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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1728 by

Chapter 1728

“Ms. Jones, you mean that Avery is secretly planning?”

Norah Jones said, “Hehe, no matter how she is planning, it will not affect my plan. I will step on AN Technology sooner or later. In Bridgedale The establishment of a branch is just the beginning of the game!”

“Mmmm! With the support of President Foster and your courage, President Jones, it will be a matter of time before AN Technology will be killed.”

“Yes! President Foster values ​​you so much, and you will take Tate Industries’s large and small affairs are entrusted to you, which shows that he trusts you very much!” Another person boasted, “Everyone in the company guessed that President Foster is after you!”

Norah Jones laughed confidently: “He really treats me. I’m very trusting. But don’t worry about emotional matters. I’ll talk about it when I finish my promise to him.”

Avery stood not far away and heard their conversation clearly.

Norah Jones brought her team to Bridgedale to set up a branch, with the goal of stepping on AN Technology.

Not only that, Elliot handed over the entire Tate Industries to Norah Jones.

Avery’s face was pale, and her fingers clenched uncontrollably.

She told Mike not long ago that she gave up the Tate Industries, and it was not as uncomfortable as she imagined.

It turned out that she was not uncomfortable because she thought that Elliot would make the Tate Industries run well.

Unexpectedly, he directly lost the company to others.

This person may be Elliot’s favorite object.

Otherwise, how could Elliot trust her so much?

“Avery, let’s go back!” The nurse also heard the conversation of the group in front.

She saw that Avery’s face became pale and angry, and without waiting for Avery to answer, she directly supported her and walked back.

“Avery, don’t be angry with those people. You have already divorced your ex-husband. What happened to your ex-husband and other women is their business.” The nurse was afraid of her sadness and tears, so she clumsily comforted her.

Her eyes finally recovered to the current level, and in more than a month, the stitches can be removed.

After the stitches are removed, she can live a normal life.

If because of these things, sadness and tears affect the progress of recovery, it is really worth the loss.

Avery exhaled heavily, her voice desolate and hoarse: “I’m fine… I’m just a little disgusted.”

–Elliot couldn’t wait to suppress her career and wanted her to be completely finished.

–Did he think that if he did this, he would make her impoverished and make her utterly destitute? !

Back at the villa, Avery entered the bedroom and closed the door.

The nurse was worried that she couldn’t think about it, so she called Mike and explained the situation to Mike.

“I see, I’ll go right over.” Mike replied.

It was far from the headquarters of AN Technology.

Mike usually came over on Friday afternoon and left on Monday morning. Sometimes he came here on Wednesday, sometimes he didn’t.

The nurse regretted it after calling Mike.

Today was Monday and Mike just left in the morning.

It s estimated that he just arrived at the company not long ago.

If Avery knew that she called Mike and asked Mike to run more, Avery would definitely be unhappy.

Avery’s home in Bridgedale was in the main urban area of ​​the capital of Bridgedale.

Elliot has been here, and more than once.

Elliot decided to come here this time, apparently to inspect the work progress of Norah Jones’s team, but in fact, because of the divorce, he still couldn’t forget Avery.

They have been completely out of touch for more than two months.

Avery not only didn’t contact him, but also didn’t contact her friends in Aryadelle, and even didn’t contact Layla.

Elliot couldn’t figure it out anyway.

–Why is Avery so hard-hearted.

After getting off the plane, Elliot came out of the airport and stopped a taxi on the side of the road.

After getting in the car, he reported Avery’s home address.

About 20 minutes later, the taxi stopped at the gate of the wealthy community where Avery lived.

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  1. Avery is saying Elliot is hardhearted and Elliot is also calling Avery hard hearted. All this because of misunderstanding and communication breakdown.

  2. Someone grow some balls n tell Elliot the truth instead of assuming he knows about Averys blindness. How frustrating this novel is turning out to be.

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