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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1703 by

Chapter 1703

“Tammy, ​​I heard that Avery’s phone was turned off, and Brother Elliot couldn’t contact her. Brother Elliot didn’t let her contact the child.” Jun corrected.

“How do you know that they didn’t have a similar agreement when they divorced? If there is no such agreement, how could Avery not contact the child? Don’t believe what Elliot says. I hate men the most who put on the face of a victim to accuse Woman. It’s obviously the man’s fault, so why does it seem like a woman is cold-blooded and ruthless in the end?” When Tammy talked about this topic, she couldn’t control her emotions.

Jun: “Tammy, ​​don’t get excited. I didn’t want to quarrel with you, I just don’t think you need to speak ill of Elliot in front of Layla… Originally, Layla didn’t like Elliot…… “

Tammy: “He did it for himself. Why do you feel bad for him? Don’t you think he’s innocent and pitiful? You won’t be able to follow suit in the future and find women outside to give birth to illegitimate children…”

Jun: “Tammy, what are you talking about! I just told you not to make your unfair remarks in front of your children…”

“What is unfair? You are unfair. All I say is big The truth.” Tammy was excited, her face flushed, and her chest heaved sharply.

When Jun saw that she seemed to be out of breath, he immediately supported her.

Jun: “Tammy, ​​don’t get excited! Do you want to drink some water? You are sitting on the sofa, and I’ll pour water for you!”

Opening her mouth, Tammy’s eyes suddenly widened, and then she screamed.

Tammy: “Jun! My amniotic fluid seems to be broken!”

Layla was so frightened that she quickly took two steps back, for fear that she would affect Auntie Sweetie’s baby.

Jun put down the water glass, ran to the sofa, and laid Tammy’s body flat.

Mary dialed a number xxx and called an ambulance.

Within a quarter of an hour, the ambulance came to the door of the villa.

When Tammy was carried out, she looked at Layla with a guilty face: “Layla, I didn’t mean to give birth today, you wait for me to give birth, and I will invite you to play with the baby again!”

Layla couldn’t help laughing and crying : “Auntie Tammy, you can go and have a baby at ease! I will go to the hospital to see you!”


After Tammy was sent away, only Foster’s bodyguard and two children were left in the Lynch family.

“Sister.” Robert suddenly shouted.

“What?” Layla looked down at him. “Do you want to go out and play? Okay, I’ll take you to play!”


The Third Hospital.

Wesley was very surprised when he saw Layla and Robert coming over.

“Uncle Wesley, I’ll take Robert to see Aunt Shea’s child.” Layla explained her intention.

Wesley was very welcome.

Wesley: “Are you on vacation?”

“Yeah. But I only have three days off.” Layla explained, “My dad signed me up for summer camp. and also Dad is going to send Robert to the early childhood class.”

Wesley: “Well, that’s fine, otherwise Robert would be bored at home alone. Are you getting along better with your dad?”

“That’s it! Auntie Tammy said that my parents must have signed a contract when they divorced. My dad won’t let my mom contact me, what do you think?”

Wesley: “I don’t know this, but I can tell you one thing, your mother never gave up to you and Robert. You should be obedient first, and wait until the end of the year to see if your mother will come to you.”

“Oh… Auntie Tammy gave birth to a baby today.” Layla opened her bright eyes, “If mom can call Auntie Tammy, Auntie Tammy will be very happy.”

Wesley nodded.

“Then you call my mother and tell her.” Layla looked expectant. Robert also looked expectant.

9 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1703 by”

    1. Lise,
      I totally agree with You. I’m so tired of all of these so called adults discussing grown up situations that have nothing to do with the children, and nothing to do with them and to openly show disrespect and hate for Elliott to Layla is wrong beyond comparison, especially when none of them including Mike knows what the hell is going on. I’m sick of all the disrespect shown to Elliott, she made him weak as hell and now everyone feels so inclined to show him disrespect and no regards to who and what he used to be. Stop all of this nonsense already. I hope Elliott finds Haze and in the process a new woman!!!

    1. Tan Hong,
      I was thinking the same thing. Enough is enough! Especially when none of them really knows anything about what’s going on because he doesn’t. Avery’s dead wrong as usual, but no one finds her at fault, I’m so tired of the lack of communication always outsiders in their business constant disrespect shown from her friends and too many people sharing information with children. But once again Elliott’s the bad guy, I can’t stand Avery, I’ve hated Mike 50 million chapters ago, he constantly involves himself and keeps conflict going between Avery, Hayden and Elliott, he’s always been jealous of Elliott from the beginning, remember when he kept saying what’s going to happen to me when You and Elliot work things out, it’s in Mike’s best interest that Avery and Elliot separate and Mike almost lost the company let’s not forget about that!

  1. The people that surround Avery are very terrible human beings, I’ve never seen or heard of people like this before!!! How can Tammy say things she doesn’t know about and insulting Elliot infront of Layla and little Robert. They are the cause of all these problems between Elliot and Avery and always poisoning the children’s mind against their father. They are so toxic always sowing seeds of discord between the children and Elliot. Layla on the other hand forgot that she and her father tried to contact her mother and her phone was switched off.
    When the truth and the truth about Hazel will come out I wonder where they will all keep their faces including Wesley.

    1. Gracious,
      You took the words out of my mouth.👏👏 I’m so tired of her friends constantly involving these children, bad mouthing and disrespecting him in front of the kids is all the way wrong! Why her friends feel the need to constantly interfere with their relationship. Mike’s a snake and has been one he never wanted Avery and Elliot work out because Mike has always been worried about where he would fit in, remember, so it’s in Mike’s best interest that Avery and Elliot separate. Tammy needs to really stop, Eric oversteps constantly and he shouldn’t have such a close- knit relationship with Layla like that, he had no right to take Layla to Yonroeville, knowing everything that happened over there. Wesley becoming just like the rest of them, I hope She’s nips that in the bud, or go back to her brother, I can’t stand Avery and Hayden, I don’t know who I dislike the most. No child is making grown up moves like this, STOP it!!! His whole role in this book has been frustrating to me, to say the least, but it’s all Avery’s fault, she caused it to be this way and she never corrected it, she also enjoys the rivalry between father and son she enjoys encouraging Hayden to best Elliott, what mother does that? I can’t stand Gwen, and Ben is stepping out of line too! They would’ve never pulled this on the old Elliott. Bring him back, find Haze and a new woman and end this book!!!!!!

  2. Blessings a dusease

    This story was written by a deliriously bitter woman with a warp world view.

    I don’t know why she felt its alright got avery’s friends to fisredpect her husband and he doesn’t tolerate his friends doing same to her, not even once.

    It’s a pity I didn’t know this was how the once beautiful story will be twisted into a book full of bitterness, I wouldn’t have continued.

    1. I agree with you 100%, I think she’s a bitter woman too, no matter what children should stay out of their parents problems. How can a child like Hayden hate his father with so much passion, Elliot has his but….. He’s also a good father and it’s unfair for him to be treated like shit.

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