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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1663 by

Chapter 1663

Elliot clicked the speakerphone and answered the phone.

Nick’s voice suddenly flowed out: “Elliot, something big has happened! The Jobin family has been wiped out.”

Although only Rebecca was left in the Jobin family, the criminals also killed all the servants of the Jobin family.

When Elliot heard, his body suddenly became cold, and a chill spread from his heart to his limbs.

Ben Schaffer roared angrily: “Who did it?! Who the fck did it?! Haze was just born! Don’t you spare the newborn baby?! Fck!”

Nick’s voice was filled with regret and doubts: “I don’t know who did it now. I asked the second brother, and he said he didn’t know anything about it. After Kyrie died, he went abroad to develop new projects and was no longer in Aryadelle for many years. So this matter is nothing to do with him. It was done by outside.”

Elliot and Ben Schaffer were shocked by the bad news for a while, but they couldn’t take it easy.

It wasn’t made by the second brother, who was that? ! Is it really Mike? How could Mike dare to do this?

“Haze…I haven’t seen Haze for a while…I’m in Jobin’s house now, there is blood everywhere…I’m looking for Haze…” Nick said, swallowing the air, “Don’t hang up the phone… I’m fucking terrified. I came to ring the doorbell in the morning, but no one came to open the door. I realized something was wrong. How could no one get up in the morning? ? So I let the bodyguard break the door lock with one shot, but I didn’t expect such a tragedy to happen! Sure enough, Kyrie died, and those secret enemies couldn’t sit still!”

When Kyrie was alive, the security level was higher than before.

Moreover, Kyrie has a lot of eyeliner, and often he knows the news in advance before the enemy has come to his territory. And Rebecca is much weaker than her father.

Rebecca thought that by killing her father, she would be able to control everything about the Jobin family, but in fact, her stupid behavior had laid the root of her troubles.

If she really had the ability to control the Jobin family, Kyrie would not have done everything possible to keep Elliot behind.

“Book a flight.” Elliot said to Ben Schaffer.

Ben Schaffer immediately took out his mobile phone and booked a flight.

Soon, the flight will be booked. They strode out of the office.

Nick’s phone has not been hung up.

Nick searched everywhere in the Jobin family villa for about ten minutes, but did not find Haze’s body.

“I didn’t see Haze… I saw that the surveillance was destroyed… Elliot, come as soon as possible! If you don’t come, I can’t handle this matter.” Nick road.

“Well.” Elliot endured the heartache and hung up the phone.

–Nick didn’t see Haze’s body, where did Haze go?

–Dead or alive?

–She was just born, such a small baby who can’t even walk, even if she sensed danger at the time, she couldn’t escape at all.

Thinking of this, Elliot’s eyes became moist.


Third Hospital.

Avery didn’t sleep well this night.

Her Head hurts too much! Although she closed her eyes, she couldn’t fall asleep. When she wanted to get up and took painkillers, her body felt like something is pressing down and she couldn’t move.

When she woke up in a daze and opened her eyes, the world in front of her was blurry.

She thought she was still in a dream, but the fear of not seeing things was so real.

She stretched out her hand and shook it in front of her eyes.

She could only vaguely see the shape of her hands, but she couldn’t see the texture on her skin. She was Confused. she pinched her arm hard.


She feels pain!

Not dreaming! But she still can’t see the world in front of her.

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  1. I don’t understand the writer! Why always causing trouble for Avery and Elliott! Can’t they just be happy?

  2. Wasn’t she supposed to get another surgery again? What happened to that. I couldn’t find a lot of the chapters

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