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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1720 by

Chapter 1720

In fact, whether artificial corneas or human corneas were used, there was a risk of failure.

Because artificial corneas had only been developed in the past two years, in addition to the high price, the risk of failure was greater than that of human corneas.

So the doctor just suggested Avery to use human cornea. But Avery refused.

“Avery, listen to the doctor. The doctor said that the human body is better than the artificial one.” Mike persuaded her, “Let’s put other things aside. It’s the most important thing to heal your eyes first.”

Avery replied calmly: “I’d better try the artificial cornea first! What if it succeeds?”

The doctor saw Avery’s insistence, so he said, “It’s okay. If the artificial cornea fails, a human cornea will be transplanted.”

Avery cooperated.

“Then you have a good rest today and surgery tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Avery’s heart beat fast and uncontrollably.

The two months of blindness made her experience the hardships and tortures of life that she couldn’t take care of herself. She was looking forward to getting back to light again.

Doctors told her that if the operation went well, she would need four to six months of recovery.

It means that after her surgery tomorrow, if there is no bad accident, it will take half a year to restore her vision.

The doctor gave Avery an inpatient order, and Mike took her to the inpatient department.

“Avery, Ben Schaffer has come to Bridgedale. He wants to see you…”

“No.” Avery refused without hesitation, “I don’t want to see anyone like me now.”

Mike nodded: “Okay. Yes, I’ll tell him. You can just wait for the surgery now, and you don’t have to worry about the rest.”

“Did Gwen ask Ben Schaffer for help?” Avery guessed.

“Yeah. Gwen heard that the cornea couldn’t be found here, so he couldn’t be more anxious. Although Ben Schaffer is quite frustrating, as long as he can help her find the cornea, it’s a good thing.”

Avery didn’t answer.

After completing the hospitalization procedures, Mike sent Avery to the ward to lie down.

Mike sat down beside the hospital bed and looked at her expressionless face: “Avery, you don’t say anything, but I can feel that you are unhappy every day. You can’t do anything because your eyes can’t see. Once a person has nothing to do, it is easy to think wildly. I hope you can quickly restore your light and your life will be enriched quickly.”

“Mike, I choosed artificial cornea because of Ben Schaffer’s relationship.” Avery confided, “I have given the custody of my two children to Elliot, and the company in our country also gave him, but he actually treats me as an enemy.”

Mike Gritting her teeth, “This shows that Elliot is a narrow-minded villain. Have you seen his true face now?”

Her breathing was suddenly solemn, and she didn’t answer the question directly.

“Has Hayden been very busy recently?” Avery asked.

Every morning, Hayden would take the initiative to feed her breakfast, but he came back late at night.

“Yeah! There is a professor in the university department of their college who insisted on accepting Hayden as a student. Hayden agreed. The reason why Hayden didn’t tell you is because you were worried that he would affect the original course like this.” Mike said to Avery.

“What professor? What’s his name?” Avery’s eyebrows were already wrinkled.

“He’s a senior professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering. I’m not familiar with this field. Anyway, I heard Hayden say that this professor is very good, and Hayden is willing to learn things from this professor.” Mike has been taking care of Avery, and he has not seen famous professor before.

Although Hayden is not yet ten years old, he has matured precociously since he was a child, and his intelligence is far superior to ordinary people. As long as he is interested in something, he can get started and master it in a very short time.

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