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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1711 by

Chapter 1711

Secretary: “It was the chief financial officer who told us. The chief financial officer was to remind us to pay attention to our bodies and not to go on a diet to keep our body in shape.”

Chad wanted to cry without tears: “I am not dying of illness, otherwise I would not be able to back to work now. “

“Mmmm! Chad, you went to Bridgedale, have you met Avery?” the secretary asked in a low voice.

Chad helplessly said, “To be honest, I was in Bridgedale and lived in a ten-day courtyard. This vacation was really a bit miserable.”

“Then why don’t you rest at home for a few more days? Look at your complexion!” When the secretary said this, the conversation changed, “Do you know the personnel transfer of the Tate Industries?”

Chad was stunned for a moment, then shook his head: “The Tate Industries has a personnel transfer? When did it happen?”

“Yesterday The boss went to the Tate Industries for a one-day meeting. It was because there was a major change in personnel. I also heard about the specific content.” The secretary leaned into Chad’s ear and wentssip with him, “I heard, the vice president of Tate Industries was fired.”

Chad’s heart beat fast.

Shaun Locklyn was always a veteran of the Tate Industries. He’s a senior employee who has experienced ups and downs with Jack Tate at the beginning.

Now that Avery quit Tate Industries for only a month, Vice President was fired…

If the boss really decideed to do this, then this move was really a bit ruthless.

When the Tate Industries was rebuilt, Avery hired back all the old employees with high salaries. Elliot fired Vice President this time. Were the other old employees fired?

Chad entered the office with many thoughts and dialed Ben Schaffer’s number.

Ben Schaffer picked up the phone and asked, “Chad, have you arrived at the company?”

Chad: “Well, how about you?”

Ben: “I’m on the road. There’s a bit of a traffic jam.”

“Brother Ben, I heard that the boss fired the Vice President of the Tate Industries. Is that true?” Chad asked anxiously.

Avery and Vice President have a good relationship. If she knew that Vice President was fired, she would definitely feel that Vice President was always fired for her own reasons.

“Yeah, the news will be announced this morning. I didn’t expect you to be well informed.” Ben Schaffer said, “I wanted to tell you yesterday, but you were resting at home yesterday, so I didn’t tell you.”

Chad: “Brother ben, is the boss doing this to avenge personal revenge? I remember that Vice President is dedicated to his work, even if there is no credit, he has worked hard.”

“Chad, if there is no credit for the position of Vice President, why should the company continue to use him?” Ben Schaffer asked, “Elliot has found someone more capable to manage the Tate Industries. In addition to the limited ability of Vice President Locklyn, his age is also a big problem.”

Chad still felt that it was too heartless.

“Chad, let me tell you the truth! It’s not that Elliot wanted to lay off Vice President Locklyn. It was Vice President Locklyn who offered to resign.” Ben said, “Avery and Mike quit the Tate Industries, which caused the Tate Industries to quit. People in the group are disorganized. So Elliot made a request to Vice President Locklyn.”

Chad: “What request?”

“Elliot asked him to stabilize the employees’ emotions, and made him promise to lead the Tate Industries to go international and surpass AN Technology.”

Chad: “…………”

Elliot asked Vice President Locklyn so, no wonder Vice President Locklyn wanted to leave.

Wait, Beyond AN Tech? !

Elliot’s goal is to surpass AN technology?

Ben Schaffer asked, “Are you scared? I was also shocked by his determination at the time. But thinking about it carefully, he has always been such a person. He and Avery are destined to be ugly. “

66 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1711 by”

    1. Enna,
      I’m not sure Chad will tell Elliot about Avery because Mike has already put fear into him that if he does Elliot might fire him, I hope he’ll ask Ben about it.

    2. Stephanie Martin

      I am a hopeless romantic and wanted Chad to tell Elliot .. children shouldn’t suffer because of this… she should have reached out to him again. They’ve gone through too much

    1. So annoying. Normal person, should tell right away the situation of avery. What does the author way of thinking, juz keep the dragging the storyline too long.

