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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1718 by

Chapter 1718

Mike told Gwen that Elliot planned to use Tate Industries to deal with Avery’s AN technology in Bridgedale.

Gwen was so angry that she had a heart attack. Because she was so angry and she couldn’t do anything to Elliot, she turned her anger on Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer and Elliot were on the same boat. She hung up Mike’s phone and put Ben Schaffer on the blacklist.


Mike finished talking on the phone, his mouth was dry, so he went to find a water glass to get some water.

In the master bedroom, Avery didn’t fall asleep. She had to lie down for a long time every night to fall asleep.

It’s easier to fall asleep during the day, and at night, bits and pieces of the past always come to mind.

She can control her emotions now, and can’t help crying when she thinks of the sad part. She heard what Mike said in the living room just now.

Her hearing has improved dramatically since she lost sight of her eyes. She heard Mike say that Elliot planned to use Tate Industries to deal with her AN technology.

Had she heard the news a month ago, she would have been heartbroken and disheartened.

But now, there is no ups and downs in her heart.

She even lost her child, what could be more important than a child?

The next morning.

Gwen hurried over. Originally, Mike told her last night that after asking her to come over, he should not radiate negative energy in front of Avery.

But when she saw Avery, her tears could not be controlled.

Gwen: “Avery, I should have come to see you earlier. Is it hard for you to be like this?”

Avery raised the corners of her mouth and said softly and powerfully: “Gwen, are you here today on leave? I heard that you work very hard.”

“It’s up to me whether I’m busy with work. Although my agent is a bit strict, he still respects me. I want to make more money, so I take on a lot of work.” Gwen sniffed, her voice hoarse. “Avery, what are you going to do next? Is Elliot crazy to treat you like this! I’m going to be mad at him!”

Mike reminded sharply, “Gwen, didn’t you agree not to mention him?”

“I can’t even scold him?” Gwen said, and suddenly realized that it was not appropriate to mention this in front of Avery, “Avery, I won’t say anything.”

“It’s okay. Don’t cry, it’s all over.” Avery wanted to get her a tissue, but couldn’t see where the tissue was, so she could only give up.

“When will you be able to regain your light?” Gwen looked at her expressionless eyes. She had such beautiful eyes, but she couldn’t see anything.

Avery: “It’s almost time.”

“Obviously I haven’t found the right cornea yet.” Mike took off the stage.

Gwen silently kept this matter in mind.

After leaving Avery’s house, she immediately pulled Ben Schaffer out of the blacklist. If she can’t find the cornea in Bridgedale, she can only try to find it in other countries.

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