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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1716 by

Chapter 1716

Elliot looked at the smile on his daughter’s face, as if a knife had been stabbed in his heart.

The daughter knew that this song was written for him, which made his heart block, and she took the initiative to play it to him.

Really his good daughter!

“Layla, you left the summer camp, so what’s your plan next?” Elliot changed the subject.

Layla: “I want to play with Uncle Eric. He said that he can take me to the event next time.”

“If he participates in the event, you go with me, what is this? Even if you want to be a big star in the future, Dad wants you to It’s his own strength, not his popularity.” Elliot taught his daughter hard.

Layla is being preached and is not happy.

“I went to play with Uncle Eric, but I didn’t want to do anything.” Seeing Elliot frowning, Layla didn’t seem to want herself to be with Eric, so she pouted.

“When my mother still lived here, I could go and play with Uncle Eric every year during the long vacation!” Layla said here, her aggrieved eyes reddened.

Suddenly, there was a cry in the room on the first floor.

Robert woke up.

Robert started to attend early morning classes this summer. He came back from school at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Probably because Robert was tired from playing in the early childhood class during the day, he fell asleep when he got home.

If Avery was at home, Robert would never be allowed to sleep at this point in the afternoon, because if he fell asleep at this point, he would not be able to fall asleep at night. This would be messy.

Now that Avery is not at home, Mrs. Cooper is soft-hearted towards the child.

Mrs. Cooper heard Robert’s cry and immediately ran out of the kitchen to hug Robert.

Elliot looked at Layla’s little face with tears in her eyes, and his heart softened.

“Layla, it’s not that Dad doesn’t agree to let you go to Eric’s place. You will be entering the third grade in the second half of the year. Dad has read the textbook for the third grade, and the difficulty has increased a lot. If you also want to take the first place in the second half of the year, Then you can use the next vacation to review your third grade homework in advance.”

Elliot crouched down and coaxed his daughter softly.

Layla listened to his words, and her small mouth gradually relaxed.

“If I take the first place in the second half of the year, then you will let me see my mother, okay?” Layla made her request.

The expression on Elliot’s face suddenly covered a layer of frost: “Layla, you are the first in the test, it is for yourself, not for others.”

“You mean, I will never see my mother in the future?” Layla frowned.

“Dad doesn’t mean that. If your mother wants to see you, she will naturally come back to you.” Elliot held her slender arms with both hands, “Layla, wait for your mother to come to you, okay?”

Something has caused her to be very rebellious to him recently.

Basically whatever Elliot said, she wanted to confront him. In fact, every time she saw his embarrassed and sad expression, she felt uncomfortable.

Every time she calmed down, she would reflect on herself. Her father was almost obedient to her, and Elliot was very patient and loving towards her.

Whenever her attitude towards her father improved a little, as long as she made a video call with Hayden, she would forget about her father’s goodness and stand up barbs all over again.

In such repeated emotions, jumping around, she felt that her spirit was about to split.

“Sister, have a meal!” After being coaxed, Robert stepped quickly to her sister’s side and held her hand.

Layla quickly adjusted her mood and walked towards the dining room, holding Robert’s hand.

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  1. Elliot seems to be the only one who treats Layla like the child that she is, sets boundaries & doesn’t talk horribly about other people in front of her.
    And up until this point, NOBODY could keep a secret for more than 30 minutes, now, everyone just assumes that Elliot is this “scumbag” but no one confronts him with the “secret” they all think he already knows!

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