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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1669 by

Chapter 1669

Elliot’s face was ashen, his thin lips moved, but he didn’t make any sound.

“Except for Rebecca, the other servants of the Jobin family, I have sent someone to inform their relatives that their remains have been taken away by the family.” Nick said, “The scene was not cleaned up, you go and have a look first!”

Elliot suddenly remembered a person: “Where’s Lorenzo?”

Nick exhaled: “Lorenzo is Kyrie’s adopted son, he killed a lot of people for Kyrie…and offended a lot of people. Including the old enemy who attacked this time.”

Elliot understood.

What Nick meant was that Lorenzo was also killed.

Nick said, “The second brother and the fourth brother have come back. But they won’t take revenge for Kyrie, they are trying to figure out the Jobin family’s property. I told them you were coming, so they were honest. No matter where Haze is now, the Jobin family’s property belongs to this child.”

As long as Haze’s body was not found, Elliot could imagine that Rebecca might still be alive.

“No one wants to touch the Jobin family’s property.” Elliot said coldly, “Haze might still be alive! Even if all the Jobin family’s property is donated, it will not be taken away from anyone!”

“I understand you. To bully Haze is to bully you. It’s okay to bully outsiders, our brothers can’t mess around.” Nick opened the car door for him.

After getting in the car, the car drove towards Jobin’s house.

In the past few days, the destruction of the Jobin family has become the biggest news topic in Yonroeville.

The Jobin family, once the most brilliant, fell within a year, which makes people sigh!

Everyone sighed that if Kyrie could have more children, he might not have reached this point.

It’s a pity that people are already dead, and it’s just in vain to say more.

After the accident at Jobin’s house, the door was cordoned off, and a special person was on duty 24 hours a day.

Elliot got out of the car, crossed the cordon, and strode inside.

Rebecca’s body was placed in an ice coffin. She was wearing the white silk nightdress she wore the night of the accident. The nightdress was stained with blood. he looked closer and he could see several gun holes.

The killer was brutal.

Even if Rebecca deserved to die, she wouldn’t let her die so miserably.

Elliot’s eyes were scarlet, and he looked away from the ice coffin, looking around the whole house.

The holes left by bullets can be seen almost everywhere.

“These killers brought Gatling, so there are bullets everywhere. I can’t imagine the scene that night…” Nick sighed, “It’s f*cking scary!”

“Is Haze still alive?” Elliot saw the gun holes and the dark red bloodstains everywhere, and there was a smell of blood in his breath.

At this moment, his heart is very desperate!

Nick lowered his head and took a breath: “Elliot, condolences! It is unlikely that Haze is alive.”

“What about her body? I haven’t seen her since she was born. Even if I can’t raise her, at least let me see her body and let me bury her!” Elliot said.

Nick said, “Elliot, I’ve seen Haze. Haze is very small. Those killers just threw her wherever. It is impossible for us to find her in the corner. They took Haze’s body away, probably because you were afraid that you would see the child’s body and seek revenge from them. As long as you can’t find Haze’s body.”

45 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1669 by”

  1. So sympathetic…. Rebecca died at last!
    I opined that Haze was taken away not dead.
    Avery will regain her sight back. May not be immediately
    But who’s the masquerade behind this killing?

    1. So sad especially because Elliott couldn’t hear Avery say she was blind. He wouldn’t have went if he knew she couldn’t see.. Now she hates him because she thinks he doesn’t care about her.

    2. Do you think Hayden may have something to do with it. Hacked in and created a war with the enermies and taken the child away so his mother doesnt have to worry any more

      1. Yep! Don’t think there is a way back from this one. Wasn’t his fault…. Again. But he will have to live with the consequences.

    1. It was his fault! He should have seeked her out to talk personally to her about the situation before buying the tickets. That’s the consideration a mate is entitled to. What difference would it have made to wait a couple of hours? I can’t see where it would have made a difference. Rebecca would still be dead and he still wouldn’t know what happened to the baby…..

      1. That’s right, but you know how they take decisions? Even Avery is not different from Elliot in decision making, they are very wilful, decisive and impulsive when taking decisions, they don’t take each other into consideration. Elliot’s plan was to call Avery after boarding the flight, just to avoid the opportunity of her stopping him.

  2. Even though Rebecca was deceitful. That’s not the way to go. Haze is still alive until the body is found.
    I wonder if Mike has anything to do with that terror. Avery mute her phone by accident so Elliot did not hear her plea. She needed him at that particular time.

  3. I don’t understand why Avery is so upset with Elliot for not coming to care for her when she has literally kept everything from him regarding her brain hemorrhage. She didn’t even let him know when she went to have it drained. She lied to him about that. He has tried so many times to help her with her head injury and she has pushed him away every time..

