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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1679 by

Chapter 1679

In Layla’s heart, Elliot has changed from a peerless good father to a heinous devil.

“With grandma Cooper taking care of Robert, Robert will be fine.” Hayden comforted Layla, “At that time, my mother will definitely fight for the custody of Robert, but I don’t think Elliot will be so kind!”

After a while, the door opened.

The brothers and sisters were stunned when they saw Robert standing at the door. Layla burst into tears when she thought about her separation from Robert.

“Stinky brother! Big sister really doesn’t want to be separated from you. Big sister really wants to take you with me.” Layla hugged Robert and cried out of breath.

Robert was hugged by Layla, listening to her sister’s cry, his small mouth shrunk, and he wanted to cry too.

Mrs. Cooper looked at Hayden with a look of fright and said, “Hayden, what happened?”

“My mother is going to divorce Elliot.” Hayden told the story, “Layla and I will definitely follow my mother.”

Mrs. Cooper’s face was ashen: “You went to see your mother tonight, what did your mother say?”

“Yes. My mother has made up her mind to get rid of that sc*mbag. Grandma Cooper, if my mother can’t get custody of Robert, will you Please take good care of Robert?” Hayden asked.

Mrs. Cooper felt sad for a while, there were a lot of things that she wanted to say, but she couldn’t say it.

Hayden said that Avery had made up her mind, and since this was the case, there must be no room for change in this matter.


After three days of blanket searches across the country, there was finally a clue.

The driver who was missing that night has been found.

However, when the driver was found, the driver was also dead.

He wasn’t killed by the international hitman that night, he died from a blunt blow to the head and blood loss.

He has multiple traumas on his body, and it can be judged that before his death, he had a fierce fight with people.

Two kilometers away from the grove where his body was found, the police found the first scene of the murder.

The blood at the scene matched the driver’s DNA.

At the first scene, police recovered a broken mobile phone.

Nick said to Elliot, “The mobile phone has been taken over for maintenance. The technician said that it is very likely to be repaired, but it will take a while. It is certain that the driver escaped that night, although he Still dead, but it means that Haze still has the possibility to survive.”

–What if the driver escaped with Haze that night?

–Otherwise, why can’t we find Haze’s body?

“When his mobile phone is repaired, he may be able to find useful clues.” The second brother smoked a cigar and exhaled a puff of white smoke, “Elliot, when are you going to return to Aryadelle? It’s been almost a week since you came here, didn’t you say Is Avery angry?”

Elliot’s expression darkened. He never forgot that Avery was angry.

He thought about calling Avery, but Chad and Mrs. Cooper called him back and forth, saying that Avery had decided to divorce him.

Elliot: “I’ll go back when the phone is repaired.”

Nick said, “Yeah. You can leave it to us with confidence! As soon as there is Haze’s whereabouts, I’ll let you know as soon as possible.”

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      1. Lou,
        I totally agree with You. I can’t stand Mike, and I can’t stand that Hayden even more, and to me Avery is the worst, all she does is back door Elliott lie and keep secrets and she wants nothing but honesty from him or it’s always divorce or separation or taking the kids. What type of woman and mother wouldn’t want for a parent to figure out what happened to their child. Avery never tried to send the relationship between father and son because she likes Hayden feeling a way about Elliott, she constantly allows him to openly disrespect him and she allows Mike to perpetuate and encourage the 10 year old little boy to act like his a grown ass man, it’s rather disappointing, disgusting and unrealistic who sits around and have these adult conversations with children, it’s just all unrealistic and frustrating and further more with them killing Rebecca that was stupid, cause who really wants to hear about Elliott on a quest to find this kid pretty boring to me and now that she’s dead to me so is the whole storyline!! What else does Avery’s have to complain about, she’s the weakest woman ever, she deserves to be by herself and with Mike, Tammy, Eric, Wesley, Hayden and Layla, stop torturing Elliott let him go and be great with Haze, he deserves so much more, the only thing Avery managed to do is make Elliott weak, enough is enough! Bring this book to an end already!!! Please.

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