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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1730 by

Chapter 1730

Avery was stunned.


Come to see her in the morning?

Is it Elliot?

Mike opened the villa door, helped Avery into the house, and called Chad.

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance that your boss came to Bridgedale?” Mike felt that Elliot was a bad visitor!

Chad said in surprise: “My boss has gone to Bridgedale?! I don’t know! He only said to rest for a few days, but he didn’t say he was going to Bridgedale!”

Mike: “D*mn it! This old man is holding back some bad tricks?”

Chad: “Since he didn’t disclose his itinerary, it means it’s his private itinerary. It’s impossible for him to do a private itinerary. Maybe he just wanted to find Avery?”

Mike: “He did find it. He also found a home. The door is coming. Fortunately, we lived in a resort before, but not at home.”

“D*mn, you live in a resort? Why didn’t you tell me?” Chad was also stunned.

Mike: “What if I told you, you told your boss?”

“You can’t trust me so much?” Chad became even more angry, “Then don’t call me in the future!”

Mike: “Hey! That’s not what I meant, I just wanted Avery to rest well, so no one said anything.”

“You don’t need to explain, I don’t want to hear it.” Chad scratched his head.

It was after four o’clock in the morning. He was woken up by Mike’s phone call. He already had a headache, and what Mike said was really unpleasant, so the headache was even worse.

“Okay, then you can continue to sleep!” Mike heard his breathing a little heavy, and realized that it was early morning over there, and suddenly softened, “By the way, your boss brought something over and put it at the community security. I don’t know what it is.”

If Mike sincerely wanted Chad to continue sleeping, he shouldn’t have said the latter.

Chad also wanted to know what Elliot had brought to the security guard.

“Don’t hang up, wait until you tell me what it is.” Chad turned on the phone hands-free, then took the phone to the bathroom.

After a while, the security guard brought a document bag over.

Mike took the file bag and walked to Avery.

“Bag?” Avery reached out and took the file bag from him.

Mike closed the door of the villa, worried that Elliot would come again.

Avery opened the file bag and took out a few pieces of paper.

On the paper, there were dense texts.

“Mike, read it to me.” Avery handed the paper to Mike.

At this time, the nurse stepped back wisely.

What if this is a classified document?

Mike took the paper and read it without looking closely: “Today is the third day of Mom and Dad’s divorce, and I can’t help but cry. It’s all because of my dad. He’s a bad guy, if it weren’t for him, my mom would be won’t go. My mother loves me very much. She wanted to take me and my brother away, but the bad father wouldn’t let me. What can I do now? I want to go away alone, but Robert is still so young, what should Robert do? What to do? I can’t take him with me. He will hug me after a while. If I take him with me, we won’t go far.”

Mike finished reading the diary and couldn’t help laughing: “This is Layla’s diary, right? It’s really good that Layla can write such a long diary now.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing. She just felt sad.

“Do you still read the rest? It’s all Layla’s diaries. There are several!” Mike glanced at all the papers.

It was Elliot who photographed Layla’s diary with his mobile phone and then printed it out.

Maybe Layla didn’t even know that her diary was secretly photographed.

But what did Elliot want to do?

Did he let Avery see Layla’s diary, and wanted Avery to go back to Aryadelle to see Layla?

Didn’t he say before that Avery would not be allowed to see Layla and Robert?

57 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1730 by”

  1. OMG! Layla wrote a diary and Elliott gave it to Avery. Now if that doesn’t make her call her daughter. She is just heartless if she doesn’t. She needs to tell her that she is having eye problems. I can tell Avery is getting jealous of Norah, I think they might have a chance of getting back together again. I hope so because Elliott really loves her. He only asked for custody of the children so Avery wouldn’t leave him. Last time they separated he gave Avery custody, he is not a bad person. Just a lot of misunderstanding between the both of them. I can say that the both of them is stubborn. They need to stop and think about what went wrong. Avery should know Elliott heart by now. If he didn’t love her, he would have stayed with Rebecca. He only wanted to find the child because she looks like Layla and he has always liked Layla from the beginning.

    1. Please have mercy on her. The poor woman is blind and she is not calling her daughter not because she is ruthless but because she doesn’t want to make her daughter sad

      1. No mercy. You don’t lie to your daughter. Think how much Layla would have grown had she been able to help nurse her mother instead of creepy Mike who’s been trying to split them up since day 1 and continually bad mouths Elliot to both kids.

        1. Mika,
          I agree with you. I feel like Mike has something to do with all of this and is using Avery for something. He seems very vindictive here and wanted them split up anyway. Then this whole mess with Eric and Layla. Why would you let your daughter run off with a man every chance they can. It’s just not right either.

          1. Yes I do not trust Mike at all he’s devious he’s pretending to be a good friend to Avery.

    2. Avery needs to be honest she kept her whole eyes disease from Elliott he hasnta clue but she thi ks he knows. Brother i hope they can have time to talk and then find Haze. I think when they find haze and figure out she is their’s they will get back together and live a happy life. If that could be possible with the twins they need to learn respect. Hopefully this story ends soon it just keeps dragging on. I think its a book that keeps on going and will never end..

