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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1662 by

Chapter 1662

Looking at Mike’s reply, her uneasy mood gradually calmed down.

Now that there is doubt, try to find a way to confirm it, whether it is what she thinks or not, at least after the confirmation, she will no longer think about it.

It’s just that she has to guard Shea’s child now and can’t go to Yonroeville.

Everything has to wait for Shea’s child to be born smoothly before making plans. Probably because she thought about it too deeply, she had a terrible headache.

She went to the single bed next to her and lay down, planning to sleep for a while to see if she could relieve it.


Sterling Group.

After Ben Schaffer received Rebecca’s distress call in the morning, he called Rebecca almost every other moment.

Because Rebecca’s phone was able to get through, but no one answered.

–Under normal circumstances, when everyone sees an incoming call on their mobile phone, they either answer it or reject it.

–If they really don’t want to answer, they can put the other party’s number on the blacklist, so that the other party can’t call.

–But Rebecca didn’t put him on the blacklist, how could Rebecca ignore his calls all the time?

–Didn’t see it?

But Ben called her back immediately after she called him for help. He didn’t believe in any case that Rebecca could sleep peacefully after calling him for help.

As time passed, Ben Schaffer became more and more sure that something happened to Rebecca.

“Elliot, Rebecca’s phone is turned off.” Ben Schaffer called Rebecca’s number again, and his face turned gloomy when he heard the shutdown beep, “Something happened!”

Elliot and Ben Schaffer thought the same.

Since he made a few calls to Rebecca but no one answered, he had this guess in his heart.

It’s just that it will soon be dawn on the Yonroeville side. Nick said that he would give him the exact news when it was dawn.

“Elliot, if Rebecca was really killed, who would do it?” Ben Schaffer couldn’t help but start to think.

“I can’t guess.” Elliot felt like a rock weighing thousands of pounds in his heart. He worried about Haze, “Nick promised me that they would not touch the Jobin Industries.”

“That being said, you are too far away from them. If they want to join forces to carve up the Jobin Industries, they will not necessarily abide by their verbal promises to you.” Ben Schaffer felt that Rebecca was killed, only the second brother and the fourth brother.

The reason why Ben don’t doubt Nick, Nick is because Elliot has always had the best relationship with Nick.

Elliot said, “If they did it, then I don’t need to worry too much about Haze’s safety. They won’t kill my daughter.”

“That’s true! After you say that, I suddenly don’t worry so much.” Ben Schaffer He breathed a sigh of relief, “Elliot, why don’t we go to Yonroeville! If you don’t go, I can go alone. But you have to arrange some bodyguards for me. Who knows what’s going on in Yonroeville now? The ghost situation.”

Elliot pondered for a moment and said, “I will go with you.”

Ben Schaffer was shocked: “Are you sure? “

Now Haze is in danger, she will understand me.” Elliot said, closing the computer on the desk.

“Don’t be impulsive. Why don’t you wait for Nick’s reply! We’re going to the airport now, and we won’t receive any news for so long after boarding the plane. It’s too torturous.” Ben Schaffer sat down in the chair and comforted him, “Everyone knows that Haze is your daughter. Whether it’s the second brother and the others, or other enemies of the Jobin family, they should not dare to hurt Haze.”

“I’m afraid of an accident.” Elliot gritted his teeth and expressed his inner thoughts, “Mike told me before that I was going to kill Rebecca and Haze.”

Ben Schaffer: “!!!”


At this moment, a bell rang. The abrupt ringtone pushed the tense atmosphere to a climax.

Elliot picked up the phone and saw that it was Nick’s calling.

Ben Schaffer immediately got up from his chair and strode to Elliot’s side, wanting to answer the phone.

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