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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1684 by

Chapter 1684

Avery and Mike were now in a cafe near the Starry River Villa.

After Chad delivered Elliot, he took Mike and walked out.

Mike: “Why did you pull me out? What if Elliot bullies Avery when I come out?”

Chad pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: “My boss suspects that you did what happened to the Jobin family, You’d better stay away from me and in front of the boss!”

Mike: “Oh, what if he suspects me? Does he have evidence that I did it?”

Chad: “Now he wants to settle the matter between him and Avery, so don’t make trouble there! “

“Chad, I don’t care what your boss thinks of me, but you doubt me with your boss, I can’t forgive you.” Mike’s face was frosty, “Why do I like to be with Avery, because Avery Believe me. Avery believes me as long as I say it!”

Chad pursed his lips, not knowing how to answer. He did suspect that Mike did it.

After all, the time he knew Mike was not as long as the time Avery and Mike knew each other.

In the cafe.

Avery pushed the divorce agreement and pen she brought to Elliot.

After Elliot saw the two words of ‘divorce agreement’, all the words in his heart were blocked.

With his slender fingers, he picked up the agreement.

Avery watched him flip through them one by one, and when she reached the last piece of paper, her heart tensed.

On the last piece of paper, there are two lines of blank grids, which are the man’s request and the woman’s request.

Avery wrote his own request in the woman’s request. She didn’t negotiate with Elliot in advance, she hesitated and decided to write it down first.

Because she knew that Elliot would probably not agree to this request. If she made it in front of him, they might argue violently.

“Avery, do you think it’s possible?” Elliot read her request and put down the agreement.

“Why is it impossible?” Avery tried to use a calm tone to argue with him, “I gave birth to all three children, why can’t I ask for their custody?”

“You can give birth these three children alone without me?” Elliot retorted, “Aren’t you too greedy to have them all?”

Avery heard his thoughts from his words.

“You want Robert’s custody?” Avery asked tentatively.

The three children, Hayden and Layla, both grew up with Avery, and they must have been towards Avery.

Only Robert was born in the company of Elliot. And Robert also has feelings for Elliot.

Avery wouldn’t be so worried if Elliot really wanted Robert’s custody and kept Robert by Elliot’s side.

“Robert’s custody, I definitely want it.” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled, and his voice was low and powerful, “And Layla, she must follow me.”

Avery’s face changed greatly: “You are too greedy! Layla grew up with me! She won’t agree to live with you!”

“As long as you don’t provoke my relationship with Layla, even if Layla can’t accept staying by my side for a short time, she’ll be sure after a long time. You can accept this reality.” Elliot said here, his words became more intense, “It’s you who don’t want children, it’s you who insists on breaking this complete family.”

“Elliot, do you think you can change anything by saying this? If you speak ill of me in front of the child, the child will judge for himself! Sign this divorce agreement!” Avery looked at his stern and serious face, and recalled the day when she couldn’t see and called him for help. But he was indifferent.

Now that the two of them met, Elliot didn’t care what happened to her eyes at all. He doesn’t care about her, he only cares about the custody of several children that can be obtained by divorce.

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  1. Really? He is not interested why she wants to divorce him, she also doesn’t want to explain herself. So childish…

  2. This story is going in circles. From love affaire to always querrel and puting eliot in fault. Am so fed up in the twist. Last chapter please

  3. It started out as a good story but now it’s just stupid. All the troubles in the marriage have been a result of her lies. As she gets older she still doesn’t mature.

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