        1. I am not comfortable with their relationship and I am learning a lot. Having so many intruders in a relationship isn’t healthy for the relationship.
          Avery has been the one at fault if I must judge, from the beginning she created enmity between the children and their father, she also make her friends her confidant instead of her husband. I dislike her now.

  2. And now a new Vilian to take, Chelsea’s, wandas, kyri’s ,Rebecca’s place..I sadly feel they will not get back together. To many things are about to happen. That even if someone finally gets some courage to tell Elliot about her blindness it will all be to late. To much damage will have been done. . Thank you for your time and effort. It is appreciated.

  3. Omg I wish Elliot n Avery would get together n realize a lot of things that happened was just all a misunderstanding
    Please please more chapters n ty

  4. Omg.thankyou so much.. I hope more chapters. I love it. Elliot will definitely investigate for sure.. We. Know his character very well. Nice.

  5. Too much pain. Hoping against all odds that they’ll get together again. Nora can go and play in hiding with Wanda. Mike, Eric, Hayden, Ben,Chad & Tammy should know their place.

  6. I’m being greedy here. But after 2 years of faithfully being masked and germ killered. I caught covid. Went to town friday and my germ killer was emp ty. Nothing worth watching on TV. Any chance of uploading a few more chapters?? Thank you

  7. Thank you to the translator. I appreciate your hard work.
    I would love to know who is the Author of this book because I will never read another book he/she writes. This book has become depressing and sad. The main character has gone through much hurt pain and depression. The author made them all seems so smart but yet stupid. How come friends seems to run Elliot and Avery relationship, etc.The author is dragging out this book is not necessary. Why not rap it up and start a new book book. The author didn’t resolve one problem before jumping to the next smh. Now a new woman is coming in again to try and completely destroy Avery and Elliot smh. They didn’t even have the father and children resolve their issue not to mention this both children seems to also talk so badly about their dad. Nothing is mention about their baby that seems to disappear. Wonda still didn’t get punish. So many unresolved issues and more issues are being added. Too many plot twists and less happiness. Honestly I think the author just want to write a book with thousands of chapters just to say their book a long etc 🤦 I hope there’s a happy ending and the ending is soon. I’ve read other books that didn’t have so many chapters but got to the point without rambling and writing unnecessary things. I don’t think some of the chapters was needed or could have been some up in a shorter way. I think a good book should not so depressing. I honestly thought this was a love story when I started to read it had I known this was how it’s written I wouldn’t have started it. To be honest I would give this book a bad review.
    Yeah I could stop reading it 🤷‍♂️
    Do anyone know how much chapter this book have? and if not can anyone ask the translator?

    1. Lovely, well said.
      I really agree when you said you’ve read other books that didn’t have so many chapters but got to the point without rambling and writing unnecessary things, that’s so true! I don’t understand how after 1700 plus chapters the author still hasn’t made them such a strong couple who loves, trusts, protects and stands up for each other? Why would divorce even be mentioned between the male and female leads when they already divorced once and now it’s been 10 years and over 1700 chapters? That shouldn’t even cross the author’s mind this far along, realistically they should be an unbreakable couple by now with the drama following other characters. Instead it’s like you said, nothing gets resolved before the next problem starts. There’s to much pain and suffering in the story. It’s become so predictable. It’s obvious the story is going to repeat itself again with Norah.
      I just don’t understand why there’s nothing but misunderstandings between Elliot and Avery? It’s so unrealistic how they never communicate or how they divorce without even discussing why….????? How is that even possible after 10 years of knowing each other???

      1. You are right on. I so agree this writer repeats things has to many thoughts and leaves parts unresolved. I think this is not a published Author. They are horrible. The story keeps you wanting to know if the truth is ever going to come out. But then leaves you hanging about things that didn’t get resolved before the writer started another drama. Avery should have been honest with her daughter and not just abandon her.. i hope this story ends soon.

    2. I agree. It’s ro much back and forth with Avery and Elliot. It’s a shame 9 years has gone by and they still haven’t fixed the relationship between the children and Elliot, especially Elliot. I hope they won’t let Hayden turn another year older without mending their relationship it would be a tragedy to let so many years go by and not enjoy his sons youth in a good relationship. This book has become to repetitive. Divorced…than married. Divorced than
      Married. Secrets and lies one after the other and these are adults. I’m honestly disappointed In the route this story has taken.

  8. I love this novel and i will be very sad when it ends well but i want to see elliot and avery happily ever after and i want to see all the problem resolve

  9. Today you have only release 6pages can you please upload more soon tonight i am having my university tomorrow and I can’t sleep well if I don’t know what will happen next i want to see elliot and avery together and i want them to resolve atleast this problem

    1. I agree, please get Elliott and Avery back together. Enough of this back and forth, I want to see them happy.

  10. Thanks for the efforts, it’s highly appreciated. I really hope they get back together, and realize they are surrounded by enemies.
    I also hope this is the last misunderstanding in this book. Let’s see what happens next.

