Avery was desperate cause are actions made him go. And she never learnt from it. If Elliot is awear of surgery she went for he wud have guessed what’s happening. She’s too stupid fir my liking

    2. She will regret all a decision at the end. Then outsider makes decisions for them. Even after seeing the pictures can’t he try to find out what’s led to that.

  6. Oh wow. Scandalous people need to stay out of Elliot and Avery’s lives they are just making matters worse n worse 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️More more chapters please

  7. Wow with these friends who needs enemies. I am sorry I feel Elliott has tried and tried again, but Avery lies or doesn’t inform him, always assuming that he heard or felt. If I was a mother no matter how ill I was I would not tell my children to be obedient and I will see them later. In not telling Layla because she doesn’t want to make her feel worrisome or hurt, she pushed her away. Layla felt abandoned, she is a child and you are expecting her to be strong. Was this author ever a child? Author needs a reality check as to how normal children would feel in a situation like this…they would feel abandoned and unloved. The fact that her children are so messed up now are because neither she nor her so called friends ever defended Elliott as a father but spawned more and more hatred and intolerance of him. So sad just another circle of schemes with new characters, Since this author is always focusing on the heartaches of relationships I am not sure if he/she can write a loving and happy ending. Will the author devote as much time to their happiness and love as he/she does to all the schemes and misunderstandings? Somehow, I really doubt this. These characters that were once strong and decisive have become pathetic shells that are manipulated by other peoples prejudices and needs to control. Everyday I feel that this story is become sadder and sadder. These characters must be superhumans because no typical person, wealthy or smart or poor can go through this kind of constant turmoil day in and day out

    1. MJ, I agree with you. Avery’s so called friends need to shut up, it’s ridiculous how she believes them and lets them treat Elliot so horrible. And the way she treats her kids is disturbing!
      It’s so wrong how horrible Elliot is treated!
      What I don’t understand is why hasn’t Elliot tried to figure out why she instantly divorced him and left? I’m confused why when Elliot got the message from Norah he wasn’t suspicious of why she sent him that? You’d think after all the BS they’ve been through with all the different women that Elliot would be on guard and think she was up to no good? I really wish the strong, capable, could find at the truth Elliot would come back.

      1. LJSO,
        Elliot only thinks the reason Avery divorced him is because he broke his promise to her that he’ll never go to Yonroeville, he doesn’t know any other reason. If when Elliot came back Avery didn’t present him with already prepared divorce papers maybe they could’ve talked and settled things and Mike knew that that’s why he prepared the divorce papers before Elliot return. If Mike isn’t put in his place Elliot’s and Avery’s relationship will not make any headway.
        The person I’m most angry at is Ben who claims to be Elliot’s brother. If Elliot was his blood brother won’t he confront him and ask him why he ignored his wife even when he knew she had eyes problem? Both Elliot’s and Avery’s friends are ridiculous.

        1. Gracious thanks for clarifying that, I’ve been confused as to why Elliot didn’t look into it.
          I agree that Ben of all people owed it to Elliot to ask him why he left Avery when she told him she was scared and blind.
          And Mike, he needs to be punched in the face and told to shut up and mind his own business.

  8. Only Haze can bring them back together now nothing else to much hurt and pain between them because of their good for nothing friends. Norah already at it,can already predict this is another merry go around just like Chelsea and the others. The strong and powerful Elliot has become weak where did he disappear to…Avery needs to make her own decisions and let Mike know his place.

    1. Tisha, I agree Hazel will bring them back together. I’m thinking after she gets her sight back, the email will appear before 18 years. Perhaps he didn’t put in the right year or something. I just know that this is going to turn around.. they didn’t go through all that stuff for nothing.. some how they will be together again. Avery has doubt or questions in her mind, of course Mike is the problem, feeling her head with nonsense.

  9. The chapters are to short and contain a lot of irrelevant story lines. The author is also sadistic like how much emotional and physical trauma can someone real handle. Creating unnecessary villains to make the poorly composed writing to lengthen the story which is why I stopped paying for updates on this book

  10. Thank you for the chapters today. Hope you are feeling better.

    Norah has showed her true colors.and all the so called friends are worthless

  11. Yes, 18 years will the truth be revealed. Hopefully, Haze is found by then. It’s 😩 sad how they make Elliott the villain in the eyes of the children. Robert is exceptional. I pray the truth can erase some of the hurts caused by lies and misunderstandings. Mike got to go. Or else there is no happiness for Avery and Elliott.

