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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1733 by

Chapter 1733

Avery wanted to find a reason to answer her daughter, but couldn’t find a suitable reason.

Her daughter was no longer a child of two or three years old, and the reason was too false to deceive her.

“Layla, your mother was sick before, and the doctor told her not to play with her phone, so she made you a video call now but now she is also sick too.” Avery answered her daughter half-truth, “Mom’s illness is not serious, and it is now healed. Originally, your mother wanted to go back to Aryadelle to find you and your brother, but your father won’t let me find you.”

“Woohoo! Bad dad. He won’t let you come to me and Robert, so I’ll take Robert to you.” Layla frowned. Se said fiercely, “I’m not afraid of him!”

Avery said, “Layla, your studies are more important now. When you have winter vacation, you can come to Bridgedale to find your mother, okay? When the time comes I’ll ask Hayden to pick you up, or you can ask your uncle Eric to bring you here. You can study hard now. Robert is too young to take him abroad. Can we discuss it when you are on winter vacation?”

Layla stretched her hands to wipe her tears: “Okay mom, can you make video call me every day in the future? If you can’t every day, you can called me every two days!”

Avery thought for a while and replied: “If it’s convenient for you in the future, you can call mom. Mom’s phone will be turned on in the future.”

Layla: “You don’t want dad to see our video call, right?”

“Well. I don’t want to quarrel with him.” Avery explained the reason, “Because you and Robert are still living by his side, Mom doesn’t want to conflict with him.”

Layla: “Mom, what can I do?”

Layla really wanted to do something to change the current situation.

“As long as you are healthy, study hard, unite with Robert, and grow up obediently, that’s fine.” Avery knew that her daughter wanted to leave Elliot and come to her side, but there was no way to do that at the moment.

Layla pursed her mouth and felt uncomfortable for a while, and asked, “Mom, do you want to see Robert?”

Avery didn’t think about it: “Well, your mother misses him too.”

“Wait!” Layla took the phone, got out of bed quickly, and ran towards her brother’s room.

Robert was still sleeping.

Layla climbed onto Robert’s bed and pointed the camera at Robert.

“Look Mom, Robert is still sleeping.” Layla straightened Robert’s little face on the side, “Look at him, has he grown up too?”

Avery looked at Robert’s chubby little face and endured it. She could n’t stop smiling: “Layla, let Robert sleep! It’s time for you to get up and go to school.”

“Mom, I can’t bear to hang up.” Layla reluctantly parted.

Avery was reluctant to hang up, but after watching the screen for a while, her eyes began to swell. She can’t look at her phone anymore.

“Mom has a stomachache and has to go to the bathroom.” After making an excuse, Avery hung up the video.

After she finished the video, Mike pushed open her door. Just now Avery was speaking, and Mike heard it outside.

“I made a video call for Layla.” Avery saw him come in and said frankly, “I finished reading Layla’s diary, and I couldn’t hold back.”

“It’s okay. I’m worried about your eyes.” Mike could understand her videotaping Layla.

It was because his eyes were sick that he couldn’t help but start playing with his mobile phone long ago.

Avery: “My eyes are a little swollen. I’m going to rest.”

“Then go to sleep. I’ll come in and see, it’s all right.” Mike stood at the door and didn’t come in, “By the way, Elliot called me today. I know where I heard the news, and know that our family hired a nurse. He called me to ask me what was wrong with you, and you asked for a nurse. I scolded him. “

Avery was shocked.

“Don’t you think I shouldn’t scold him?” Mike scratched his head, “I couldn’t be mad at the time! While he was going to ruin your career, he pretended to care about your health. I’ve never seen such a bad man.”

10 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1733 by”

  1. How could Avery tell Layla that lie. Elliott didn’t stop her from seeing the children. He said if she wants to see them come and ask him. She just made Layla hate her dad.

    1. I agree, Elliott said she could come and ask to see the children, he never stopped her from seeing them. I don’t know what is wrong with this story but this is crazy

    2. Elliot went to visit Tammy after she gave birth. When he got there Tammy was on the phone with Avery, so he walked up to Tammy & took her phone from her & walked out of her hospital room. At that time he told her he wouldn’t allow her to see the children unless she begged him in chapter 1706.

      1. Right but he only said that because Layla was sick and he kept trying to reach her and she never responded to his calls or messages remember Mike had her phone and when he did respond Mike sent all those crazy messages pretending to be Avery

  2. Avery has been the one pitching the two children against their father before her so called four friends followed suit. It’s how you make your bed that you lie on it. If from the very onset her friends and children see her respect for Elliot they’ll never treat Elliot the way they do. There’s no human being here on earth that doesn’t make mistakes in life.

  3. Their relationship is very painful for everyone involved. It builds on lies and deceit. Who remembers when she told him When she die she want to bury with him and he agree.
    She seems to forget so easily.

  4. Mike is trying to drive a wedge between Elliott and Avery. I never liked his character. He’s such a nosy, stupid fag!

  5. And here Avery plots to make Elliot bad yet again. What a horrible woman! Not once did she think about the impact of abandoning her children. It would be sad to see Elliot go back to her, he deserves so much better.

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