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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1670 by

Chapter 1670

Although Nick said it for this sake, Elliot still didn’t want to believe that Haze was dead.

As long as a person’s conscience has not been completely wiped out, how can he bear to attack a newborn child?

Furthermore, almost everyone knew that Haze was his daughter.

How dare the murderer?

He must find out the mastermind behind this tragedy!

In the afternoon, Rebecca’s body was sent away.

Nick sent someone to clean and disinfect the Jobin family up and down.

Because Elliot decided to live here tonight.

In the evening, the second brother and the fourth brother came over. The fourth brother sat in the living room and talked about it.

“Don’t we suspect that the Eagle did it? In the afternoon, the Eagle called me a video and said he didn’t do it.” The fourth turned on the phone and pulled out a picture. “The Eagle (an enemy of Kyrie) said that his investment in the past two years has failed. On the surface, it seems that He looks good, but he actually owes a lot of debt. He said he didn’t have that much money to hire an international killer. This is his asset map sent to me by Eagle.”

The second brother and Nick took a look at the picture, and finally was sent to Elliot.

Elliot glanced at the picture, and then asked, “Besides Eagle, who else does Kyrie have enemies with?”


Don’t look at the fact that Kyrie seems to be in tune with the powerful and powerful in Yonroeville. In fact, many people secretly see him as unhappy, but they want to make money with him, so they endure him.”

“But Kyrie is dead, why they want to kill Rebecca? Do they think that if Rebecca is dead, the Jobin family’s property can be divided among them?” Elliot questioned.

The second, the third, and the fourth looked at each other, not knowing how to answer.

Because they had no clue, they couldn’t guess who had killed Rebecca.

“By the way, Elliot, a driver of the Jobin family, has disappeared.” Nick remembered this, so he said, “I didn’t know who was in the Jobin family. It was the driver’s family early this morning. They said that they saw the Jobin family had an accident on the news, and they couldn’t get in touch with the driver, so they came here specially.”

“The driver?” Elliot asked cautiously, “Show me the driver’s information.”

“Let me tell you directly! This driver worked in the Jobin family for two years, and was brought in by the chef who worked in the Jobin family. They are from the same village. The chef was killed, but the driver’s body was not found, maybe he escaped. Because he was young, only 29 years old. He was strong enough.”

Elliot thought of a possibility almost immediately: “Is it possible for him to escape with Haze? “

Nick shook his head: “It’s possible, but I’m not sure. The surveillance inside and outside the house has been destroyed, and no clues can be found at all.”

“Then go to the driver! Just find the driver.” Elliot said.

“Okay, it’s too late today. I’ll send someone to look for her tomorrow. Elliot, let’s go have dinner! As long as Haze is still alive and in Yonroeville, we will definitely be able to find out her whereabouts!” Nick comforted him.

The second brother echoed, “The fourth brother and I will also send someone to help you find Haze. I thought you didn’t have any feelings for this child, but I didn’t expect you to take her so seriously. In that case, when she was born, why don’t you take her away? If she is in Aryadelle, no one will dare to touch her. Your influence in Yonroeville is definitely not as strong as that in Aryadelle.”

Elliot explained the reason, “I didn’t expect Rebecca to die. I thought she would take good care of Haze. You all know my situation, when I came here this time, my wife was angry.”

The three cast pity on Elliot.

“Avery is too ignorant. Rebecca is dead, and she is still stuck with you. Her mind is too small.” The fourth brother complained.

“Elliot, if you find Haze, I’m afraid you won’t be able to raise Haze by your side, right? Avery will definitely not be able to tolerate this child.” The second brother answered.

“Why don’t you raise Haze to me. As long as Haze recognizes me as a godfather.” Nick said righteously.

Elliot: “If I can find Haze, if she is still alive, I will definitely take her back to Aryadelle. Even if Avery doesn’t like Haze, I must keep Haze within my control.”

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