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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1677 by

Chapter 1677

“Order takeaway! I’m afraid Hayden has something to do with me.” Avery hadn’t seen the child for a few days, and had experienced blindness the day before yesterday, so she especially wanted to take advantage of the fact that she could see things clearly now and take a look at the child.

She has been more troubled these days.

The doctor put her in the hospital, so she was hospitalized obediently.

She wanted to see the child, but was afraid to tell the child about her condition, and the child was worried. Now that Hayden came to her, she probably couldn’t hide her situation.

The two returned to the ward, and Avery immediately walked to Hayden.

Wesley didn’t speak, only coughed lightly, reminding Avery that Hayden already knew.

Avery understood what he conveyed.

“Hayden, mother’s illness can be cured. It just takes a little time.” Avery comforted Hayden, “Did you come alone? How did you come? Did you tell your sister when you went out?”

Hayden: ” Uncle Chad went to our house today. I heard what he said and thought it was a little strange. So I came to find you two.”

Hayden said here and looked at Mike.

Mike cleared his throat in embarrassment: “Your mother is sick, and your father still went to Yonroeville even when he knew your mother was sick. He and Rebecca’s illegitimate daughter disappeared, he felt that the illegitimate daughter More importantly, it’s that simple.”

Hayden had heard this from Wesley in advance. But now listening to Mike say it again, the anger in his heart suddenly burned.

“Mom, divorce him!” Hayden looked at Avery and demanded seriously.

Avery knew that his son was very angry, so he followed his words and replied, “Hayden, have you eaten dinner? If you haven’t, let’s go out to eat together!”

“Didn’t you ask me to order takeout?” Mike murmured softly.

“I ate.” Hayden grabbed Avery’s hand and helped her to sit down by the hospital bed, “Mom, Uncle Wesley said you lost your eyesight the day before yesterday. Can you really be cured?”

“It should be That’s what the doctor said. But I’m going to Bridgedale for treatment.” Avery’s tone was very gentle, “Mom is infusion every day now, and her condition is temporarily stable.”

Hayden said quickly, “Why don’t you go to Bridgedale for treatment now? I’ll take you to Bridgedale.”

“Mom has to divorce Elliot before going to Bridgedale. He will be back in a few days.”

After listening to his mother’s explanation, Hayden Nothing more.

The atmosphere in the ward instantly became a little gloomy.

Avery: “Hayden, please don’t tell Layla about your mother’s illness. Wait until I go to Bridgedale for treatment and decide when to tell her according to the situation. If it can be cured quickly, then you don’t need to tell her.”

Layla suffered psychologically. The ability was not as strong as Hayden, so Avery didn’t want to put her daughter under such a lot of pressure.

Hayden waited for Avery to eat dinner in the ward before leaving the hospital. He came by taxi, and it was a bit late now. Wesley was worried that he would go back alone, so he insisted on driving him home.

The car drove on the road, Wesley hesitated for a moment, and then broke the silence.

“Your mother is sure to divorce your father. At that time, the issue of custody of your three siblings will inevitably be involved.” Wesley and Hayden raised this upcoming problem, “Your father will definitely fight for your custody. Haze’s attitude shows that he cares about his children.”

“It’s impossible for me and Layla to live with him.” Hayden almost blurted out.

“I know. But Elliot probably won’t let go.” Wesley thought of this problem and felt very difficult, “No matter whether Layla’s custody can be obtained or not, you must find a way to follow your mother. Otherwise, she will be alone and sick again, how sad!”

Hayden listened to Wesley’s sad tone and gritted his teeth: “I will never forgive him. When I grow up, I must surpass him. Then I will take my younger siblings back.”

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      1. This book has no end. I wonder if the author reads the comments. As soon as Avery & Elliott make peace another hiccup comes up……and it starts all over again. By time the story becomes disinteresting.

