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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1647 by

Chapter 1647

Avery reached out and rubbed her eyes, recalling what happened last night in her mind.

“No…I probably didn’t take a nap yesterday.” Avery propped herself up and sat up, “What time is it? Are you going to work?”

“I don’t think you’re awake yet, I’m afraid your body uncomfortable.” Elliot said.

Avery smiled and shook her head: “I’m fine…you go to work!”

“Well, if you haven’t slept well, continue to sleep. Company affairs are secondary.” Elliot stamped on her forehead With a kiss, “I’m leaving.”

Avery responded and watched him leave the room. After Elliot left, she immediately lay down on the bed. She didn’t get enough sleep and was a little dizzy. But continued to sleep and couldn’t sleep.

She picked up the phone, but didn’t know what to do.

She want to talk, but doesn’t know who to talk to, and doesn’t think it’s appropriate to talk to anyone.

After all, Elliot hasn’t had a showdown with her yet.

But what is certain is that Elliot has feelings for the daughter of Yonroeville.


Sterling Group.

Not long after Elliot arrived at the company, Ben Schaffer pushed open the door of his office and broke in directly.

“I went home to take a shower after I got off the plane, and I came over after taking a shower.” Ben Schaffer sat down in the chair opposite him and tapped his fingers on the table, “Take me a cup of coffee, and I’ll show you a picture of your daughter.”

Elliot: “You were drunk at Rebecca’s house, and Rebecca took your mobile phone and made a video call with me.”

Ben Schaffer: “!!!”

“In a stranger’s house, you are so unprepared, I don’t know. You should say that you have a big heart, or you should say that you are getting more and more stupid.” Elliot said, picked up his mobile phone, called Chad, and asked him to order coffee.

Ben Schaffer raised his hand and rubbed his temple: “Rebecca took my mobile phone secretly! Where did she get the face to drive me away!”

“You and Lorenzo are drinking, how dare you get drunk? You don’t know who Lorenzo is. What kind of person? ” Elliot said sharply.

“I know he’s not a good person, but I have no grievances with him.” Ben Schaffer expressed his thoughts, “I want to do work for Lorenzo and let him be with Rebecca well. I won’t come to you again.”

Elliot: “Rebecca hasn’t liked Lorenzo for so many years, how could it change because you work for them.”

“Whether it’s useful or not, I said that I feel at ease.” Ben Schaffer said, “Since you have a video call with Rebecca, you must have seen Haze, right?”

Elliot: “Well.”

“Is it very similar to Layla? Isn’t it?” Ben Schaffer turned on the phone and showed him Haze. “I really want to bring this child back, but unfortunately Rebecca won’t let it.”

“What are you going to do with it? Before you make a plan, if you bring her back, you will bring her back with a ticking time bomb.”

“Bring it back first! Yonroeville is too far away. It’s not easy to see her once.” Ben Schaffer saw that he was watching Haze’s video with a serious face, and teased, “I thought I was going to see Haze, you would Angry!”

Elliot turned his ridicule on deaf ears: “How would you feel if Avery saw Haze?”

“I don’t know…but I don’t think she should be so angry. Because this child , is a replica of Layla.” Ben Schaffer guessed, “If Haze looked like Rebecca, I wouldn’t go all the way to see her.”

Elliot quickly calmed down and returned the phone to him, ” I promised Avery’s matter, which cannot be overturned.”

“Whatever you want. I will visit her every year. I will visit her in my own name.” Ben Schaffer said.


The Brook family.

Wesley had an in-depth chat with her mother yesterday about the dangers of Shea’s pregnancy and the consequences of Shea’s accident if she forcibly gave birth to a child. Sandra was frightened.

Wesley said that if Shea died because she gave birth to a child, he would not live alone.

“Shea, it’s my fault. I thought that now with the advancement of medicine, your body will be the same as a normal person, but Wesley told me that your body can’t return to the state of a normal person.” Holding Shea’s hand, Sandra persuaded, “You should listen to Wesley’s words and go and kill the child!”

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