    1. Thank you so much for the updates. Please can we have more chapters? I’m so disappointed with Avery friends. Tammy is bad mouthing Elliott to Layla. I’m not understanding why Avery didn’t ask Mike if Elliott called her. I’m sure he would lie anyway, she can’t see his face. Also Chad doesn’t tell Elliott that Avery is blind, he just listens to looks like they made never get back together. It seems like Avery is not going to do a video call with Layla until she can see. I was thinking Layla would get close to Elliott but if they keep telling her all this stuff about her dad, I am not sure.

      1. Nothing wrong with Tammy standing up for her friend Avery who is like a sister to her. There’s no way of hiding the truth from the kids, they grew up knowing Elliot didn’t want them so it will be hard to fix that. The constant divorce and separation is not helping at all.

        On the divorce, Elliot didn’t even fight to keep his wife, he just let go. I find that part of the story to be unreal especially cos they have both been through alot together and he knows how Avery fought to get him back to Aaryadalle. Its absurd that they just parted because of miscommunication again lol! Even hugh school bf/gf won’t do that. This author is just taking us in circles as usual. I see no growth in the characters personalities especially since they’re supposed to be older and more mature now. Its always same story with different twists. Oh well…

        1. But when Tammy was kidnapped and gang raped, it was Elliott who did everything to find her. Elliott even helped Jun to get her to remarry him. Elliott never told Jun to let her go because she was damaged good, instead he helped them get back together.

          1. Shar,
            That’s why I believed Elliot will be vindicated from all Avery’s toxic friends. The truth will surely come out and Hazel will be found and the truth about the child will be unveiled and all those toxic friends will be put to shame.

          2. I know, it was Elliott who helped with their relationship and now Tammy doesn’t remember any of that. I’m so tired of her friends constantly involving themselves in their business and involving the kids. Mike’s the biggest snake besides Eric and Hayden I can’t stand that child.

        2. You are indeed right, there’s no growth in the story. The story goes in cycle. I think it’s time for the author to put an end to his book. After such hardships, there’s no need for this book to keep dragging the stories too long. We are already satisfied with their drama unfold. Keeping us in circles, only annoys us. I am thinking of not finishing this book anymore!

          1. Very annoying! Like why is the author ignoring the baby. I know Elliott has so much in his hands, but before he could not stop thinking about the baby. Now no talk of her. Enough! Finish this soup opera!!!!

        3. I am so irritated. It should ned well to please the readers. But, it is like the author has forgotten the story line and turned it into a complete twist. Now we are going to see it become completely miserable. Elliot could help with Avery’s transplant, yet all these toxic friend’s insist on hiding Avery from him. What is wrong with the author, ruined a really good story. It is meant to be love of Elliot and Avery. Now the author is bent on making all these character’s ruthless and stupid.
          Why won’t they make Elliot and Avery have a happy ending.
          Not one person who has read this whole story is satisfied how this story is going.

  1. Thank you, more chapters please! Hoping that Avery’s blindness is revealed to Elliot before much more mess and heartache are caused.

    1. I didn’t read this story for the past 4 days, hoping for good news when I read it again but I got more annoyed and bored.
      There’s no growth, story just goes o in circles. Conflict is always because of secrets, misunderstandings, now even mute button, just surreal.. I mean how will they even find out that she was accidentally on mute that time… Its not like Elliott recorded the conversation right..
      The author does not seem to read the comments too.
      This will definitely have a happy ending just like other no els but dragging it too long is really unnecessary at all.

  2. I am so upset of the never ending circles of misunderstandings. Sick of everyone hating on Elliott. Only Wesley stood up for him once to say that maybe he thought Avery’s issue wasn’t as serious as the baby’s situation. No updates on baby? A month has passed. No one asking for ransom? Writer BE DONE NOW!!

    1. Speaking of Haze?! Could it have been Hayden? Someone who doesn’t want the baby found but couldn’t harm it? A good person would have returned the baby, and a baby person would be seeking what the money or whatever they wanted?

      1. I think it’s Wanda…she will use that child at a convenient time to gain advantage over Elliott. I really wish every day would at least have chapters with some happiness. 🥺

      2. Kay, I senseni5 was Hayden. He’s a powerful, wealthy, smart but dangerous, little boy/young man. Determined remove threats to his mom. Rebecca had to go, and he protected the baby.

