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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1680 by

Chapter 1680

The third hospital.

Avery leaned on the head of the bed and infused.

The door of the ward opened, and Mike strode in.

“Mike, what are you holding in your hand?” Avery’s eyes fell on his hand.

Mike handed the document to her: “Didn’t you say you want to divorce Elliot? So I printed the divorce agreement for you. After you sign it, when he comes back, sign it for him directly.”

Avery took the document and read it carefully.

“You prepare first, and then you can directly sign it to him, which will be the biggest blow to him.” Mike analyzed with her, “He is so proud, when he sees the divorce agreement you took the initiative to hand over, don’t you get angry? “

“There’s no need to play this kind of psychological tactics. He and I are both adults, and he must already know that I’m going to divorce him now.” Avery quickly flipped through the documents Finish.

On the last piece of paper is a form.

There are two large spaces above, one is the man’s request, and the other is the woman’s request.

“You can fill it out after discussing it with him.” Mike saw her staring at the blank form in a daze, so he spoke.

“Well.” Avery asked him for a pen.

Mike immediately took out a pen from his pocket and handed it to Avery.

She took the pen and wrote her name on the signature. Then put the file on the side cabinet.

“Has he been gone for a week?” Avery calculated the date in her mind.

“Have you got it?” Mike muttered, “I didn’t hear that he was coming back. Shouldn’t he not come back for a while?”

Avery didn’t know how to answer.

Elliot called her before he left, saying that he would come back after a week’s stay there.

But now that their relationship has been shattered, there is no need for him to abide by any promises to her.

“Wait two more days.” Avery quickly made a decision. “If he doesn’t come back in two days, we’ll leave.”

“Okay.” Mike saw an unusual determination on her face.

Avery was really hurt by Elliot. In her eyes, she couldn’t see any feelings for Elliot.

“Avery, you’re doing fine now.” Mike comforted her, “Cut off the root of love and be beautiful alone.”

Avery: “You just let me go to the monkhood, the six roots are clean, isn’t it better?”

“I don’t have that thoughts. I want you to stop giving so much affection to men. You are such an excellent woman, aren’t you good at playing in the world? Without Elliot, there are countless men waiting for you.”

Avery: “You asked me to be a sc*mbag, right?”

Mike: “What’s scmbag or not, as long as you love me, who would dare to call you scmbag.” “

Avery: “Mike, don’t instill your feelings on me. Maybe my eyes can’t be cured, and I’ll be blind later. What kind of world are you playing!”

Mike: “You still say that I have a crow’s mouth. I think you are the biggest crow’s mouth. Wesley said that your eyes can be cured. You can’t go blind. Wesley won’t lie to me.”

“Anyone who cuts their double eyelids can die on the operating table.” Avery told him the truth and told him Reason, “Wesley told you that I could be cured because I was afraid that you would be in a hurry. You also know that Wesley is very kind.”

6 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1680 by”

    1. Lou,
      I was thinking the same thing, everyone else is going through something bad ups and downs, life altering changes and Mike the biggest instigator and backstabber in the whole book, has never been challenged with anything real except for his operation that was covered a million chapters ago! Mike needs to find his business stop overstepping boundaries and keep the damn children especially Hayden out of grown folks business, if Mike had his own life he wouldn’t have so much time to be in Avery and Elliott’s business jealousy is a green eyed monster and a fickle bitch!

    2. He’s possessive over Avery, but keep still love his own bobo. He wants Avery to himself nobody else even Hayden & larlay

  1. None of Avery’s friends is good Mike is the worst followed by Tammy, Eric then Wesley, none of them gives her good council every little misunderstanding all they is for Avery to divorce Elliot. They know Hayden hates Elliot and they’ll always pitch Hayden against him. Mike’s jealousy has no bounds he feels Elliot has taken his place in Avery’s life. His advice to Avery is for her to divorce Elliot and be with other men, but that’s not Avery’s lifestyle, jumping from one man to another. If it was she could’ve been married after having the twins and wouldn’t have returned from Bridgedale.

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