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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1665 by

Chapter 1665

“Avery, I’m sorry, I broke my promise. But now I have to go to Yonroeville.” Elliot told her his choice and the reason, “Rebecca died, and her children and she are gone. I must go and see.”

Avery was hit hard!

She didn’t expect Elliot] to give her such an answer.

She said she was blind, but Elliot said sorry, he was going to find his and Rebecca’s children.

It seemed like the first time he had said ‘me and her child’.

Elliot stamped it himself, and Haze was his and Rebecca’s child.

Avery finds it so ironic! Before the accident happened to her eyes, she even wondered if the child might be hers and she also wanted to wait for Shea’s child to go to Yonroeville to find a chance to do DNA test with that child!

–How ridiculous! How absurd!

–Although that child looks like Layla, that child is indeed his and Rebecca’s. Elliot just said it himself.

Her fingers holding the phone suddenly loosened a bit.

–Rebecca died, and the child was gone.

–Elliot is now going to Yonroeville to find that child.

If Elliot can’t find it in one day, he can find it in a month. If he can’t find it in a month, he can find it in a year until he finds it.

Avery’s breathing became more and more solemn, and the tears flowed from her cheeks more and more urgently.

“Elliot, if you told me today that you were going blind, no matter what happened, I would come to you first.” Avery burst into tears, “Are you being too ruthless to me? Why didn’t you tell me before? That child of you and Rebecca is more important than me? If you had told me earlier, I would never have pestered you!”

Because her phone was on mute, Elliot couldn’t hear what she said.

Seeing that she had been silent, Elliot apologized again: “Avery, I’m sorry. Haze’s life is uncertain now, I can’t leave her alone. I’ve already bought a ticket to Yonroeville, and I’ll be boarding soon.”

Avery : “…”

In front of her eyes, darkness!

“I will go back to Aryadelle immediately when I go over and deal with the matter over there.” Elliot said this, and the radio sounded behind him. The flight he was going to take has started to check.

Ben Schaffer strode towards him, reminding Elliot with his eyes that he was going to check the ticket.

“Avery, give me some time. I’ll be back in a week at the latest. When I get back, I’ll apologize to you again.” After Elliot said this, he waited for her reply.

But over the phone, there was only boundless silence.

Elliot couldn’t hear anything from her side. He realizes that she may have put her phone away and was not listening to him.

–Since Elliot insisted on going to Yonroeville, Avery has stopped talking.

–She was angry.

Ben Schaffer saw that Elliot didn’t hang up and didn’t speak, so he whispered: “If Avery doesn’t let you go, then I’ll go alone!”

Elliot thought Avery was not listening, so he returned to Ben Schaffer: “Haze is me Child, now her life and death are unknown, I will definitely go there in person.”

Avery answered Ben Schaffer’s words and heard him clearly.

The phone slipped from her hand and fell to the ground.

She was so cold, she put her hands on her knees and let the darkness devour herself.

About two minutes later, Elliot hung up the call and went with Ben Schaffer and they walked towards the ticket gate.

Ben Schaffer saw that Elliot’s face was cold and gloomy, and knew that Avery was angry with him.

“Elliot, didn’t you tell Avery that Rebecca was dead?”

Elliot said bitterly, “Yes. She said I broke my promise. Even if she won’t forgive me, I have to go to Yonroeville.”

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  1. So what’s wrong with the original author of this book, can he/ she bear all the torture he/she bringing on the main leads the story is becoming ridiculous and dumb.

    1. I agree, this is becoming too much, it’s been passed ridiculous and absurd. This author is doing the most, and not in a good way, I wish I never started this book!

  2. This book does not stop to amaze me. The author is now ridiculous what a not nice book to read. There is no need for such misunderstanding at all. The author is against peace in this family. What a bad book this is… so disappointed 😢

  3. Stupid Novel. The author just likes to seperate Elliot and Avery. If the separation happens again, I am sure readers will lose interest. I am done reading this

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