  3. But when Tammy was kidnapped and gang raped, it was Elliott who did everything to find her. Elliott even helped Jun to get her to remarry him. Elliott never told Jun to let her go because she was damaged good, instead he helped them get back together.

  4. This book is heart wrenching. Why can’t characters just talk? Why can’t someone tell Elliot what’s going on? Ugh! Ending pleaseeeeeee!

  5. Some comments here’s make feel they are reading a different novel not this same one. Tammy is wants her husband to be as capable as Elliot yet she hates Elliot being with Avery and people can’t see that it’s jealousy. Before Tammy knew who Avery’s husband was she said that Elliot was her ideal man, after she knew about Elliot and Avery after she returned from Bridgedale she started badmouthing him, but secretly she wants a man like him. Why did Tammy fall for Jun? It’s because Jun was closed to Elliot and she thought he’ll be as capable as Elliot.
    I believe people that see nothing wrong with Tammy badmouthing Elliot to the children have Tammy’s character. No one cares to find out Elliot’s own side of the story.
    I believe every misunderstanding will be settled and it’ll be a happy ending with Hazel being found and the truth that she’s Avery’s and Elliot’s baby will also be known.

  6. Friends my foot. If these are friends then I have to say enemies are more benevolent. They all have bad mouthed Elliott destroying his marriage and the possibility of a reconciliation with his children. However Tammy who found you when you were kidnapped and helped you get counselling. Yet you dare to call him a scumbag. Chad you work for Elliott and seem to know him yet when Mike bad mouths him you jump on Mikes bandwagon. Mike wants control and wants Avery to solely depend on him. Now thats a scum. Hayden and Layla have been turned against their father by meddlesome friends???? who don’t give a s–t about the truth and just defame him. Avery is the biggest betrayer of all, she says she loves Elliott, but she always sets conditions, lies for Elliotts own good(so he doesn’t get hurt) she never thinks she is wrong or has misunderstood. Now Elliott has become angry and frustrated and the friends still blame him. He tried so hard and humbled himself in front of her and tried to tell her, but she blatantly refused to listen. Oh Avery I’m sorry but I do not think you deserve to be a wife and mother. You have damaged those relationships because you would not listen, support or show your love. Frankly I am tired of all the blame falling on Elliott. He tried time and again but she always pushes him to the limit. Can someone remember did he not tell Avery that the baby looked like Layla (I thought he showed her a picture) Avery is physically blind now but she has been blind and deaf to what is going on within her marriage choosing rather to listen to her friends. From what I have seen from this novel is that her children and Elliott have never been her priority.

    1. I totally agree with you!!! In the beginning of this I’ve had pity for Avery but man have things changed. Seems she needs to open her eyes (no pun intended) & see that that she is responsible for 90% of her pain

    2. MJ, thanks for speaking the truth! I agree with everything you said.
      Yes he did tell Avery that and she did see the picture. I don’t understand why she didn’t look into it then, also when Shea was going to have her embryo surgery she told Avery she was scared of the pain and Avery’s response was “yes it will hurt but you’ll be fine”. So HOW could Avery have her embryo removed and not know??? Realistically yes a woman does know! I’m shocked that Avery hasn’t figured out that Hazel could be her child? There’s so many signs pointing to the truth that it’s unbelievable neither her nor Elliot has looked into it. Especially the fact that the embryo Rebecca received was obviously conceived WAY before Elliot came to Yonroeville , so obviously he was only with Avery back then. She’s had babies already so the first question she should have asked was there’s no way it’s Elliot’s when we were together at the timeline the baby was conceived. Remember Xander’s parents told her that they thought he offended someone, and Elliot told her that Xander had contact with Rebecca. That’s pretty straight forward who he offended.
      And as for Avery’s and Elliot’s friends…..well it’s obvious that they are not TRUE friends at all.

      1. Xander, who heloed with Avery’w brain surgery, secretly, gave her, 1st, a mild anesthesia to remove the embryo, the , gave her a stronger anesthesia for the brain surgery.
        She later became aware, and didn’t understand why Xander gave her to 2, different anestetics the day he did surgery. There was no one to ask, directly, about the what or how xander did the surgery, as he died, at that time, and she has not investigated or asked the hospital.

