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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1660 by

Chapter 1660

Tammy burst into laughter. “Avery, I feel much happier chatting with you.”

“If you are bored next, come to me. I can’t go shopping with you, but I can relieve your boredom with you.” Avery took out a bag of fruit from the side and put it on the coffee table, “What do you want to eat, I’ll cut it for you.”

“My blood sugar is high, and my mother told me not to eat fruit.” Tammy was puzzled, “Avery, you said that I’m not really fat. Why? Why did I have so many problems after I was pregnant? Not only did I have high blood sugar, but my blood pressure was also high. Not only that, but the baby in my belly had small growth in the early stage and large growth in the later stage. I suspect that when I’m about to give birth, she won’t go into the basin.”

Avery: “What kind of problem do you have? It’s all a small problem. Even if you don’t go into the basin, it’s fine. Didn’t you decide to have a caesarean section? If the child really has a problem, The doctor will put you in the hospital.”

Tammy: “Oh… too. I’m probably a little nervous.”

“Have you read the book I recommended to you before?” Avery peeled a banana and bit it. After a sip, “I was also very scared when I was pregnant for the first time. At that time, it was through reading books to ease my fear.”

“I bought it, but I haven’t read it yet. I’ll go back and read it later. I haven’t read the paper for many years. The book is out.” Tammy looked around and walked towards the bathroom.

“Tammy, ​​do you want me to help you? The toilet here is not a toilet, it is little bad.” Avery immediately put the banana in his mouth, wiped his hands with a tissue, and walked over.

“No, no, I’m not ready to give birth yet! You don’t have to be so nervous.” Tammy smiled and closed the bathroom door.

Avery walked into the room, picked up the phone, and planned to see which restaurant to eat at noon.

As a result, a news feed caught her eye.

Soon, Tammy came out of the bathroom.

“Avery, how did you take a shower when you lived here before?” Tammy walked in. “The bathroom is so small, I feel like I’m going to hit the wall when I turn around. And there’s no shower in it.”

Avery: “This ward used to be an ordinary ward. I went to Uncle Brook’s lounge to take a bath.”

Tammy complained, “It’s really troublesome. If only I could put this thing at home. But it’s not easy to put it at home. If something happens, there is no way to rescue it.”

Avery: “Well.”

An hour later, Avery took Tammy to dinner near the hospital.

Tammy put down the tableware after eating a little.

“Is the food not to your taste?” Avery said, picked up the menu again, and wanted to order more food for her.

“Avery, you don’t need to order any more. I’m deliberately controlling my diet.” Tammy looked at her and felt ashamed, “You have given birth to three children, but you are now as slender as a girl. You want to control my mouth.”

Avery: “Don’t starve the child in your belly.”

Tammy: “Don’t worry, my mother is always watching me when I get home.”

After lunch, Avery sent Tammy to Going home, after chatting a few words with Mary, Mary sent her out.

“Avery, I’m not forbidding her to go out. If she’s with you, I’ll be relieved.” Mary explained with a smile, “She’s too playful. If she goes out with other friends, it’s not what she says or what she says. She is with you, you can control her.”

Avery said, “Auntie, Tammy has become a mother, she is different now. She has a sense of proportion.”

“In my eyes, she will always be a child.” Mary smiled and sent her to the car, “I will take care of her for two more months, and I will be relieved when the child is born.”

“Well. Very busy, does Jun go home every day?” Avery asked before getting in the car.

Mary said, “No matter how late Jun is, he will come back. His company recently received a big order. He wants to do things well and prove himself, so he is more attentive. He explained it to us.”

“That’s good. No matter how busy you are now, when Tammy is about to give birth, you must find time to accompany Tammy.”

“We said that Jun will start to accompany Tammy after another month.”

Avery was relieved.

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