  11. yes please get them back together the love they have for each other, get mike out of the way!!!!! get the family back together !!!

  12. I think Wanda stolen Haze ,she will use her to threaten Elliot someday.
    I don’t understand why Avery can’t can talk to Layla, poor girl

  13. These are just ruthless chapters. I’m sure the diary is going to show shaves I’m improvement in laylas feeling for like Elliott as her dad again. He’s doing it to hurt Avery. Can’t someone just tell the dang truth and forget about trying to protect others! Their friends don’t help!

  14. Always feel sad, disappointed and dissatisfied each time after reading the chapters. I don’t want to comment about all the sad events, twists, evil plots, disloyalties, misunderstandings etc as they are too many!
    By the way, the more we lament and rant, the more the author would feel accomplished with a sense of achievement… the more horrors and cruelties he will write… Haha

    1. Well if the guy putting in all the effort to translate.then the books already done. Our remarks won’t matter. Now if it’s actually a being made book as we go. I think we mess ourselves up by putting all these ideas down lol

    2. They have waste 10years…without proper now to have waste for many years to earn love again..sigh

  15. Avery needs to ask Elliott not to destroy her AE company. That was built by students who taught under the same professor. If it wasn’t for him, she never would have been able to operate and save Nick and Shae. He needs to remember that.

  16. To the author of this book,
    You should end this novel sooner due to flat plot, then wrote another novel that way you will attract more readers other wise you’ll just telling how bad as a writer you are by writing your story such as this one. Who would like to read this kind of story that just goes around? We only reading it because we are curious of the end, nothing else oh and one more thing readers always wanted to finish reading a book. We’re just tired of the same plot so kindly finish this novel.
    Fin.Done.End 🤦🏻‍♀️

    To the translator thank you again for your hard work!❤️

    1. God bless you, because d way they cherish theirself after d aryadelle issues… They are suppose to face whatever comes their way together…

  17. I wonder if Avery will call Layla, I know Layla want a video call but just a phone call would reasure her.. who’s wrong and who’s right? At this point they both played a part in this huge misunderstanding.

  18. Sorry your sick translator, hope you get better soon. Hey but does that mean more time home and in solitude so lots of updates? Maybe? My experience with COVID was basically just a cold and lots of hoping for the wait to be over.
    I love the book/novel and want it to continue. I just want more of it to read. Can’t wait for the whole thing to be available for purchase! I want to read again. But please more chapters don’t leave us hanging. But also understand if your feeling bad. Thank you again for all your doing!

    Hey everyone else at least we have plenty of comments to read and keep us busy!

  19. I’ve already gone so far into this book I have to finish. But I will never read another book by this author.

  20. Hi, anyone of this novel called The Substitute Wife, My Poor Husband is a Billionaire? i am trying to find a site on this novel.. the latest chapter on Mobo is 477…

  21. This is getting such a depressing story. How come Hayden be just 10 years and so pathetic. He doesn’t respect elders , even though he doesn’t consider Elliot as his dad but atleast he should not use slang like Bastard!. Everytime Avery sidelines Elliot as if they fell in love without any trust, Just a sparke and Boom there’s a divorce. How come Avery trust ridiculous friends like Mike, Tammy, Gwen etc. All are bunch of loosers. Elliot doesn’t even have a single person by his side. Avery plays victim card every fucking time!!. I just hope that Layla understand her father value and respect him for his sacrifices, Hayden should fall in love with someone and understand his father feelings better. Layla should listen to his father instead of that idiot Eric. i would be happy be Layla comes out more successful than Hayden and decides to chose his father.

  22. Things get better aft they clear up this misunderstanding in another 200 chapters 🙂 hayden got better by then and layla will help too.

  23. Oh I’m having to have my own conclusion as to how this novel will end.. I’m thinking back to when Elliott left Avery to go back and marry Chelsea, because he was being blackmail. He kept begging for her to give him one more chance, after the wedding was cancelled. I just can’t understand why he gave up so easily this time. He fought hard to get her back, and when he left and married Rebecca trying to forget about Avery, she fought hard to get him back. This just doesn’t make sense to end like this. I think they will eventually get back together but in the meantime, the journey is going to be rough. I don’t think the artificial corneas is going to work. I think Avery is going to have another blind episode and will eventually get the human cornea. By then a lot of years will have passed, I don’t think she will attempt to see the kids until she can see. So it will be a few years. I also feel like Xander death will come up again, maybe after Avery can see, the email was there all the time in her inbox and she didn’t know it. I think she will go look for her child. I’m just speculating, I have no idea if this is what going to happen. I don’t have any new chapters to read today, so just time to think. 😂

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