    1. This Author needs to end this book. I don’t want to continue to read it. Why are adults telling a child about grown people’s situations? Why involve children? Comment sense with this writer is out the window. The writer is pinning the kids against their parents. Just no sense and beyond ridiculous. Just have Every and Elliott go their separate ways with other people. Just end the book. All Every friends suck

      1. agree. its really better if they separate. Avery is narrow-minded. the reason why elliot went to yonroeville is because of not involving him in her decisions, i saw it as she really dont trust elliot. she only trust herself and her decisions too much. she’s acting as if she can controll and solve everything in her own.

        1. This is getting ridiculous. All of the craziness continues. How many times can Avery separate and divorce the same man?
          One step forward and 3 steps backwards.
          And acting like 9 y/o boy is a grown man is the stupidest thing ever! Ready for the ending of this story.

        2. Just end it already and give Elliot a woman that deserves him. Avery is overdramatic for a decent man like him. Pls make Elliot happy. As for that Hayden I give him the middle finger 🖕

    2. Enna, I’m guessing what about 3 years from now??? This is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever read. It’s like instead of moving forward the story continuously gets worse…..

  1. Thank you for the update. I hope there’s more tomorrow for I hate waiting like hanging there . I wish you will put this story in a book where I can buy it. And able to finish reading in few days…

  2. Everyone in this book needs to communicate openly and honestly. Although I feel sorry for all Avery has been through she needs to grow up. Its like her love for Elliott depends on him making promises to certain conditions and if he doesnt follow them it’s divorce. I hope if she does go through with it that when they find Haze and that she is really her and Elliotts child that her and her ??????friends feel nothing more than regret and remorse. Hayden and Mike are childish hot heads. Hayden for one should have never been allowed to keep harbouring these feelings against his father. Layla is already suffering psychologically. What kind of mother is Avery really? I have to say this author does keep us reading because we are seeking for that happy ending. However, I must say this author always looks at the dark side of human nature, not love, joy, security. This story should have had a resolution 100’s of pages ago, but, instead we just have more tragic drama and miscommunication. Frankly, I know this is only a story but the constant drama is ridiculous, frustrating and boring. So why do I keep reading, its because like most of us I want that happy ending. Its human nature to want good to triumph over evil. But this story is a classic example of evil winning, miscommunication and the problem with ????friends not supporting love, and the power of gossip and conjecture clouding the truth and causing endless heartache.

        1. At this point, I’m just rooting for divorce. I’m tired of using common sense and the author is allowing a 10 year old who don’t want to be married, to run a marriage.

    1. Agreed. Avery is herself so headstrong about things and keeps hiding things from Elliot yet if he does something she feels wronged. What has she done right till now. From beginning to end she has hidden everything from Elliot yet she expects him to understand everything

    2. MJ, Well said! I totally agree with you!
      My brain honestly doesn’t understand why the author focuses on nothing but pain, suffering, secrets and the evil ones getting by with everything. Where’s the happiness, honesty, kids feeling secure, love, evil being punished and having so much love and respect for your spouse that you put them first?

    3. Right!!!! I am taking xanax for anxiety and this is creating a need for an extra pill. Neither of them can be open and honest and their friends encourage the discord especially hers!

  3. Thank you for more pages. Sadly didn’t know the reasons why, but spoilers informed me about Rebecca’s death and the divorce a couple days ago. No reasoning behind why these took place just people posting about it. I assume some have chapters up to 1687. I appreciate all your hard work. So removed telegram so I don’t get anymore spoilers.

  4. I am also looking for that happy ending. How many times must Elliot prove his Love for Avery. He has made it very clear. He has only gone to help the child who in the end, everyone will find out is Avery and Elliots child. They are willing to die for each other but have a problem understanding or forgiving each other over small things.

  5. How sad! Elliott thinks Mike did it, I don’t believe Mike did it.. Hayden will definitely get even with Elliott. He told his mom to divorce Elliott, just when he was beginning to want his dad.. thank you for the updates. PLEASE give us more!

  6. I’m happy for more chapters but idk how much more of this is I can handle. I like the story but the constant ups and downs drive me nuts. I haven’t read a book in over 20 years and started this and now realize why I don’t read anymore. I know it’s just a story but my anxiety gets the best of me. And the fact that Avery will stay with Elliot over the most severe things then divorce him over something like this is just off to me. Can’t wait for the story to end. Will probably give up before then.

