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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1648 by

Chapter 1648

With Sandra’s words, Shea lowered her head, and the burden in his heart was not so heavy.

Wesley felt relieved when he saw that Shea was not so stubborn.

Sure enough, it was the mother who put pressure on Shea, so that Shea would not hesitate to resist Elliot and have children.

Shea listened to her mother’s words so much out of love for him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to take her mother’s words as instructions at all.

“Although I really want to hold my grandson, my son is more important.” Sandra looked remorseful, “I knew that Wesley took you more than life, how dare I do more things?”

Shea listened to her mother-in-law’s words, Immediately looked up at Wesley.

“Shea, we’ll go and apologize to your brother later.” Wesley took her hand and continued, “You hurt his heart yesterday. I also want to apologize to him solemnly, I promised him that he would take good care of him but I didn’t do it.”

“No.” Shea shook her head and said stubbornly, “I apologize to my brother, but he don’t.”

Wesley knew that Shea didn’t want him to be wronged.

“Okay.” Wesley agreed.

He can ask Elliot to apologize in private.

At noon, Avery received a call from Wesley.

“Avery, I have persuaded Shea. When Elliot gets off work in the evening, I will bring Shea over and apologize to him.”

Avery: “It’s okay to apologize. How did you persuade Shea?”

“Mom persuaded me.” Wesley said helplessly, “It was indeed my mother who put pressure on Shea.”

“It’s fine.” Avery pondered for a few seconds, “It’s a pity to kill the child.”

Wesley: “She is in a bad mood. She shut herself in the room. I called her for lunch, but she refused to eat it.”

“It is estimated that in addition to the pressure your mother put on her, she also wants to give birth to this child.” Avery said this, with a little heartache, “Brother Wesley, there is actually another way.”

“Do you mean to transfer the embryos?” Why doesn’t Wesley know this method?

Just after the embryos are transferred, where are they placed?

“Well.” Avery didn’t go to the company this morning because of a headache. Although she had a headache, she still took some time to think about Shea’s question, “I checked today, and someone abroad has developed a nutrition bag suitable for embryo growth, also called an artificial uterus. Animal clinical trials have been successful. There are cases. But there are also cases of failure.”

Wesley: “I’ve heard of it. It’s only in the experimental stage, and it hasn’t been brought to the market.”

“Ordinary people can’t afford it at all.” Avery said, “Instead of killing the child, let’s try this method. Elliot will pay for the money.”

Wesley was puzzled by her last sentence: “If I don’t have enough money, I can ask My dad borrows it.”

“No, let Elliot pay.” Avery said firmly, “Brother Wesley, I want him to spend money. Don’t argue with me, okay?”

Wesley heard something wrong with her tone: “Didn’t he have a conflict with him?”

“He didn’t have a conflict with me. He was very good to me, at least on the surface he was very fond of me.” Although Avery didn’t say anything, Wesley understood her overtones.

Wesley: “Avery, if you are unhappy with him, you can separate from him at any time.”

“I will not separate from him.” Avery said decisively, “He hasn’t changed his mind, he just has compassion for that child. It’s constant giving up. He’s also a mortal, and I shouldn’t be too harsh on him.”

Wesley: “You can figure it out. Don’t make yourself too tired because of this.”

“Well, I’ll adjust it.” Avery took a deep breath and spoke again with a more relaxed tone, “Are you at home? I didn’t go to the company today, why don’t I go to you now?”

Wesley: “Okay! You have dinner. Are you ready? If you haven’t eaten, then I’ll do it now.”

“Okay!” After hanging up, Avery went back to the room and changed clothes.


Avery called Elliot and asked him for 10 million.

Elliot didn’t ask why, just agreed.

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  1. You have got to be kidding me right?
    She’s known about embryo transplanting and never ONCE thought maybe it happened with her?
    Surely Elliot won’t be so naive when he finds out 🤦🏻‍♀️

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