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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1715 by

Chapter 1715

If her father hadn’t called Uncle Eric, Layla wouldn’t have come back hungry.

After Eric sent Layla home, he left without saying hello to Elliot.

Mrs. Cooper had poured a glass of water and was going to give it to Eric, but Eric’s car had already driven away.

Elliot took the water cup from Mrs. Cooper’s hand and drank it all at once.

“Layla, you didn’t discuss with your father about your withdrawal from the summer camp, did you?” Mrs. Cooper took her to wash her hands, “You can’t do this next time.”

Layla didn’t want to talk about this topic.

After washing her hands, an idea came to Layla’s mind: “Grandma Cooper, have you listened to Uncle Eric’s new song?”

Mrs. Cooper shook her head: “I don’t listen to songs very much.”

“Uncle Eric’s new song is super nice! I’ll show it to you. Listen!” Layla turned on her phone and played Eric’s new song “Blind” in an external sound box.

After hitting the play button, she turned the song up to the max.

In an instant, the melody spread throughout the first floor.

Elliot didn’t pay attention to Eric’s new song, but Eric accepted a live interview and talked about the new song was written for a man, and he had an enemy relationship with this man.

Ben Schaffer immediately decided that Eric’s song was written for Elliot, so Ben Schaffer pushed Eric’s new song to Elliot.

Of course Elliot didn’t want to listen to Eric’s songs. Ben Schaffer told him that it was written to him by Eric, so he listened patiently.

After listening to about half of it, he turned off the song.

This kind of nonsense song is really bad! Listening for one more second, I feel like I’m wasting time and killing lives.

What’s more hateful is that this song was written to scold him, and he couldn’t listen to it anymore.

Mrs. Cooper didn’t know that Eric wrote this song to scold Elliot, so when Layla asked Mrs. Cooper if the song was good, Mrs. Cooper said it was good.

Elliot’s face was silently gloomy.

“Layla, go and listen to your father!” After saying this to Layla, Mrs. Cooper went to the kitchen to serve dishes.

Layla immediately ran to Elliot with her phone.

“Dad! Have you listened to Uncle Eric’s new song?” Layla had a kind smile on her face.

Elliot hadn’t seen his daughter smile so brightly in a long time.

The daughter must not know that this song was written by Eric to scold him, so her daughter came to share this song with him.

Thinking of this, he decided not to destroy the warm atmosphere.

Elliot: “Dad heard it just now.”

“Oh…you must not have heard clearly, I’ll play it for you again.” Layla said, turning the song on.

The melody suddenly floated around Elliot’s ears.

——Separation seems to be yesterday, my world is dark. In a desolate city, the wind is wrapping my body, I seem to be blind and blind, and I am boundless, you take everything from me, and you laugh at me for not being free and easy… I seem to be blind and blind, The wind dried my tears, I have forgotten the pain you gave me.

Elliot listened to the absurd and uninhibited lyrics and endured to the limit.

He grabbed his daughter’s cell phone and paused the song and said, “Layla, this kind of song is not suitable for children of your age.”

Layla blinked innocently: “Dad, I played it for you. Uncle Eric said this song was written for you.”

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