  7. I also feel like Avery should be more understanding of Elliot and his child. The child did not chose to be born. If it were any of her children she would insist that he go. She could get her friends to watch over her. But no, she had to get mad. Plus she wouldn’t be in this blind mess if she as a doctor would have went to the hospital sooner. Sad that everything they work things out more crap happens. If they became happy I think everyone would still enjoy reading. Please work this out. Enough heartache.

    1. Seems Avery forgets how he kept asking her to go to the hospital because he was worried about her head. But no she didn’t want to worry him or make him feel bad if the results weren’t good. She should realize that something is up. He wouldn’t just say nothing if he had heard her. I mean really.

    2. Lynn, I agree with you! Honestly there’s no reason for this big misunderstanding. Why would Avery tell everyone that Elliot chose the child and Rebecca over her when she didn’t even have an actual conversation with him?? Ridiculous

  8. I’m hoping for more chapters today. Elliott will definitely find out if Mike had anything to do with it. He usually does not act until he knows for sure. If he does something to Mike, Avery will never forgive him. I wonder how many more chapters there is. This book certainly must have a happy ending, no way it couldn’t. They have been through so much and always found their way back to each other. But their are still a lot of storyline that has to be concluded. For instance Shea and Westley child, Tammy and Jun child.. Avery blindness and hopefully Hayden and his dad find their way to each would be nice if they could work together to find Hazel.

  9. Ugh….🙄 The characters in this book have been through enough drama, lies, deceptions, illnesses & secrets that the author could’ve written 5 or 6 separate books by now.
    Like, I wish it’d just get to the, “and they lived happily ever after” part already!

  10. I really don’t have words, this novel is get a little weird and I have gotten tired of the ups amd downs. I just want Elliott and Avery to have a happy ending but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

  11. I find it ironic that these 2 busy bodies call and curse out Elliott for every little issue but for this they are quiet. You would think that this aphids be a great reason to call. Let me guess she goes away before he comes back.

    1. I agree. I figure Avery will go for treatment before Elliott returns. I also think that Wes, Mike and Hayden who usually go off on Elliott won’t tell him. They are just as bad as Xander making decisions for Averys good. What Bs!!! Avery mixes herself into everyone’s life but as far as I am concerned at this point the people (her husband and children) are the ones she should focus on, love and support.

      1. MJ, I don’t understand how Avery continuously puts Elliot last??? She says she loves him then turns around and wants to divorce him without even sitting down and discussing why she felt he was ignoring her on the phone and she didn’t even try to understand why he wanted to save his own child …??? I understand she’s upset that Elliot left without discussing it with her first, and I agree it was wrong. He definitely should have talked to Avery first and then took a later flight but then again look at the immature decisions Avery constantly makes! It’s wrong how she thinks whatever decisions she makes is always right and he has to accept it. Why can’t Avery just grow up and act like a wife and mother?
        And isn’t it strange how a married couple can leave and not talk to each other for a week at a time……??!
        Like seriously just pick up the phone and act like you have respect for your spouse 🙄

  12. The author needs to get Mike out of the picture. He is one reason for the problem between Hayden and Elliot. For once can’t love overcome all else.

    1. I just don’t understand how Mike would tell Hayden these things about Elliott and Every just standing there and saying nothing. Just ridiculous. Hayden is a child who already has ill feelings towards his father. Smh

  13. Especially mike. He is too Toxic to be around and very self centered. Elliot should give her what she wants Then her eyes will after 18yrs when she sees the mail Xander sent her. Imagine she doesnt even trust her husband. I am so pissed.

    1. Yes I agree. Very upset that she doesn’t trust Elliot. He is trusting her, giving her 50 million and not even asking why. Just because he knows she wouldn’t ask for no good reason. She should also know him as well.

