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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1709 by

Chapter 1709

“Elliot didn’t tell anyone about this, which shows that he knows his fault. If you run to question him, he will only think that you are talkative and ignorant.”

“Also… I guess he didn’t either talk to Brother Ben. If he tells Brother Ben, Brother Ben will definitely tell me. After all, I have a better relationship with Brother Ben.”

“Then you should think about it and decide whether to ask him or not.” Mike Glancing at the time, he said, “Since you are here, let’s stay for a few more days.”

Chad: “Aren’t you going to take care of Avery?”

Mike: “I called Eric here. I told Avery that you wanted to come over, she asked I’m here to see you, don’t worry about her. She’s very vulnerable now, how capable she was in the past, how inferior she is now. After all, she has no eyes, and even needs someone to help her to go to the bathroom…”

“Don’t talk about it. I feel uncomfortable listening to it.” Chad took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

In the evening.

The nurse helped Avery take a bath, took care of her and came out of the room after she fell asleep.

The moment the nurse came out, she was startled by Eric who was standing at the door.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Eric handed the prepared red envelope to the nurse, “I hope you will be more patient with Avery. She can’t see now, so she must be very sensitive .”

The nurse quickly rejected: “Mr. Mike gave it. I have a lot of money. Don’t worry, I will take good care of her and I will never neglect her.”

MIke: “You accept it! When her eyes recover, I will give you additional rewards.”

Seeing that he was sincere, the nurse could not refuse, So take it.

After the nurse returned to the room, Eric walked to the living room sofa and sat down. He sleeps very little. In addition, Avery’s illness made him worried. He leaned back on the sofa, closed his eyes, and let himself go. But his heart can’t be cleansed. In addition to worrying about Avery’s illness, Elliot’s behavior also made him angry.

About an hour later, Eric suddenly had inspiration. He got up quickly, went to the guest room to get a pen and paper, and wrote down the melody in his mind.

Half a month later, Eric’s new song “Blind” was released online.

As soon as the song was released, it immediately topped the top 1 new song charts of major music apps.

This song was completely different from Eric’s previous styles.

This song was a sad love song no matter how a person look at it or listen to it in terms of melody or lyrics.

So netizens have speculated: Eric has fallen out of love!

–But Eric has never been in love, so how can he fall out of love?

A week after the song continued to be popular on the Internet, Eric accepted a video interview and sighed for inspiration.

The host asked: “Eric, everyone suspects that you have fallen out of love, so you wrote this song “Blind”, are you really broken in love?”

Eric: “No. I wrote this song for a man listen.”

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