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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1736 by

Chapter 1736

“Mr. Foster, you’re awake! I’ll call the doctor.” Norah Jones stayed up all night, guarding Elliot by the hospital bed.

The doctor said he had a stomach attack that caused him to faint.

The problem was not serious, but it neededs special attention in daily life.

“Why are you here?” Elliot asked hoarsely. After asking the question, he glanced around.

–Is this in the hospital?

“Mr. Foster, you had a stomach ailment and fainted in your hotel room.” Norah Jones explained to him.

Elliot gradually regained his memory.

Yesterday he drank half a bottle of ice water and had a stomach attack. He thought he could get through the pain for a while, but he finally fainted.

“Who called you?” Elliot asked cautiously.

“Chad called you, but couldn’t get through. So he called me and let me come to you.” Norah Jones continued, “He told me the hotel you stayed in. The hotel manager didn’t want to open your room without authorization but because I couldn’t get through to your phone, I was worried that you had an accident, so I forced the manager to open the door.”

“Thank you.” After saying these two words, Elliot closed his eyes.

Norah Jones said, “I’m going to call the doctor” and left the ward.

After a while, the doctor came over to check his condition.

“Mr. Foster, your stomach problem was a little serious. It shouldn’t be after you came to Bridgedale. In your case, you should take long-term medication. Did you not take medication yesterday?” The doctor asked, “You must eat on time, small and frequent meals. Take medicine on time, so that you can gradually recover.”

Elliot listened to the doctor’s words, his face was very cold: “Prescribe me some medicine.”

“You are hospitalized first. When you are discharged, I will prescribe medicine for you. “

Hospital?” Elliot frowned.

“Mr. Foster, you need to be hospitalized for at least a week. You have acute gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer…”

“Stop talking.” Elliot didn’t want to hear it.

Norah Jones stood beside him and saw his impatient face, so she comforted him: “Mr. Foster, you should listen to the doctor! You fainted yesterday…”

“I’m already awake and I am feeling very good now. OK.” He wanted to leave the hospital.

Doctor: “That’s because you lost the medicine all night. Your lady friend took care of you all night.”

Elliot didn’t refute any more. He came here alone. If he was forcibly discharged from the hospital and something happened later, it would only be more troublesome.

After Avery made a video call with her daughter last night, her whole mental state was turned on.

When eating breakfast in the morning, Mike saw the corners of his mouth rise and couldn’t help teasing her: “Layla doesn’t blame you, right?”

“Well. My daughter is obedient, sensible, and considerate.” Avery was particularly moved.

“What does it have to do with you. If Elliot hadn’t relied on his power in Aryadelle to occupy Layla and Robert, how could you have given up on them?” Mike comforted her, “By the way, Eric called me last night and said he had a job to come here.”

Avery: “That’s good! But why did he call you?”

“Haha, because he didn’t know you started using your cell phone. He called me just to let me tell you.” Mike held up the milk cup, and continued, “He said he had a cooperation with Gwen. I don’t know the specifics. You can ask him when he comes.”

“Gwen has a cooperation? ” Avery was surprised. The two of them were people in two fields, and she never thought that the two of them would cooperate.

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