  12. 1740 chapters later the author has the EXACT same thing happening again with a new character….???? This is the most predictable story I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot). A good story will have the characters mature and grow, it’s ridiculous how Elliot and Avery have known each other for 10 years and they are acting the same as the beginning of the story. All this story does is continuously go backwards instead of ever moving forwards. It’s ridiculous that the author hasn’t made them a strong couple who has nothing but love and respect for each other. They act like 15 year old kids who know nothing about commitment. How the heck can they always assume the worst about the other just by looking at a picture someone sent them?? Elliot’s first thought should have been Norah is up to no good by sending me this picture!! After all the BS they’ve been through with ridiculous women how could he not be suspicious?? Elliot should know by now if Avery really wanted to be with Eric she would have been long ago. And why didn’t Avery call Elliot back when she saw his missed call? Even if they hate each other they still have kids that need and deserve both of them, so what’s with the immature blocking the other person??
    If there’s never going to be love, trust and happiness for Elliot and Avery then why continue the story? The pain and suffering Elliot, Avery and the kids have been through is disgusting! Very disturbing how innocent kids lives have been destroyed beyond repair. This story is so depressing. Time for Elliot to learn the truth about Avery, it’s so ridiculous how his friends are to stupid to tell him! Seriously how can adults act like their to scared to bring up Avery in front of Elliot? Especially when they know she’s blind?

    1. La mentada Nora empezá a querer andar con eliott y Layla la pone en su lugar es frustrante no entender chino pero hay le boy entendido no aguante la curiosidad la versión china va en 1905 gracias por traducir naijdate mil gracias

        1. Ya lo estoy asiendo estoy apuntando los nombres en chino para entender y encontré un grupo en facebook donde la están pasando se yama igual ke la novela

          1. Ok starting to come up with my own conclusion. Shea and Westley child should be born I recall they got the marriage certificate on valentine day. On that day Shea slept with him. Shortly after the wedding on May 1st, she knew she was pregnant. I’m thinking that the embryo was removed when she was 3 months. Now according to the updates, it is now Sept 1. Avery stitches will be taken out in December, that’s 3 months from September. So that takes care of Shea storyline. I still think something is going to go wrong with the artificial corneas.

    1. En la china hoy kedo q van a otra ciudad aver un contenedor con cadáveres de niños para ver si está Haze ya q la policía aviso a Eliott k Ai puede estar su hija son cadáveres sin organos espero no sea

  13. Thank you translator for the update. I hope you are feeling better today. Can you please give us more chapters? We are so invested in the novel..I just want Avery and Elliott to come together again. I’m not liking this twist with Norah, it’s a repeat of the past. Please don’t take us through this again.

    1. Agree. I come straight to the comments. I refuse to read it until the author gives some type of common sense again. He completely ruins the book.

  14. The misunderstandings between them getting worse.. i read so many similar novels but none of the couples have much great misunderstandings as this couple.. Also Mike should go for anger manegement class…

  15. lol again another twist we had rebecca , Chelsy , and others now its this person… book is repeating each chapter with just new people, and more miserable time than before..ugghhhhh i think

    1. Zoe too lol!
      Author I’m tired of Avery and Elliot’s drama. They should find love with other people so the story can end since They’re obviously not learning from their past mistakes. Move on with it please

  16. When will this story come to an end it’s dragging far too long I hope this book will end soon it’s all
    all over the place and it’s starting to make Avery look bad as a mother and a wife she was so pure in the beginning now she’s a woman who can’t follow her own mind without Mike and he’s too messy and becoming annoying Hayden is a 10 year old child that’s confused due to all the adults Avery is a liar if she didn’t lie so much half of this wouldn’t be happening either let Elliot find love else where and co-parent with Avery or find Haze and do the DNA and bring them back together stronger than ever but hurry up and wrap it up at this point

    1. Yes, I agree with you, Hope..😂 Reading the comments is more fun. Sometimes I dread reading the new chapters wondering what to anticipate and what’s bad in store for us! I continue reading as to what the motto says “Accomplish or do not Begin” and hoping this novel ends well for Elliot and Avery!

  17. Who in their right mind divorces over a single phone call. Avery is an IDIOT!! Totally her fault! Not telling Elliot sooner about her eyes – her fault. Not telling her children – her fault. Leaving her children – her fault. Badmouthing Elliot – her fault. She needs to do some serious repentance!!! And with friends like hers, who needs enemies??? You pick your friends – again her fault!!!

    1. Mika, perfectly said!!!
      I feel bad for the way Elliot is treated. But I’m so confused why he agreed to the divorce without questioning why she instantly wanted a divorce? They went from happy to divorce instantly, I don’t understand why Elliot didn’t demand to know why when he loves her so much?
      And yes I agree with everything you said about it being Avery’s fault, it’s wrong how she always thinks her thoughts are right and doesn’t even consider Elliot’s feelings. No loving mom who puts her kids first would ever leave her kids and not contact them, even if she was on her death bed she should have stayed in contact with them. And if Avery had a brain she would have figured out that Elliot didn’t know about her blindness, obviously he wouldn’t go from loving her so much to not caring about her at all. After 10 years of knowing each other there’s no way she wouldn’t know how he feels about her.

      1. LJSO,
        He agreed to it so quickly I believe, because he was trying to save face. He knew when he got off the plane that he was going to be walking into a mess, from how I read it though… Since Avery brought up the Divorce, that’s why he agreed to it… Because he didn’t want trouble, nor did he want others to know that SHE divorced him.
        Which I clearly do not understand because I definitely thought she divorced him the first time as well?
        Stupidity if you ask me.