    3. MJ,
      I think 🤔 me and You are reading the same book. I totally agree with everything You just said. How soon Tammy forgot about who it was that helped her, her marriage and her life! (ELLIOTT) that’s who! Jun needs to stop bowing down to Tammy, it’s becoming sickening, have a backbone. Mike has always wanted Avery to himself, he said so, remember when he said if and when You and Elliot work things out what’s going to happen to me.. it’s in Mike’s best interest that Avery and Elliot separate. Hayden is to damn grown and needs to stay in a child’s place, but when You have your mother encouraging poor and awful behavior, also Mike, I haven’t forgotten about how Mike had Hayden hack his company several times. Mike’s pure evil and selfish beyond measure him and Tammy are toxic. Elliott needs to become the old Elliott, find Haze and a new woman and move on from Avery, her friends and all of the drama.

  7. Avery has been keeping secrets from Elliot since the beginning. All of this could have been avoided if she had just told him the truth regarding her brain hemorrhage and the issues that may manifest because of this. I think if she would have communicated with him that she was going to the hospital in the first place before all of this happened, Elliot would have decided to stay with her and not go look for Haze. She would have never told him if he had not called her to tell her he was going to look for Haze.

    1. CP,
      I know, Avery is the cause for all that has happened, for one, what type of woman wouldn’t want for a man to find out what happened to his baby girl, if it were Layla she would want nothing less, also she’s the one who constantly sets these boundaries and limits for Elliott yet she’s the one who constantly breaks all the rules and goes behind his back always, she went behind his back with Shea at the beginning, she quit him cause she thought Shea was a love interest, instead of just asking him who she was, not to mention the operation, she lied about the pregnancies, she lied about her head, between her and Tammy they caused the deaths of Zoe and Chelsea, she got Xanders girlfriend killed, because why tell her it was Kyrie and Avery didn’t rightfully know, because it was Rebecca, she’s been lied about her head injury but now I guess that’s Elliott’s fault too, meanwhile it was Mike once again starting a fight with Elliott about his wife in their house, bringing that mean spirited Hayden into the situation he caused and allowing everyone to think that Elliott started a fight with him and then punched Avery. When are her and her friends going to be held for accountability for everything, everything they have done and said, I’m waiting for the old Elliott. Bring him back. Move on, so that we all can move on from this never ending book, wrap it up already this has drug on for far too long and is going in circles. I’m tired of all them, and give Chad some courage and voice, he should be able to talk to Elliott by now about the topic of Avery. Make it make sense.

      1. Erica,

        I totally agree with everything you said. Especially when you said bring the old Elliot back! He fired the Vice President of Tate industries so he may be on his way back to the old Elliot.

        1. CP,
          I’m hoping for it. I also have a problem with Avery including Mike, Tammy, Wesley, and now Eric in such a serious situation pertaining to the well-being of not only herself but also the children, but here she is again excluding Elliott who she should have sat down from the beginning and explained everything to, she should have let him know that she was in Yonroeville for brain surgery and that’s how Xander was involved and gotten killed he had no enemies there before hand, all of these situations could have been avoided if Avery and Mike didn’t always have their secret club, and Mike is going to be nothing but Avery and Chads downfall! Mike loves conflict and controversy, he thrives off of it, and loves to make a spectacle of himself and others (Elliott) and no one has a problem with it, ever, except for Chad, who becomes a coward when it comes to Mike, I don’t understand why no one has been able to see what Mike’s real intentions are, I thought before Tammy and Wesley saw it but now everyone is team Mike and Avery, and Elliott is the one who wronged his entire family. I’m also tired of Ben chasing Gwen, he needs to get over her and Gwen needs to get over herself!!! Stop already with allowing these children to be so grown, included on topics that no child has the right to party to, and all of the adults need to stop discussing their parents relationship with them.

  8. This story is so absurd. Just based on one call avery is thinking that Elliot is ignoring her situation. And Elliot is thinking that avery has turned cold hearted. Both have loved each other for so long yet they don’t know each other. Had they questioned each other’s behaviour they would have known. Moreover Elliot should not behave so coldly after all it was him who went to yonroville. I can see that this story will be taken few years ahead and soon avery will receive xander’s email and avery won’t get a matching cornea and after few years Elliot would know of her blindness but all this is so bad. Poor Layla suddenly har mom has vanished from her life

  9. The story’s getting frustrating, when Avery decided to be honest to Elliot about her blindness , suddenly her phone turned to mute while talking to him, unbelievable. , Elliot is very vindictive, now he decided to take revenge to Avery, they decided to get divorced without thinking about their children’s feeling, they only think about themselves.mike is annoying.

