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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1686 by

Chapter 1686

After seeing Elliot signed, Avery’s mood was actually quite calm. Because the divorce was brought up by her, she had been fully prepared before Elliot returned to Aryadelle.

But when she really faced him, she saw with her own eyes that the relationship between the two of them came to an end, and that they were divided into two. From then on, there was no connection anymore, a tear-like pain that made her breathless.

No matter who is responsible for who, from now on, the grievances and grievances between the two of them will be severed.

“My boss signed it.” Chad stood by the floor-to-ceiling window outside the cafe and saw Elliot signing the document, “Why did they settle it so quickly?”

Chad was puzzled.

Because based on what he knows about Avery, Avery will definitely fight for the custody of the child.

“Avery can give up the custody of Layla and Robert, and Elliot knows that he can’t get Hayden’s custody, so they have nothing else to dispute.” Mike also saw Elliot’s signature.

He couldn’t tell how he felt.

Everything is over.

It went so smoothly, which was unexpected.

He didn’t even expect Avery to come out so quickly.

When Avery appeared in front of him, he thought he had hallucinations.

“Do you have anything else to say to Chad? Then I’ll wait for you in the car first.” Avery carried her bag, left these words, and strode towards the parking lot.

It’s scorching hot right now, and I’m sweating just standing outside for a while.

Mike watched Avery get into the car, and then looked into the cafe.

Elliot was still sitting there, holding a cup of tea in his hand, as if frozen.

“Mike, what’s Avery’s plan next?” Chad looked at his face and asked.

Mike: “Why are you asking this? Are you going to the airport to drop us off?”

Chad shook his head: “I won’t deliver it, I just asked casually.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll leave.” Mike said, “Call and text me if you have something to do. Contact.”

“Okay. Let’s go!” Chad said lightly.

Mike strode towards the parking lot.

Chad watched Mike enter the car, closed the door, and sighed silently in his heart.

He used to think that Avery and Elliot were a match made by nature. No matter how hard the two of them go, they will always be together in the end.

Now it seems that he was still too naive.

Life is so long, and variables always exist. No matter how deep it is when they love, when they don’t love it, it will be more embarrassing than being an enemy.

The two of them were in there just now, and they didn’t make a lot of noise, and it was considered a decent division.

The more decent they are, the less likely they will be in the future.

On the contrary, it is the kind of noisy and noisy, which is easy to be disconnected, and the old love is rekindled.

Chad strode into the cafe and sat down opposite Elliot.

“Boss, they’re left. I’ll take you back to rest!” When Chad spoke, he carefully looked at Elliot’s expression.

His expression was the same as usual.

However, it can be seen that he is a little bit stubborn.

“Boss, did you get the custody of Robert and Layla?” Chad changed the question.

“Well.” Elliot handed his agreement to Chad, “Take it to a lawyer.”

“Okay.” Chad accepted the agreement, “Didn’t you explain to her about your trip to Yonroeville this time? Why did you sign it so quickly?”

“Avery doesn’t want to hear it. She is determined to divorce me. I don’t want to humiliate myself. Even if I humiliate myself, it won’t change anything.”

Chad listened to his calm and restrained tone, as if he had knocked over a five-flavor bottle.

“Boss, you want to open. At least Layla and Robert are still there.” Chad comforted.

9 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1686 by”

  1. This is all complete nonsense now. It is so ridiculous how these people claim to be friends of Avery and Elliots, yet when it is made clear that the reason she is so pissed is not because he left, but instead because he left her there blind… Yet, he still doesn’t even know this.
    Hello…. Wesley, Mike, do either of you have brains? Do you not inquire at all about this? And seriously Mike? Do you really think she will ever move on or be able to get over this? No. This is so annoying and ridiculous! I knew I should have stopped reading once they got their marriage certificate. It was bound for more disaster to happen.
    I really hope Avery finds out that Haze is her and Elliots daughter now…. Then she can hate herself for doing this. Or maybe she is such a self centered person that she won’t even care. Hum.

    1. Well, put. Pure nonsense I’m tired of the ups and downs. Every is spineless when it comes to her friends. They all have their marriage intact but want Every to be miserable. I really don’t understand this author. Every is always there to help her friends but they all can’t even give her the right advice.

    2. Avery is really immature. I mean, when people have a disagreement, why is nothing, I mean NOTHING, discussed? Where is the “I feel this way beacuse of this this and this.” And the other person says “Gee, I didn’t realize that, I’m sorry…” These two nitwits, Avery & Elliot discuss nothing. All their words float around in their empty heads… So ridic

    3. Netta, I agree with you!
      I have no words, how can any couple who love each other just divorce with out any communication about why????

  2. Didn’t Avery herself suspect Haze was her child and wanted to go after her surgery to get a dna test?? So why didn’t she support this? I’m so frustrated by all of this.

  3. Avery’s reason for divorcing Elliot is different from the reason Elliot knows.
    I even thought Mike seeing him will scold him for leaving Avery after knowing her situation with this things could’ve settled. But the author wants to give us the readers high blood pressure.
    I was really hoping that Elliot will find Haze take her to the hospital from there the doctor will tell him the truth about Haze. Unfortunately we will have to wait for 18 years for Xander’s email to be delivered to Avery. A thousand chapters more for this to happen. I hope haze will be found.

  4. Author have u lost it… U write about divorce like as though it’s ur family property….

    U show both Avery and Elliot as mature people, suddenly make them look so silly.

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