  4. So sad. I wanted Rebecca to acknowledge that she had Elliot and Avery daughter. Now. She dies and no one knows. I wounder if Eliot will find how Rebecca had the daughter. If he inquires he might be able to find out the truth from the hospital. There must be a nurse or scrub nurse. Or Anaesthetist who knows. I don’t know how that has not been used to investigate of Layla like baby? The author wants to use it later.
    As for Avery’s blindness, how sad. The phone muted accidentally!!! How does this only happen to Avery and Elliot?They are destined for pain and endless trauma. The author is cruel to them.
    Avery is thinking of separating because the author chose to mute the phone😡
    This is depressing.

    1. It was his fault! He should have seeked Avery out to talk personally to her about the situation before buying the tickets. That’s the consideration a mate is entitled to. What difference would it have made to wait a couple of hours? I can’t see where it would have made a difference. Rebecca would still be dead and he still wouldn’t know what happened to the baby…..

  5. Predictable, the misunderstanding continues. Now adding to the brain tumors and the hemmorhage we have to add blindness. Avery really started questioning if Haze could be her child but because of the sudden blindness and Rebecca’s death and her fumbling the phone and muting it by mistake. The communication between her and Elliott was one sided and she accused him of breaking his promise. So once again its Elliott’s fault and she will probably want to divorce. How sad and Mike is really no help in this matter. As for Mike being part of what happened in Yonreville I doubt it, the author has a knack for throwing in other characters to wreck evil leaving no resolutions to previous issues but creating new ones. I guess its the authors perogative and although we are upset with what happens I cannot see a happy end in the near future. Sad and heartbroken that the pain continues and once again children will suffer.

    1. None of their friends want to see them together and happy, even Wesley immediately Avery mentioned seeing Rebecca’s child his response was for her to divorce Elliot and Avery said she wasn’t going to divorce or separate from Elliot. I hope Mike will call Elliot like he normally does so that Elliot will know what has happened to Avery.
      The author is so cruel.

  6. I hope a nunny was able to take the baby away. She’s safe somewhere. I sincerely hope it’s not Mike and that it’s a Jobin family enemy who did this.

    1. Reading this novel is torturous 😁 It’s depressing and uneasy after reading the batches of chapters each time. There isn’t happiness. The relationship between Elliot and Avery is teetering most of the time. And Avery takes care of some many people; Tammy, Gwen, Sofia, Shea, Adrian, etc other than her children . She neglects herself. Author, oh author.. please write something more hearthening…

  7. I think Wanda had something to do with it, If she found out it was Elliott’s child. She may want to use the child as a bargaining chip.

  8. Ok….so Rebecca is dead. I assume another woman is going to show up wanting to be with Elliott 😒. Maybe Wanda will show up as the one who has the baby 😳

    1. It’s possible… Because back den when Elliot was captured by Kyrie.. Wanda knows all that is happening

  9. None of this is making sense anymore, why kill Rebecca? Especially if the killers didn’t want the property why go there and massacre the whole house doesn’t even make sense, the only people she wronged was her father, not even Elliott, because Elliott went there and agreed with Kyrie’s terms and it was Elliott’s choice to have that brain surgery to forget Avery or were we supposed to forget about that? Rebecca was a 21 year old child that got caught up in it all, not that she was not without fault cause she was, but remember it was Xanders choice and decision he did it to Avery, Avery was supposed to be his friend not Rebecca, this author is all around the board, and it’s not good, cause all of the different twist and turns with out clearing up the first set of issues, also this book is becoming redundant, I wish I never started this book, I just keep coming back because I’ve never not finished a book. Wrap it up already!!!! I’m passed tired, and I’m so sure everyone else is too!!! 🤷

    1. me too.. events are redundant so even if u skip many chapters, u can still conclude what was happened.. its a waste of time to read all the irrelevant chapters

  10. I m with Avery all the way. I hate to see her hurt like this. The author is heartless no married couple communicate like this. Elliot was to go to Avery in person to discuss this matter not via the phone. I hope Avery and Elliot mend things for good n be happy till the end of the book. All truth must come out… but I should say dying of Rebecca makes no sense at all. Mike must call Elliot as usual cos this will clarify matters between Avery n Elliot. The book is so depressing…. I will take a week break without reading now for my own sanity 😝 😝 honestly depressed now

  11. I agree with most everyone. Time to finish the chapters and keep Elliott and Avery together. Stop trying to tear them apart. Thank you for the chapters

  12. Chelsea, Zoe, Rebecca..who’s next? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Avery hang in there everything is gonna be alright. Soon the author will end your misery, When his eyes opened 😂

  13. I really hope the next updates bring some clarity to this Rebecca and child thing. This had to be an inside job, because the guards outside didn’t go to the rescue.

  14. As much as i love this story it needs to be laid to rest. Give Avery and Elliott a happy ending and give everyone a great life. After a while this book is taking me away from life and i so need to get out. Once this story is done should be a netflix movie. I would love seeing a book come to life and hopefully it will follow word for word. Great job but please stick to the sex of people in the story. It sounds like at times Haze is a boy then a girl and Avery a boy then a girl ect. Ect. Ect.

  15. I’m will bet almost anything that Wanda is behind this. She’s so ruthless. I’m patiently waiting for more. Thanks

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