    1. @maria
      I agree with you.
      But above that, I’m one of the Elliot haters and feel sorry for Avery. I think Elliot is a vindictive monster. He did so many things wrong and the readers expect Avery to just keep on accepting and forgiving. He split the children, but then she’s the bad mother who got divorced. I can go on for pages about the unfairness. Anyway. Most readers are so into men, it’s absurd. Never criticise Elliot, even when she nearly froze to death because of him….. nobody commented. But o hell. Poor Avery can’t do anything right.

  10. so i have been keeping up with this updates and chapters , and its good but it is getting boring , just non stop drama and it just drag’s everything on and on.. it would be great to just be able to just read on and have a conclusion instead of something always having to go back to divorce and now custody of children .. so im guessing next will be they are going to drag on the fight for the children…ughhhh

  11. When are Avery’s friends going to be put in their place? When is someone going to call Avery and Mike out about all of their secrets and lies? Mike’s been toxic from the beginning, Eric is a undercover snake and his relationship with Layla just isn’t natural. Tammy has forgotten who it was that helped her, saved her life, and put her relationship back together. Wesley is now joining the rest of them with treating Elliott unfair, I hope that Shea nips that in the bud, right now before he becomes too out of pocket like the rest of them. Ben needed to stay in his place and not pursued the issues about Haze, it had nothing to do with him, he would have never done that before, he needs to get over Gwen, and Gwen needs to get over herself!!! I’d have her run me in my 10 million dollars first. Hayden is an awful, mean spirited, manipulative, evil and diabolical little bastard, he’s such a nasty child and even with all of he smarts he never prevails and it always goes wrong and gets everyone else in trouble or hurt, he never prevails and glad because he’s always doing something underhanded and conniving and evil that’s why he always fails as he should! I blame Avery and Mike for almost everything that has happened the rest can be spread amongst the rest. This book is becoming a headache instead of pleasure, if I would have known that I would be waiting day by day to read, or to finish the rest of the book, I would have never started this book to begin with. This book has changed drastically since the beginning, and not in a good way.

    1. @Nancy
      I’m even more sick of all the comments sticking up for Elliot or keeping quiet when he really does terrible things. But readers keeps on criticising Avery, friend and Hayden. I think story will be already much better without all the bad comments. I will first stop reading then because they are more upsetting than the story.
      Everybody must maybe just keep their opinions to themselves and read the story.

  12. This is really bad. The novel started off well, characters had good personality and we had an idea of who each was. Yet, heartache after heartache, Characters run down Elliot left, right and centre. Avery was fighting so hard to get her husband back, yet the poisonous Mike is way out of control, it is absurd and ludicrous. Because Avery is meant to be sensible and of a good nature.
    I really hope the author wraps this up. I did not want to see the down fall of this family, I was hoping for a happy ending. Yet the author wants to make the character Elliot to suffer and suffer. There is also a lack of commonsense and I am just fed up with these children now being absolute brats. Elliot just takes it. Why is the author doing this?? Is there a complete version of the novel? from what I gather it is being translated? While I am hooked on the novel, I am depressed, I grew to love the love between Elliot and Avery, give them a good ending. Far too many grievances.

  13. This is my input. One way the truth will come out but the damage is too severe to be repaired. Elliott will find Haze. I’ll give laila to Avery because she doesn’t want to stay with her father. That’s OK with Elliott because he’ll have Robert and Haze. That’s will satisfied both parties. A divided family. Avery still trust her friends, she’s already controlled by them, I can’t understand such a brain specialist being manipulated by both her young children and friends and yet not being truthful with her husband. All those conflicts after they made their vows with each other. Anyway Elliott will train his children well with the help of Mrs Cooper while Avery and her unruly children will live a life of regrets and live a miserable life because she lost her so called love of her life. At the end of the day there will be competition between the siblings and because of Elliot handled those with him well they will prevail despite the ruthlessness of Hayden. That’s my opinion. I hope Elliot and Avery solved their problems and put their friends in their place because they are TOXIC.

