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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1671 by

Chapter 1671

This is Elliot’s due protection and responsibility as a father to his children.



The painful night passed, and the next morning, Avery woke up and opened her eyes.

Her mind was chaotic. She couldn’t remember what happened for a moment, she only knew it was painful.

It wasn’t until she saw everything in the ward that she was stunned.

She saw everything in the ward, clearly!

She stretched out her hand and shook it in front of her eyes, it was true! She can really see.

She immediately lifted the quilt and hurriedly got out of bed.

Next to him, Mike woke up immediately after hearing the movement.

He woke up at six o’clock this morning. After waking up, he played with his mobile phone for a while, and simply fell asleep on the table next to her hospital bed.

So as soon as Avery moved, Mike woke up.

“Avery, why did you get out of bed?” Seeing her getting out of bed, Mike immediately reached out to support her.

“Mike! I can see things now! I can see!” Avery’s cheeks flushed with excitement, “I thought I was completely blind…”

“Great! But you suddenly couldn’t see yesterday. It means that your condition is quite serious. After you fell asleep last night, I asked Wesley, Wesley said that your illness is very complicated and you may be going abroad for treatment.” Mike pressed her shoulders and asked her to sit down, ” I can accompany you abroad at any time.”

Avery looked complicated. She didn’t expect that her eyes would sometimes see and sometimes not.

Although she can see things now, her illness must not be delayed.

She can’t be like last time, this time she has to put herself first.

“I have to wait for Elliot to come back. When he comes back, I want to divorce him first.” Avery told her plan, “He said he would come back in about a week.”

“Oh, did you talk to him on the phone about divorce? How did he react?” Mike supported her divorce.

Rebecca and Haze have always made him feel uncomfortable.

With Avery’s conditions, why should Elliot suffer such grievances?

“No. Tell Elliot when he comes back.” Avery didn’t think too much about whether to do it or not, because she already had a very definite answer in her heart.

“What if he won’t divorce you?” Mike asked.

“As long as I insist on divorcing him, he will have to leave if he doesn’t want to.” Avery knows Elliot too well.

Although Elliot was domineering, he had a strong self-esteem.

As long as she spoke ill of him, he would definitely divorce her.

“Mike, why do you think he doesn’t want to divorce me? I called him yesterday, and he doesn’t care about me anymore… Believe it or not, when he comes back, I ask him for a divorce, he will definitely care. It’s not that I want to divorce him, what he cares about must be the custody of the three children and the management of my company.”

Mike was horrified: “As for what? Are you two making trouble like this?”

“He said, if I propose divorce, don’t want custody of the children. He will settle everything with me.” Avery had already prepared for the worst.

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  1. Avery is so cruel… She wants Elliot to choose between her and innocent newborn child (she alreadyknows Rebecca is dead). Not mention their three children feelings at all…

  2. I wonder if Avery will believe Elliot when he explains to her that he didn’t hear her when she said she couldn’t see. And when Elliot comes back with the child will she not want to do the DNA test she wanted to do anymore?

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