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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1697 by

Chapter 1697

Layla took his mobile phone, opened it skillfully, and saw the messages they exchanged.

“Layla, your mother refuses to talk to me now, including about you.”

When Elliot said this, Layla’s finger dialed Avery’s number.

In an instant, an icy system prompt sounded.

“Mom doesn’t answer your call, she will definitely answer my call!” Layla returned his mobile phone to him, then found her own and dialed Avery.

she listened same system prompt tone.

Layla burst into tears.

Elliot took her into his arms: “Layla, don’t cry. Dad will take good care of you and your brother. Dad will work harder to be a good dad.”

Layla instinctively wanted to push him away, but she knew clearly that now There is no one else to rely on except her father.

So she didn’t exert much effort.

The summer vacation has not yet started, although Layla is sad, but staying at home makes it easier for her to think wildly.

So she went back to school after a day off at home.

As for Robert, the departure of Avery and Hayden did not have much impact on the little guy’s life.

As long as there is an acquaintance around to take care of him, he can live in peace.

After all, there are some food, some drink, and some people to play with every day, that’s enough.

After Layla went to school, Elliot took a day off at home.

After regaining some energy, he reconsidered his thoughts in his heart.

Avery and Hayden left. Probably won’t come back in the future.

Layla and Robert stayed by Elliot side. According to the current situation, as long as Avery didn’t take the initiative to come to Layla, Layla should be able to live by his side with peace of mind.

As long as he completely crossed out Avery’s name in his heart, his life could get back on track.

It’s just that some things are easier said than done.

In order to match the living habits of Layla and Robert, he now accompanies the children to live in the Starry River Villa.

And this is Avery’s villa.

In this house, there is Avery’s shadow inside and out.

No matter what Elliot does here, he can always think of Avery’s face.

After coming out of the villa, Elliot went to the Third Hospital.

He feels like he hasn’t visited Shea’s child for a while, and he doesn’t know how that little guy is doing now.

In the laboratory, Wesley and Shea were both there.

Seeing Elliot coming over, the two of them were a little surprised.

“Brother.” Shea walked to Elliot and pulled his arm.

After he and Avery divorced, Shea wanted to see him very much, but Wesley told her not to go.

Wesley was afraid that if she went, not only would she not be able to help, but instead it would make the chaotic home more and more chaotic.

“Well, how is the child?” Elliot asked Wesley.

“Everything is normal now.” Wesley replied.

Elliot: “That’s good.”

“Is Layla okay?” Wesley asked, “You can send her to our house and let Shea stay with her for a few days.”

Elliot: “I’ll ask her on the weekend.”

Wesley: “Well.”

“Wesley, Avery stayed in the hospital until she left. You two meet every day. Did she tell you anything?” Elliot asked unwillingly.

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