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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1653 by

Chapter 1653

Before he could ask, Avery quickly adjusted her mood.

“Let’s get to work! Instead of waiting for Dr. Simon to come over, let’s try it out ourselves.”


Elliot returned to the company, but his heart still couldn’t calm down. He secretly sees Haze’s photos every day. He didn’t go to Yonroeville to find Haze, but he couldn’t let this daughter go in his heart.

Because this child was so similar to Layla. He felt that he was sorry for Avery, and also for the child.

But what is certain is that as long as there is no change on the child’s side, he will fulfill his promise to Avery.

In the Afternoon.

Shea came to the hospital.

“Avery, will my baby grow up here?” Shea squatted in front of the nutrition bag, staring at the transparent bag without blinking.

Avery: “Well. Then we can see its daily changes and growth.”

Shea nodded and said in a loss: “I really hope it can be healthy and healthy like Wesley.”

“It will definitely be.” Avery knew What is she worried about, “Shea, you have to relax. The child is important, but you are more important.”

Shea showed a sweet smile and nodded: “Avery, I will listen to you.”

“When the time comes The operation may be a little painful. Wesley told me that you are afraid of pain, so after we discussed it, we decided to give you anesthesia at that time.” Avery helped her to sit next to her, “Don’t squat for a long time now.”

Shea: “Yeah. Wesley scared me the day before yesterday, saying that having a baby hurts and hurts. I said that I’m not afraid, but I’m really afraid in my heart.”

“You don’t have to be afraid now. Even if you gave birth yourself, there is still anesthesia, so it won’t hurt too much.” Avery said the word ‘anesthetic’ and immediately thought of Xander.

Xander gave her one more anaesthetic, and she never forgot.

It’s a pity that people can’t be resurrected from the dead, and she’s afraid that she will never be able to solve this mystery.

Ten days later, Dr. Simon came to the Third Hospital.

He first checked the equipment assembled by Avery and the team. After confirming that there is nothing wrong, Shea’s surgery is on the agenda.

During Shea’s surgery, Wesley accompanied her in the operating room.

Avery and Elliot were waiting outside the operating room.

Avery took Elliot and sat down on the bench.

Their relationship had been lukewarm these past few days. His company was very busy, and she was also very busy at the hospital, so there was not much communication.

But the thorn in Avery’s heart never disappeared.

“Elliot, you should have met Haze, right?” Avery said, breaking the silence.

Elliot heard her say Haze’s name, and his heart skipped a beat.

The two of them never talked about Haze directly.

But now that Avery took the initiative to mention it, Elliot could only answer truthfully: “Well. I have seen the photo.”

Avery: “Oh… Rebecca sent it to you?”

Elliot: “No. She sent it to Ben Schaffer, and Ben Schaffer gave it to me for Look.”

“Well…show me.” Avery held out her hand to him.

Elliot was startled for a moment, then took out his phone, opened the photo album, and put the phone in her palm.

He saved a photo of Haze in his mobile phone.

Haze in this photo, with bright eyes, looks not only like Layla, but even a bit like Robert.

He deleted the photo once and later restored it from the recycle bin.

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  1. I hope that they can find the email that Xander sent to Avery about their 4th baby before it’s too late

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