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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1675 by

Chapter 1675

Seeing that the situation was serious, Wesley went to Mike immediately.

Not long after, Mike came downstairs and saw Chad at a glance.

When the two met, it was like an enemy meeting, and they were extremely jealous.

Ophthalmology Inpatient Department.

Wesley chatted with Avery in the ward.

“Chad said that Elliot suspected that Mike killed Rebecca.” Wesley held an apple and slashed slowly, “I think Chad is in a hurry. Shouldn’t Mike really do this, Right?”

Avery looked surprised: “Impossible. Mike wouldn’t do such a thing. If he did, he should have told me.”

“If he really did, he probably wouldn’t tell you. I told you, have you been scolded?” Wesley heard the uncertainty in her tone, “Rebecca died, but Haze is innocent. He won’t even kill Haze, right? If so, that would be too much.”

Avery shook her head violently and wanted to get out of bed: “I’ll ask him… I don’t believe he would do such a thing! He won’t kill anyone casually.”

Wesley put down the apple and the fruit knife, “Don’t go down. After he and Chad meet, he will naturally come back.”

“Brother Wesley, why do you think Mike will kill?” Avery’s body was tense and with some intense emotions, “He’s not that kind of person.”

Wesley: “Mike is good to me. Of course I hope he is a law-abiding person. But Mike is different from us. He has an impulsive personality. He won’t take laws and regulations seriously.”

“Brother Wesley, why do you say that about him? After he came to Aryadelle, he has never done anything illegal. Why do you say he doesn’t take laws and regulations seriously?” Avery can’t stand Wesley belittling Mike like this.

As if Mike was born a sinner.

“I didn’t know him until he came to Aryadelle. We met when we were in Bridgedale. What he did in the past, no one knows, I know. Avery, I didn’t say that the Jobin family tragedy must be caused by him, I’m just afraid that he did it. If he did it, Elliot would definitely not let him go.” Wesley analyzed the seriousness of the incident with her.

Downstairs in the inpatient department.

After Chad and Mike said a few words, they quarreled.

“I didn’t even go to Yonroeville, why did I kill someone?” Mike said that he was angry, and stretched out his hand and pushed Chad back.

Chad almost lost his footing.

“Who said it was you who killed yourself? You hired a professional killer to do it!” Chad walked up to him again, looking at him with a strong look in his eyes, “You told me before that you want to get rid of Lose Rebecca!”

Mike’s cheeks were hot: “Yes! I not only said that to you, but also to your boss!”

Chad: “Heh! Why don’t you go and tell the world! Even if you really want to do this kind of bad thing, can’t you do it secretly? You have to say it everywhere! I’m afraid others won’t know that you did it!”

Mike: “I just said it, didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”

Chad breathed a sigh of relief: “You really didn’t do it?”

Facing Chad’s repeated questioning, Mike frowned: “I did it. Go and call the police to arrest me.” After shouting these words, Mike pushed Chad away again with his hands, “Get out of my way!”

After the two quarreled, Mike turned and left.

Chad stood there, watching him disappear, feeling even more irritable.

What’s more annoying is that he got a call from Elliot not long after he came out of the hospital.

He took a deep breath, adjusted his mood quickly, and answered the phone.

“Did you find him? What did he say?” Elliot got up after being woken up by the phone.

“He said he didn’t do it at first, and then he said he did it. I don’t know if he did it.” Chad wanted to help Mike, but Mike’s behavior just now completely annoyed him, “You Go investigate him. If he really did it, if you want to kill or cut anything, just pretend that I never knew him.”

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