  18. Thank you translator for these chapters, could you please give us more. Hope you are feeling better. I am in agreement with most on this page. Please let us make sense of this novel. It is getting tiring and I cannot take much more

  19. Nora jones thinks she’ll be the woman to accompany Elliot to his old age because she’s smarter, wiser and understand men, if she sees herself with all these qualities how come she’s not married at her age or was she waiting for Elliot and Avery to divorce? She should keep dreaming. No other woman can arouse Elliot except Avery.

  20. Another thought I am pondering… so we have another recycled scheme. Hayden and Layla and Roberts life is in limbo. So now that this drama is unfolding where is the Haze storyline. I am trying to think of the time frame, isn’t it almost two months since The Jobin family demise. Another part of the story with no resolution just like Wanda disappeared after Elliotts mother was framed. Too many loose ends yet more issues get added. Hard to keep track of.

    1. Mj, I think Norah and Wanda is a team. Wanda is trying to take down the company, so her company would be stronger. I’m sure that Wanda and Norah will be in cohusts. Now getting back to Hazel, as soon as Avery see the email, she will go find her child. Now I am thinking that it is going to be a lot of twist before that happens.. it’s my take but I think the artificial corneas is not going to work. Avery will go blind again and this time she will use the human cornea. It will take a while for her to get to see again.. when her sight is better, she will discover the email Xander sent her.. I do think the email is already in her inbox. Now in the meantime Elliott is going to be with Norah, but it will be a relationship just like Chelsea, he want touch her.

      1. Yes i agree with you Shar, that Wanda and Norah are joining forces to get back on Avery, and I also think that Wanda is the one who murdered The Jobin family and took Haze away with her, then she will be using Haze to get revenge against Avery and Elliot.

  21. Not to be a total b here but I like the book and want more. All the negative comments from the same people is what’s more annoying to me. Yet again if you don’t like the novel why are still reading it? If this is still an ongoing novel I could see the author stopping without any type of ending. Have seen it happen in other ongoing Novels. Please don’t make our time in the novel be a complete waste. You know that old saying if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all! Well!

    Please translator more chapters and I hope you are feeling better!

  22. So sad, it started out ad a decent book. Now most of us don’t even enjoy it and just want it to come to an end so we can see if the author redeems themself and brings the characters back to life.

  23. This is the first novel I’ve read where the main actors are at each others throat. One minute we’ll be buried together and the next minute I’m divorcing you, one minute I can’t leave without you and the next minute I hate you. The other novels the lovers went through a lot of hardship but they stick together through thick and thin, one was divorced and right away they were back together because they truly love each other, but this one look like the author enjoys tormenting them and the readers too. Haha!!!. I want to read the come back already and for them to fight together. I enjoy to read the posts too😂😂😂😂😂😂. I’m having anxiety attacks from. That’s not fair. I’ve got better things to do. It’s my fault I’m hooked. That’s not good. I’m ashamed of myself to let a fictional book to get me like this.😔😔. Please bring the joy a romantic book should bring. STOP THE SADNESS😅😅

  24. More pages, PLS! We are all hanging here. Or, at least, tell us how it ends so we can move on, put us out of this misery.
    Hope translater gets dedicated help to complete this book.

  25. This sc is a lesson don’t always discuss your matter to friends or family. Also to be fast in making decisions. The novel will surely reach 3000😂😂

  26. Can someone please ask the translator how much chapters this book have.Or tell me how I can ask he or she. I truly have enough of this Author bs. I just want to see what happens in the end. 😌

  27. Can the story end already, it’s getting really boring and going around in circles. It’s either others are dumb, others without a backbone and others are just scheming.

  28. Ksenija Davidovic

    I agreed with most comments about Eliot. How can be that such a sharp mind man, ruthless and strong becomes like this weak? It is possible to become weak for some time and it’s not easy with emotions, but he is the one who used to handle them. Why didn’t you give chance with Layla and Robert? She should develop relationship with her father. She should at least shut the mouth of Mike, Eric… who always badmouth Eliot. I want action. I want Eliot to do something and find out the truth about everything. And please, don’t involve Nora on the same way as Rebecca, Chelsea and other women. At least, she can be reasonable and maybe help him in this game.
    It’s really enough plot twisting, cause you made them so miserable that even one they reconcile, it’s not anymore satisfactory… so much pain and unhappiness… they should be more than strong to face everything together, not like this. You made them so stupid. They should learned from previous mistakes… even Hayden… if he is genius, he does need to be so rude and hateful ti his father. You didn’t give a small chance to change a bit their relationship after his father saved him. This little guy as a genius should investigate some things by himself and help to his parents… but…

  29. Wish someone would tell Elliot about Averys illness, they clearly love each other very much..
    please I hope that Elliot and Hayden can make a connection, if only for Avery, I would love to read that

  30. Tired of all these repetition. Cant Avery, Hayden and Elliot resolved their differences, when are they going to enjoy their marital life. It’s getting out of realism . Enough of all emotional trauma for the family

  31. Forgotten characters like cole Henry,Elliot’s mother even Tammy and jun
    The story it’s just changing,I wonder if the writer will decide to end it when it gets to ten thousand chapters

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