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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1734 by

Chapter 1734

“Mike, now Layla and Robert are still living by his side, I want to avoid conflict with him as much as possible.” Avery expressed his thoughts, “If he can really ruin my career, then I admit it. You don’t have to curse him for that.”

“You are so cowardly!” Mike complained, “Don’t underestimate Layla! If Elliot makes Layla anxious, Layla will resist. Don’t think Elliot will treat the child badly because of your grievances and grievances with you, and that’s his child too!”

Mike’s words made Avery wake up a bit. In fact, Avery knew in her heart, she just didn’t want to gamble.

It’s like Avery didn’t expect Elliot to be so unfeeling towards her, and she was bent on ruining her career. She was worried that Elliot would go crazy and lose his mind.

“You have a good rest! Don’t think too much about it. If he really treats Layla and Robert badly in the future, I will find a way to grab the two children. You can rest assured that I am here.” Mike saw her hesitant expression , so comfort.

“Mike, thanks to you for this period of time.” Avery thanked him and continued, “it was very difficult, because with you by my side, I’m always full of hope.”

Mike: “What’s there to thank. If I get sick? Now, you will also take care of me.”

Avery: “Well.”

“That’s okay, don’t say thank you to me in the future. If Elliot finds you again, you don’t have to be polite to him. Even if AN Technology goes bankrupt, we don’t need to look at his face. I am so much the way to make money, I will support you.” Mike gave her confidence.

She couldn’t help laughing: “I’ll be able to support myself when my eyes are healed. I won’t be so miserable.”

Mike: “I know. I Just wanted to know what you have in mind.”


At 1:00 a.m.

Elliot was rushed to the hospital closest to the hotel. He had a stomach attack in the afternoon and fainted in the room. Because he came alone, no one knew his situation in time.

After Chad found out through Mike that he was going to Bridgedale, he called him, but he didn’t get through. Chad then called his bodyguard. Knowing that Elliot went to Bridgedale alone, he inevitably began to worry about his life in Bridgedale.

In the evening, Chad called him again, but he still couldn’t get through.

Thinking that Norah Jones was on a business trip in Bridgedale, Chad called Norah Jones and asked Norah Jones to find him.

Norah Jones immediately went to the hotel where Elliot was staying. Because he couldn’t get through to Elliot’s phone number. Norah Jones found the manager of the housekeeping department and hoped that the manager could open Elliot’s door.

Of course, the room manager did not agree to Norah Jones’s request.

Elliot was the VIP of the hotel. Without his permission, the manager would not dare to open the door of his room casually.

Norah Jones grinded with the manager of the housekeeping department for several hours, and finally Norah Jones got angry and said that if something happened to Elliot, the manager should be fully blamed.

The manager turned pale with fright, and then opened Elliot’s room.

Unexpectedly, Elliot really had an accident.

The manager called an ambulance, and Elliot was quickly taken to the hospital.

After Elliot was sent to the emergency room, Norah Jones had time to call Chad back.

“Chad, it’s fortunate that you called me, otherwise Elliot would be in trouble.” Norah Jones had a lingering fear, “Elliot fainted in the hotel room. I don’t know why he fainted. When I was in the ambulance, When I touched his hand, it was cold. But don’t worry, he is still breathing.”

Chad was frightened: “How could this be?! Why did he faint? Could it be hypoglycemia?”

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  1. Angelica Yeager

    are you really going to take us through this circle again?!! Jeez just get on with it and end the story with a happy family!! smh Nora, Mike, Ben all got in the way and everything is chaotic. Avery thinks Elliot is the enemy, But he’s not. Yes we understand why Avery was mad BUT SHES THE one who didn’t unmute the phone when she told him she was going blind!!!!!!! i cant take another thousand chapters of another circle with a new rebbeca aka nora

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