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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1708 by

Chapter 1708

“Why are you so stunned?” Mike pulled out two tissues and handed them to him, “Elliot knows about this.”

Chad took the tissues, wiped the corner of his mouth hastily, and said in shock, “Are you sure my boss knows this matter? He never mentioned it!”

Mike teased, “When Avery told Elliot about it, it happened that Rebecca had an accident and he had to go to Yonroeville. How would he tell outsiders? If he did, no one would speak for him.”

Chad felt that what Mike said was wrong.

Elliot never asked others to stand in line.

But looking at Mike, it didn’t look like he’s lying.

“Mike, is what you said true?” Chad still didn’t believe it, so he wanted to confirm.

Mike: “Avery told me personally, unless she lied to me.”

“Oh…is my boss so confused?” Chad frowned and said naively, “What did he think at the time, I really don’t know.”

“It can be seen from this incident that your boss has no love for Avery, only use.” Mike took a sip of coffee, and continued, “He used Avery to bring him children. Otherwise, normal men can do such a ruthless thing?”

Chad did not dare to refute.

If what Avery said is true, then the boss is indeed a bit sc*mbag.

“Do you know how fragile Avery is after an accident happens to her eyes?” Mike looked at his eyes, “You usually feel anxious when you can’t find your glasses. You say that you are blind without glasses, but it’s actually different. At least I can see a blur, Avery can’t see anything.”

Chad pursed his lips, his face was a little cold.

Mike gritted his teeth, “I hate to see Avery being bullied, but Elliot always bullies her. If she listened to my advice before and didn’t go back to Aryadelle. We will have a good life here. We don’t need to be separated.”

“It’s pointless to say this.” Chad stirred the coffee in the cup with a spoon, and had no appetite to drink it. “Now that the two of them have completely broken up, it doesn’t make sense to say anything.”

MIke: “But Layla and Robert followed Elliot every time. The second time I think about this, I get angry.”

Chad: “What’s wrong with being angry. Even if my boss is ruthless towards Avery, he is very kind to the two children. The two children are fine.”

Mike: “I just hope that Avery’s eyes can recover quickly.”

“Can her eyes recover? How can she recover? Is there any difficulty?” Chad wanted to help, but he can’t.

Mike said, “She’s going to have a cornea transplant. Right now there’s no cornea at the hospital. She’ll have to wait for her eyes to recover before surgery. Do you know why she doesn’t use a cell phone? Except she can’t see her eyes. Besides, I don’t want her to be sad. She can’t cry now. If she contacts her relatives and friends in Aryadelle, she will definitely cry a lot.”

Chad couldn’t help but sighed, “Why is this happening?”

Mike complained, “The curse left by Yonroeville. When a tumor was found in Yonroeville, I originally called Xander to operate on her, but Xander was killed. The doctors in Yonroeville had limited medical skills and could not cure her, so It caused a series of follow-up lesions.”

“I can only be glad that this disease is not a fatal disease.” Chad said here, and sighed again, “My boss has never mentioned this at all, and he is very resentful. It seems that he does not know at all about Avery’s blindness.”

Mike raised his eyebrows: “Avery said she told Elliot. She also begged him at the time, but he said he had to go to Haze…”

Chad: “The matter of Yonroeville was indeed a bit sudden at the time. Maybe after weighing it, he felt that Haze’s matter was more urgent.”

“So why does Elliot complain about Avery? He is not qualified.” Mike teased.

Chad frowned, and after thinking for a while, “I have to ask my boss. He clearly loves Avery so much, why did he suddenly become so cold-blooded and ruthless.”

“Then you should be ready to be fired.” Mike reminded him, “Do you really think that you and Elliot are close enough to be brothers? Ben Schaffer is,but you are not. Ben Schaffer has shares in Sterling Group, do you have any?”

“I… a little bit.” Chad didn’t feel that he and Elliot had reached the point where they could be called brothers, so he hesitated, “Do you think that if I ask him directly, he will be angry?”

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  1. That is so boring… Avery is a goddess. Everything she says is true. Elliot is a devil… *Facepalm* So many stupid gossip between all of those “friends”, but no use if that…
    I don’t like to stop any book in the middle, but I think this one will be the first I’ll do.

  2. I fell in love with Elliott and the book at first but now I’m getting kinda sick of it Elliott has been turned into a love sick puppy ,Avery isn’t treated like her mouth and actions are like God and the Bible and some of the story lines are so far fetched imagining them is no more fun I am becoming😪😪😪

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