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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1696 by

Chapter 1696

Mike read the text message he sent several times, but didn’t understand what he meant.

Does he want to give Layla’s custody to Avery, or does he want Avery to go back and live with him again?

What he meant between the lines was ambiguous and puzzling.

Mike lay down on the escort bed holding Avery’s mobile phone. After hesitating for a while, he texted him back: [Are you willing to give me the custody of Layla?]

After the message was sent, Mike kept an eye on his phone, waiting for a reply.

If Elliot is willing to give Layla’s custody to Avery, Mike can promise not to scold him in the future.

About ten minutes later, Elliot’s message came back: [your daughter is ill, you don’t care about her current situation at all, you only care about her custody.}

Seeing this reply, Mike was so angry that blood rushed to his head, and his fingers quickly typed on the screen: [Whose fault is Layla being sick? It’s you! You didn’t take good care of her, what right do you have to accuse me?]

After typing this string of text, Mike took a deep breath and pressed the send button.

If Avery hadn’t seen things now, he wouldn’t have dared to impersonate her with her mobile phone.

Elliot saw ‘her’ reply and was heartbroken.

He wanted to have a good talk with her, but she didn’t mean it.

Still, he wanted to have a good chat with her about Layla.

He was afraid that she would not answer the phone, so he sent her a message: [Let’s talk on the phone about Layla!]

When Elliot edited the text message and was about to send it, Mike yawned sleepily. Because he didn’t receive his reply immediately, Mike turned off Avery’s phone.

Before Avery’s eyes returned to light, she couldn’t use her mobile phone.

The doctor said she was going to recuperate, so her phone didn’t need to be turned on.

Elliot sent the text message, and after about two minutes, he dialed her number.

——Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please try again later.

His face suddenly turned ashen!

He had made it so clear in the text message that he called her for Layla’s business, but not only did she not reply to his messages, she even turned off the phone to avoid his calls.

Avery almost said: don’t bother me!

Although she didn’t say this, her actions deeply hurt him.

Layla slept until noon and woke up.

After she woke up, Mrs. Cooper immediately poured medicine for her to drink.

Layla sat on the bed and looked around.

Seeing herself in the room, she remembered the scene when her mother and brother left.

“Layla, do you remember your high fever at night?” Mrs. Cooper saw that Layla was a little confused, so she said, “Your fever reached 40 degrees, and your father took you to the hospital. You still have needles.”

Layla was not impressed. All she knew was that she was powerless and uncomfortable.

“He promised to take me to my mother’s place.” Layla vaguely remembered that her father had agreed to her request.

“You drink the medicine first, your father is resting. When you finish the medicine, I will call him.” Mrs. Cooper said calmly, “Layla, no matter where you live in the future, I hope you are healthy. How uncomfortable it is to be sick. Not only you are suffering, but your parents are also suffering.”

“I have been living with my mother and brother since I was born, and I can’t be separated from them.” Layla opened her bright apricot eyes and said seriously.

Mrs. Cooper frowned, “Well, tell your father well, don’t quarrel with him. You don’t know how sad he was when you said you didn’t want him last night. It’s hard to say who is right and who is wrong about their affairs. You’ll know when you’re older.”

Layla finished drinking the medicine, and Mrs. Cooper went out with an empty bowl.

After a while, Elliot entered the room. He closed the door and walked over to Layla’s bed, looking at his daughter’s weak face.

“Layla, I called your mother, but she didn’t answer.” Elliot explained the matter to his daughter truthfully, “I sent her a message, but she replied.”

Layla looked at him intently.

“I told her, let’s talk about you on the phone, but she turned off her phone again.”

In order to make her daughter believe what she said, Elliot handed the phone to Layla.

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