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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1724 by

Chapter 1724

Elliot didn’t want to destroy Avery’s AN technology. But he seems to be doing it.

He hired Norah Jones and acquiesced to Norah Jones to set such a huge goal.

Regardless of whether Norah Jones can accomplish this goal or not, Avery must have known about it by now.

The funny thing is that even if Avery knew about it, she didn’t come to him.

Seeing that the phone was hung up, Ben Schaffer dialed his number again without thinking.

But came the system prompt tone that his phone had been turned off.

“What are you doing?” Ben Schaffer looked at the call that was automatically hung up by the system, and he said himself “I haven’t said a word of what I wanted to say! If I knew it earlier, I would n’t mention Norah Jones.”

Ben Schaffer was very tight in his chest, so he came out of the cafe.

He walked to the door of the hospital and called Gwen.

In the ward, Avery heard that Gwen had answered Ben Schaffer’s call, and immediately said to Gwen, “Gwen, go accompany him! I just happened to be a little sleepy and I was going to sleep.”

Gwen knew Avery was lying. She had just finished the operation, and soon the effects of the anesthesia would wear off.

It was so painful, how could she sleep.

“Gwen, let’s go! When she falls asleep, I’ll squint for a while.” Mike also opened his mouth.

“Okay! Then I’ll go first. I’ll come to see you at night.” Gwen left the ward.

Mike went to the hospital bed and tucked the quilt for Avery.

“Mike, I’m not cold.” It’s summer, and despite the air conditioning in the ward, she’s still a little hot.

Mike pulled the quilt down a little.

“After a week, your eyes will gradually be able to see things… Looking forward to it?” Mike said this sentence, his tone could not hide his excitement.

The corners of Avery’s mouth rose: “I look forward to it, I hope everything goes well.”

Mike: “It will definitely be. The doctor said that your illness is not a serious one.”

“I know.” Avery always knew that her illness was not serious, but It will affect daily life. “I feel much better now.”

“Well, the professor I told you before, I called and contacted him. He heard that you had surgery today, so he planned to come and visit you at night. I know You really wanted to talk to that professor about Hayden, so I agreed.” Mike said.

Avery hesitated for a moment, then responded.

Gwen came out of the inpatient department and saw Ben Schaffer who was waiting at the entrance of the inpatient department.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come to the hospital?” Gwen complained.

“I didn’t go in. I was calling you from outside the hospital gate. I heard Avery asked you to come with me, so I walked in.” Ben Schaffer heard Avery’s voice just now, and his heart was very complicated.

Her voice was as soft and quiet as ever.

The blow of divorce, the blow of illness, did not seem to break her down.

“It’s all because you called me. If you don’t call me, she won’t drive me away.” Gwen glared at Ben, and said, “If something happens, just send me a message.”

“I called your second brother, and he hung up on me. Not only did he hang up my phone, but he also turned off the phone. So I was very annoyed.” Ben Schaffer explained to her, “I originally wanted to tell him about Avery’s surgery today, But after we got through the phone, we talked about another woman, so we’re done.”

“Another woman?” Gwen wondered.

“The new vice president of Tate Industries is a very capable woman. This woman is not only capable, but also quite young.” Ben Schaffer said in a sour tone, “I have to obey, there are some young people nowadays who are getting more and more incredible.”

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  1. Ben has already told Gwen that him Elliot talked about another woman, Gwen will misunderstand and will think Elliot is going after another woman and will tell Mike and Avery and even Hayden. He’s quick to talk nonsense but can’t confront Elliot about Avery. More complications arising.

  2. Same old story
    Then what? The professor of Hayden will linked to Avery? 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I’m hoping I’m wrong or else this book is very predictable

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