  14. This does not make sense anymore , the writer should just end it. It seems the writer has faced many dark side of life.
    Hope it is not harden that is behind Rebecca’s tragedy and what the hell is mike’s problem. He should just face his business

  15. I’m guessing the author has never had kids or been in love before?? It’s SICK the way innocent kids lives have been destroyed beyond repair. Truly disgusting how Layla has no trust, very insecure, just wants her dad’s love etc, and Hayden I don’t know where to start? With the anger, revenge and control he’s shown since he was 4 there’s no doubt he will be a horrible adult. Poor Robert in his young life his parents have spent way too much time away from him 😔 the cruelty those kids have been through is disturbing!!
    And then to rip an innocent baby away from its own mother and let it grow up without a mother’s security is once again DISGUSTING! WHY CAN’T THE KIDS HAVE 2 PARENTS TO GIVE them security and allow them a normal childhood????
    The author had the perfect opportunity to FINALLY do the right thing and use this episode to make Elliot and Avery’s love and commitment to each other so strong that nothing could separate them. So ridiculous how after 10 years instead of having them be mature and act like a married couple the author once again made the story so predictable and boring. The right thing to do would have been Elliot go home and talk to Avery then take a later flight to Yonroeville. Elliot has enough bodyguards they should have left first. How could he leave a wife and kids that he has a responsibility to without discussing it first with Avery? Doesn’t make sense that he would drop everything for a child he has never seen…..(and he himself said he should have killed it before he left) when he NEVER treated the other kids that good. He didn’t have any problem at all leaving Robert when he was a tiny baby to go to Yonroeville, or how he never tried to be responsible for the twins when he found out they were his. Yes the baby deserves to know him but so does the kids he already has a rocky relationship with. Without communicating with Avery first he can’t have the best of both worlds!
    And what about Avery? Once again she wants a divorce without finding out the truth. Avery talks about divorce like she’s just talking about the weather. This is not how married couples act!
    It’s like there’s nothing left to look forward to in the story. It’s the same over and over again. It’s obvious they will divorce, Elliot already said he would make sure Avery is left with nothing. Absolutely disgusting! Considering he’s to blame this time to. When something as simple as acting like a mature married couple could have avoided all of the misunderstandings!
    As I said before the pain and suffering of Elliot, Avery and the kids has been played to death……..
    It’s time to end the story or move on to other characters. You’d think by now Elliot and Avery would be a strong couple who no one could break up and the kids were secure and happy, and the drama would be following others instead.

  16. Geez, if you don’t like the novel stop reading it.
    Obviously the author is doing pretty good we are hooked. It’s a fictional novel. Imagination is what gives some writers their inspiration. Maybe this is a Dark Romance novel? Lots of novels are like this, maybe it’s an adaption of a webtoon anime type novel? Who knows? It’s one thing in my opinion to want to comment about the novel that’s great. But why criticize the writer every day almost and keep reading it? It kinda ruins it for the ones trying to enjoy it!
    I enjoy the novel, and love that I’m still just as hooked as day.
    Thank you for all your hard work translator. Please more chapters!

  17. Can only bet Xanders family is responsible for the Jobian’s massacre as revenge for his and fiance’s death. Just when you finally think Avery’s going to actually find out the baby is hers and do dna she suddenly doesn’t care. It’s all about herself and her spoiledness. So she’ll go blind and never get to see Xander’s truth. I also agree with others about the young children being brought into adult conversations and Avery & Elliot not spending enough time with their children. Avery is the only good parent & Elliot isn’t (birds of a feather flock together.) Can’t wait for more, also wish I could just purchase book but couldn’t find it.

  18. When I read this book I can feel it is a cycle of Elliot’s life.if he and Avery really gets a divorce and Hayden gets to live with avery it’s like him living with his mom Rosalie and protecting her. and Elliot will be like his biological father raising his 3 children. So the situation with haze will be like Adrian .Avery will have no knowledge of haze till she gets the email from xander and they will reunite

  19. Elliot’s leaving without discussing things personally with his family is the root cause of this heartache…. Period. I think Hayden orchestrated Rebecca’s killing… it could be Ben too. The writer can redeem himself by withdrawing from all skims and let the family leave happily ever after. He owe it to the readers to bring a realistic and happy ending. This is trauma and infuture I’m staying away from all his books… such nonsense nothing is realistic about this book

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