  14. I Still don’t see anything wrong with Avery’s friends standing up for her especially since Avery has not told them to stop. Tammy loves Avery and is maternal towards her. So she will always side with her They’re all doing what they feel is right for Avery who is an orphan and has nobody to look out for her. Such friends are rare.

    Elliot is no saint. He once tried to kill Hayden. Such terror for a child needs psychological help and Hayden didn’t get one so it will take a long time before their relationship can improve. Hating Hayden is wrong.

    Avery had only her mother, Mike and her children when Elliot was not there for them so it was natural to confide in them. She told them basically everything before now. Her friends got that from her and are doing same. She is improving by keeping somethings from them but it will also take a while to stop.

    I know Elliot has all the sympathy of everyone but he should have waited a day to talk to Avery face to face before going to get Haze. Calling her at the Airport was wrong. He listens to Ben and places his family second. He used to be ruthless and lacks parental love so its understandable he doesn’t know anything about family relationships.
    Author finish story already.

    1. I don’t know if we’re reading the same book? Avery’s friends are not standing up for her. They are head on insulting everything that Elliot do. Don’t say they’re not wrong. Tammy keep on putting ideas on Avery’s head. Elliot would always be with Jun whenever Tammy’s in trouble. And yes, Avery is an orphan, what about Elliot? He just learned that he has been living someone else’s identity his entire life. Tammy, Mike, Eric and even Wesley would always meddle with their affairs just because Avery could not stand up and defend her man.

      Hayden is not wrong? Are you serious? He insulted Elliot, telling him that he was sick. He insulted Elliot’s deepest wound and you’re telling me that Elliot should’ve acted so loving towards Hayden at that time?

      Hazel is in imminent danger. How could he wait? The whole family has been massacred and there is his innocent little daughter, defenseless and in danger, how could he wait for a day?

      1. @vy
        I don’t agree with your arguments. A 4 year old child can not be held responsible for his words. But keep in mind the way Avery was abused by Elliot when Hayden saw his mother!!!! Can you imagine a 4 year old son see his mother in that state? She was nearly frozen to death due to Elliot!!!! Who does that!!!!! And Then he goes and strangle the child when he talks badly to him!!! Oh my goodness. No wonder Hayden’s hate just deepens.
        Haze: Ben TOLD Elliot to send men over first and Ben will go with. What did he get from being so impulsive? A Divorce and a broken family. Did he save Haze? Did he get her? NO!!!!! Why did he stop looking? Is she not still in danger and luckily for all of you, Avery is not there to say a word or demand anything!
        Do you remember when Robert was born? He was innocent, premature, didn’t ask for Shea’s blood. How did Elliot act? He stayed away from the hospital and later confessed he will not abandon the child but will not love him!
        What kind of father acts like that? Why was he not so obsessed with Robert? Of cause Avery was again bad mouthed by all the reader because SHE was so selfish. POOR Elliot mourns his sister and it’s not about her and her baby. She just gave birth and Robert was still in danger. Where was the fatherly love then? I just realise, if a reader is pro man, they will ALWAYS find fault with the woman and will always stand up for the man. No matter what. He can kill and it is ok. She will look sideways and it will be wrong.
        We have a saying in my country:
        ‘If a man drinks, it’s his wife driving him mad. If it’s the woman who drinks …. She is bad’
        In other words….it’s ALWAYS the woman’s fault, no matter what.

    2. And Elliot doesn’t even defend Avery Infront of his friends. That was why none of them likes her except Nick who has a relationship with her

      1. Elliot’s friend? Do you mean Ben? Elliot clearly told Ben that Avery is his light. And Elliot keep on telling his brothers that Avery is the perfect woman for him. That’s not defending? Are we really reading the same story?

        1. @Vy
          I think you forgot about the time when Avery was far pregnant with Robert. She was set up by Chelsea. The ‘fake’ Avery had a so called ‘session’ with a fat man. Chelsea used Ben. He did not investigate. He told Elliot to divorce Avery. He bad mouthed her. You just remember what you want to remember.

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