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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1729 by

Chapter 1729

The security guard at the gate recognized Elliot and took the initiative to chat with him.

“You are the husband of Miss Tate, the owner of Building 13, right? I still remember you.”

Elliot’s eyes flashed with embarrassment: “we are Divorced.”

“Oh… No wonder I haven’t seen Miss Tate come back recently.” The security guard Saying that, he took out a visitor registration form, “Do you still want to go in?”

“Avery doesn’t live here recently?” Elliot took the booklet, but did not fill in the information immediately.

Security guard: “I’ve patrolled several times during the day and saw that the door of her house is closed. But it’s hard to say. Maybe Miss Tate has been resting at home all the time. She seems to be sick and may be resting at home.”

After listening to the security guard’s words, Elliot Fill out the visitor information on the brochure now.

“When did you hear she was sick?” Elliot asked casually.

“About two months ago! At that time, there was a new nanny in her family. I chatted with that person a few words. The person said it was a nurse and came to take care of Miss Tate.” The security guard said and wrote him down took a look at the booklet.

Then the door was opened for him.

Elliot listened to the security guard’s words in his heart, and strode into the community.

Avery fell ill two months ago and invited a nurse to take care of her at home.

It seemed that she was very ill at the time.

If she was not seriously ill, she would never ask a nurse to come to take care of her at home.

But Elliot hadn’t heard of it at all.

He strode towards Avery’s villa.

As the security guard said, the door of her villa was closed.

The yard looked like it had been left unattended for a long time, and it was relatively deserted.

There was no private clothes drying on the balcony of the courtyard on the first floor and the second floor, and every door that could be seen was tightly closed.

There was absolutely no trace of life to be seen.

Elliot stood in the sun and waited for a while, not knowing what he was waiting for.

Obviously he could ring the doorbell to determine if there was anyone at home. But he didn’t. His intuition had already told him that there was no one at home, and Avery was not here.

Where has Avery gone?

After staying for another ten minutes, Elliot left from the door of the villa.

Mike hurried back to the resort from the company, Avery’s mood has returned to normal.

“Mike, I’m fine.” Avery said calmly, “I just heard someone say that my company will be trampled under their feet, and it’s a little uncomfortable.”

“Who said that? Who said this?!” Mike roared in anger.

“The people around her call her President Jones.” Avery replied, “This woman is now fully in charge of the Tate Industries’s affairs, and is planning to open a branch in Bridgedale.”

“Norah Jones!” Mike said the woman’s name, “She was brought back by Elliot himself. I don’t know if the two of them knew each other before. Elliot trusted her very much.”

Avery felt a pain in her temples when she thought of competing head-to-head with this woman.

“I didn’t expect her to live here too. Why don’t we change places!” Mike said.

they don’t know how long Norah Jones will stay here. If Norah comes here this time, it is for the purpose of setting up a branch office, maybe ten days and a half months.

If they continued to live here, there was a very high possibility that you would meet Norah Jones next.

Mike wasn’t afraid of Norah Jones, but he was worried that Avery would feel bad when she met her.

Avery was silent for a moment, then replied, “Let’s go home! The stitches will be removed soon, so it’s time to go back.”

“Okay. Let’s go back today.”

At noon, after having lunch at the resort, they set off for home.

After more than an hour, the car drove into the community.

The car stopped at the door of the villa, and they got out of the car.

Coincidentally, the patrolling security came over in a patrol car.

“Miss Tate, your ex-husband came to look for you in the morning. He didn’t see you, so he left something in the security room. I’ll bring it to you now.”

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  1. Elliott just found out she was sick 😫. He did not find out what sickness was yet. He is now going to investigate. That’s what the old Elliott would do! Soon the truth will reveal itself.

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