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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1667 by

Chapter 1667

Now Avery can’t see anything and can’t move an inch.

The psychological gap from a normal person to a disabled person made her collapse.

“Did you tell Elliot that you can’t see?” Wesley looked at her distressedly, “Didn’t you tell him? If you told him, he would definitely not dislike you, he would definitely take good care of you.”

“I told Elliot. He went to Yonroeville. He said that Rebecca died and their daughter has also gone. He went to find their daughter.” Avery lowered her head, her nasal voice was heavy.

“Maybe Elliot thinks your illness can be cured, but if he doesn’t find Haze now, he may die.” Wesley said it from Elliot’s point of view, “Avery, I’ll take you to the ophthalmologist for an examination first! We’ll talk about you and Elliot when he returns from Yonroeville.”

“Brother Wesley, don’t you think he’s too much?” Avery felt a chill in her heart, “I’ll talk to him. I said that I can’t see, but he only said sorry to me. He said he must go to Yonroeville. He didn’t even say a word to comfort me.”

Wesley: “Maybe he is more worried about Haze.”

“Well. Let me know too, how much catty and tael do I have in his heart.” With Wesley’s help, Avery got out of bed.

“Avery, don’t be so pessimistic now. No matter what Elliot treats you, Mike and I, as well as your three children, will always be on your side. Get your eyes healed now, and then talk about other things. It’s a matter.” Wesley knew that Avery was in despair and collapsed, but she was blindly trapped in this pessimistic mood, which did not help her condition.

Avery understood the truth, but she couldn’t control her emotions now, she couldn’t calm herself down.

“Avery, wait for me here. I’ll push a wheelchair.” Wesley saw that Avery really couldn’t see clearly, and his heart was twisted.

Wesley didn’t want to see her like a blind woman, taking every step forward cautiously, even if someone helped her, he didn’t feel safe.

In his heart, Avery has always been like a shining star, but now, the light on her body has gone out.

Wesley took pity on Avery and wished to give her his eyes.

He quickly found a wheelchair, helped her to sit down in the wheelchair, and then pushed her to the ophthalmologist.

When Wesley went looking for a wheelchair, Avery didn’t know what method she used to regain her composure on the surface.

“Brother Wesley, after you send me to the ophthalmology department, give Mike a call. After he comes over, you don’t have to worry about me.” Avery said.

“Avery, don’t think so much. I’ll be fine with Shea’s child. I’ll accompany you to finish the examination first.” Wesley said here, thinking of Rebecca’s death.

How did Rebecca die?

The news was too sudden.

Don’t know what happened in Yonroeville.

Now that such a serious thing is happening over there, Elliot has to go, which is understandable. But now that Avery is suffering from this change, how can he not have a word of comfort?

He could send someone to Yonroeville first, he would take care of Avery first, and it would not be too late for him to go to Yonroeville when her mood stabilized.

Could it be that Rebecca will come back to life because he rushed to Yonroeville in time? Or if he rushes to Yonroeville now, Haze can be found immediately?

After an hour.

Mike received a call from Wesley.

Wesley didn’t say anything about Avery’s condition on the phone, and only asked him to come to the hospital once.

Mike made an ‘oh’ and didn’t ask why he was sent to the hospital.

It wasn’t until he got to the hospital and called Wesley, who asked him to come to the ophthalmology department, and he wondered and asked, “Ophthalmology department? Who has a problem with his eyes?”

After Wesley said Avery’s name, Mike cursed in a low voice, then strode towards the ophthalmology department with his phone in hand.

Soon, he saw Avery who was arranged in the eye ward.

Her eyes were not treated in time when the tumor in the brain was first discovered, which affected her eye function.

Doctors put her in the hospital immediately.

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  1. This author is so full of mischief!! How can Avery just touch the mute button…..she is talking and Elliot is not hearing and he doesn’t call out to say are you there, can you hear me 🙄🙄

    1. Thank You! I mean come on now, make it make sense for real! Who doesn’t say, did You hear me, if they don’t hangup and call back to ask You if something’s wrong with the phone. Avery looks forward to causing problems unnecessarily between the two of them, and what woman would have a problem with a man going to find out if his child is dead or alive, she is mother herself, she’s weak as hell for that and she already knew when she was fighting to get Elliott back, while he was married to Rebecca, she knew that she was having Elliott’s child, it wasn’t a secret. Avery deserves to be by herself, she’s nothing but a selfish bitter bitch who has become more and more disgusting to me the more I read this ridiculous book. I hope that if Mike had anything to do with the murders, I hope Elliott kills him.

  2. The author is so ruthless towards this couple. I wonder if Mike has a hand in Rebecca’s death and the disappearance of the baby because he said to Elliot to kill Rebecca and send the child far away and that if Elliot won’t do it he’ll do it.
    Now that Avery was thinking of how to do a DNA test with the baby this author twisted everything so that it’ll take 18 years for Avery to discover the child was actually hers and Elliot’s. Some writers are so sadistic.
    I hope this will not end like Summer Sweetheart novel.

  3. Yes the author is so cruel with avery and elliot, i feel so distress everytime i read this novel, no happiness between the two problems after problems . And seems thru out 18 years problems will not disappear very disappointing.

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